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New Gaia

New Gaia by Kodi Wolf



Number of Chapters

21 (out of 25-30 estimated)

Last Updated

February 12, 2002
(See Progress Reports.)

Genres / Keywords

Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Science Fiction

Time Period

Present Day/Time Travel


Contains scenes of graphic violence, sex, harsh language, and in depth discussion of a rape of a 13-year-old girl.


Gabrielle decides the human race needs to start over, so she leads a group of her friends 12,000 years into the past, where she meets up with a native woman.

Author's Notes

This story came from a dream I had one day. I woke up as a triceratops was charging me and I hid behind a PC tower. I remembered being with a bunch of other people who were running with me to get away from the crazed dinosaur. Well, I have this thing where I remain in the state between dreaming and being fully awake and I continued with the dreamscape. I can control my dreams just as well when I'm actually asleep, in fact, I've been able to do that for as long as I can remember, but that fuzzy state before opening my eyes and taking in reality really helps with my visual imaginings. By the time I got up and sat down to write the story, I had the first three parts, nearly as they are written now, sitting in my brain.