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Tuesday, Jul 17, 2018
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Struggling With Lights

Written by Kodi Wolf at 2:36 PM

June started off awesome. I wrote over 11,000 words in the first 8 days. Then I kind of crashed and burned the rest of the month.

My total word count for June was 17,405, which averages out to 580 words per day. My lowest words per day was 94 and my highest was 4,268.

So I think I figured out what happened.

For one thing, I'm dealing with more medical stuff, which is always stressful and seems to be a little moreso since I really haven't had a break since the beginning of the year.

I've also realized I've gotten out of the habit of writing for characters that have a main plot besides the relationship.

I've been writing scenes for A Bondage Primer for the past couple years and I've gotten used to writing for two characters who genuinely love each other and want to be together. There's very little background drama. It's all about them working out their relationship. It's mostly dialogue and sex scenes or cuddling scenes.

Then I started trying to write Lights of Life and kept struggling with each and every sentence. I had to show Jess and Kaylee doing things that are relevant to the plot rather than each other. I'm also dealing with two people who haven't come right out and said they're attracted to each other, and one of them is actively fighting that attraction.

So basically, writing their scenes was stressing me out. :)

It was also making me think the story was broken because if I'm not having a good time writing, the reader probably isn't going to have a good time reading. That idea was really undermining my confidence, which was making writing almost impossible because my inner critical editor wouldn't shut up long enough for me to be creative.

Of course, I only realized all this a few days ago, so I haven't really worked on any fixes, but I think I should be able to get back to it soon.

After looking at it more objectively, I've realized I only have a few more setup scenes to get through before I'll be able to start introducing more sexual tension into the scenes, which makes writing them a lot more fun. I also realized that while I might be taking forever to write the text, it really is only a few paragraphs here and there. And I can always come back to it later and edit where necessary. There just has to be something there for me to edit in the first place.

Which means I have to write it, even if it isn't great.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Finished the Outline for Lights

Written by Kodi Wolf at 11:42 PM

I did it. I finally finished the outline for Lights of Life. It was just under the wire at 11:46pm last night, but I completed it by the end of May, which was my goal. So yay!

My total word count for May was 33,030, which averages out to 1,065 words per day. My lowest words per day was 247 and my highest was 7,504.

And I know those 7,504 words look kind of impressive, but they were actually from two different writing sessions yesterday because my hours are a little weird. I wrote 2,924 words towards the end of my 'day,' which was actually yesterday morning, then wrote another 4,580 words after I woke up yesterday afternoon (I slept from about 7:30am until 3pm).

Anyway, so now I have an outline and a pretty detailed scene list to work from. I did have a little cleanup work to do today, like moving details I came up with later to their appropriate scenes earlier and expanding on a few scenes here and there, but now that that's mostly done, I think I'm good to go to finally start the actual writing.

But I think I'll start that tomorrow, since I've already written about 900 words today, plus this post.

I also might give it a few days to settle before I start working on it. I kind of feel like getting this particular goal done has sort of opened up some space for me to maybe work on some other projects I've been putting off (ABP, X:WS, others), but we'll see.

For now, I'm just going to relax for a bit and enjoy this feeling of accomplishment. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Still Outlining Lights

Written by Kodi Wolf at 10:27 PM

I didn't quite get the outline finished for Lights of Life, but I'm close. I'm mostly just going back through it and filling in the remaining gaps and trying to work out the ending sequence of events, so I should be able to start writing the actual story text soon. I'm hoping that'll up my word count as well, since I seem to write for longer when I'm working on a scene.

My total word count for April was 24,074, which averages out to 802 words per day. My lowest words per day was 124 and my highest was 3,177.

I'm actually getting really excited about finishing the outline and starting on the actual writing. As I've gone back over my notes and outlines for scenes, I've really wanted to stop and work on them. But I also know I need to get the outline finished so I'm not flying blind. I've found it's rather demoralizing when I end up having to rewrite huge chunks because I've forgotten to include something important.

That's the problem I've been running into with all my stories and it's why they all stalled for about 15 years. I got to a point where I didn't know where I was going and then when I figured it out, I realized I needed to rewrite everything that had gone before because the next bits I wanted to write wouldn't make sense without the added setup.

Now that I've gotten 2+ years of daily writing under my belt, I'm hoping to focus that habit into working on my stories in a particular order that will get them done, including the rewrites.

So for Lights, that meant first going through my previous beta-reading comments and figuring out how to fix what some of my readers didn't like (but only where I agreed with them and thought the changes would improve the story).

Then I worked on outlining those changes while figuring out which bits of the original story I wanted to keep and which bits should be cut or rewritten.

And most recently, I've been outlining all the rest of the scenes to the end of the story so I'll know where I'm going when I finally get to the writing.

Doing all that prep work has already shown me where I can drop in bits of foreshadowing that were either lacking before or were in the wrong place.

