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Lights of Life

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Lights of Life

Lights of Life by Kodi Wolf



Number of Chapters

14 (out of 25-30 estimated)

Last Updated

January 3, 2014
(See Progress Reports.)

Genres / Keywords

Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Science Fiction

Time Period

Present Day


Contains scenes of violence, sex, and harsh language.


A woman walks naked out of the mountains during a snowstorm. She's picked up by Jessica Taylor and neither of their lives are the same ever again.

Author's Notes

I got the idea for this story the first time I listened to Donna Lewis' CD Now In A Minute and heard the song Lights of Life. I think it's supposed to be about a plane crash, but I have science fiction on the brain, so I saw UFOs instead. When I finally got into Xena fan fiction, the images in my mind coalesced into Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor (the actresses, not the characters they play), and the story was written with their images in mind.