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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Letting People See The New Site

Written by Kodi Wolf at 6:52 PM

This is posted from the current site (what will eventually become my fanfic only site) at /KWLF/:


This is just to let you know what's going on with the new site. I've had several e-mails asking me about it and whether I'm ever going to update again, so I've decided to let you guys see what's going on at the new site.

The site is seriously under construction, though, so most of the links don't work, and none of the story content is available. But I have created a new blog (click the News link), which I've been trying to keep consistently updated (there are posts through 2007 and 2008 that you can read to catch up on what I've been doing the past two years). And I've also created a new section I'm calling Progress Reports (it's not actually one section; on each of the main story pages, there's a link to a list of progress reports for that particular story), which shows what I've worked on and when, which should hopefully keep you informed until I have a real update to announce.

If you see anything wrong (typos) or weird (images not lining up, text flowing where it probably shouldn't), please let me know (as well as your screen resolution (ex: 1440x900), operating system (ex: Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1), and browser type and version (ex: Windows Internet Explorer 7).

By the same token, please don't tell me if you run across a broken link (404 Not Found). It's not an error; it just means I haven't uploaded content for that file yet.

Also, be aware that the current stylesheet is set for screen resolutions of 1440 or less, meaning if your resolution is larger, the title image won't go all the way across your screen. That's not really an error. Just resize your window width to be smaller. And if your screen resolution is really itty bitty (640x480), you're going to have problems seeing all the links at the top and bottom, since I haven't created a stylesheet to address the problem yet. If you can't see "Home News Links Contact Help/FAQ Login/Logout" above the main text, then the links are being cut off. I'm sorry about that. I'll fix it when the site is closer to being finished (meaning I have all the relevant default stylesheet data to work from, instead of coming across something new I have to create and then add to the previous stylesheets I've created). You can also set your browser to ignore stylesheets, which should correct the problem; the site will just look ugly.

Just to reiterate, the new site is not open for business. It is a work in progress and I'm working on it as I have time and inclination. Bugging me about it on top of story updates will get you nowhere. I'm offering the link as a courtesy. Please be courteous in return.

Also, other than to announce the new site is open or a fanfic update, I will no longer be updating this site with news or information about my original stories (unless it seems appropriate for some reason I can't think of now), so all future posted updates will be on the new site's blog area, which I'm calling News for now. I'll still send story updates for both fanfic and original stories through the kodiwolf mailing list, but since that list is only for story updates, if you want more current information about site happenings, you should check the new site.

One last thing. The link at the top of the new site declaring subscriptions for $20/year is probably a little misleading at this point, but I'm not sure what to change it to, and I don't feel like taking the time to "fix" the site before letting you guys see it (I've already said it's a work in progress, and hopefully that will suffice). I've just recently decided to make the site more of a "membership" site than a "subscription" site, so that initial $20 will be closer to a lifetime membership fee than a yearly fee. I'll still reserve the right to charge update fees or renewal fees if necessary, but since this is still very new to me and all speculation at this point (it's going to be an ongoing learning process), I'm hoping $20 will take care of most or all the costs for now. There's also the possibility I might offer a donation button, so anyone who wants to help out can do so.

Anyway, if you're interested in taking a look, the URL is:


Well, that's all. Take care.


Well, back to painting. At least the closets are done, so all I have left is the room itself.