I've also left a lot of the little details open so I know when I get to the actual writing of each scene, there'll still be plenty for me to discover to make the writing fun and interesting. My characters tend to throw me curve balls anyway, so giving myself that space to explore should hopefully keep me from freaking out when I inevitably go off script.

Well, back to work.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Trying To Finish Lights

Written by Kodi Wolf at 6:48 PM

Despite all the medical drama of the past few months, March was my best month of writing so far this year. I think part of it was that I was trying to escape my painful reality as much as possible, but I was also making really good progress on the outline for Lights of Life, which kept me motivated to stick with it (with a few side trips here and there).

My total word count for March was 23,386, which averages out to 754 words per day. My lowest words per day was 82 and my highest was 2,148.

So, I don't think I've mentioned it yet (partly because I'm afraid of jinxing myself), but I decided back towards the end of February that the main goal I wanted to set for myself this year is to finish Lights of Life.

I'm not entirely sure why I picked that one, other than it sort of encapsulates the type of stories I want to be known for writing, which is sci-fi lesbian romance/erotica.

My other stories all add in other main elements. Prisoner of War is primarily erotica. The Vampire Hunter would probably be thrown into the horror/urban fantasy categories because of the contemporary vampires (even though I give them a sci-fi origin). New Gaia has a strong adventure plot. And A Bondage Primer has no sci-fi element at all, not to mention it's way too long to finish in a year (the same goes for the stories in the Uncharted section, which are mostly epically long series).

So far, it's been going a little slower than I'd thought it would. I'd really expected to have the outline done by now and already be working on the actual writing, but I know these things take the time they take.

This is technically the first time I've tried to do this (outline a story from beginning to end) and I think my estimates were just wildly optimistic. Well, okay, I've been doing this for ABP, but that's a massively long story and it doesn't have a specific plot like Lights does. ABP is a lot more freeform in most respects.

But I'm definitely making progress on Lights and that was my main goal, so my efforts are paying off, just not as fast as I'd hoped.

At this point, I'm looking to finish the outline by the end of May (though I'm secretly pushing for the end of April).

Wish me luck. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

More Medical Drama

Written by Kodi Wolf at 2:57 PM

Sorry I'm so late with my monthly post. The medical drama just hasn't let up, so in order to keep up with my writing, I put everything else on the backburner, including this site and all the updates I had planned. Anyway, even though my Progress Reports page doesn't show that I've been writing every day (which I have), here are my stats.

My total word count for February was 16,149, which averages out to 577 words per day. My lowest words per day was 135 and my highest was 1,753.

So in my last post, I mentioned I passed a kidney stone in August and then again in December. Then I had lithotripsy to blast the remaining stones in January.

Well, February was inversion therapy month. I had to drink a ton of water (90-125oz/day) and then get my body into an inverted position (head down, ass up) for 30 minutes 2-3 times a day. I barely managed once a day by the second week because of how exhausting it was for my muscles to maintain that position, but at my follow-up with my urologist, he said I was all clear, so apparently I did enough. (Yay!)

Then came March and I got shingles.

In case you don't know (I didn't), shingles is the same virus as chicken pox. Once you've had chicken pox, the virus can enter your nervous system and continue to lie dormant inside you for years.

If for some reason it becomes active again (lowered immune system), you end up with shingles, which usually presents as a patch of blisters on only one side of your body that are incredibly painful and itchy. Shingles is also contagious, but it will only cause chicken pox if the recipient hasn't had it, not shingles.

After doing a little research, I think it's likely that the lithotripsy procedure and the toll the inversion therapy took on my body probably brought it on. The worst part was that it was on my face and ended up causing my left eye to swell completely shut for several days.

Because it affected my eye, I saw an ophthalmologist who prescribed some anti-bacterial eye ointment and as many drops as I could put in, since I couldn't blink (that's very bad for your eyes). My follow-up with him showed I had no damage from the shingles virus on my cornea, which was a real concern because I'm more susceptible due to already having cornea dystrophy.

Unfortunately, because the virus lives in your nerves and it specifically affected my ocular cranial nerves, I've been having eye pain that might possibly never go away. It's called postherpetic neuralgia (yay, another -algia to go with my fibromyalgia). I'm taking neurontin for a month and dosing on anti-inflammatories like I never have before in an attempt to lessen the long-term effects, but I won't really know if the pain is permanent for probably months.

What I have noticed is this weird tingling feeling in my left eyebrow that feels like a wisp of hair is being dragged across it every now and then. That side of my forehead and going up into my hair is a tad numb as well, so I probably do have some nerve damage. There's also what looks like some pink scarring on my forehead where the majority of the blisters were, but it's too soon to tell if that'll fade or not. I can still see, though, so that's all I really care about.

So, that's been my year so far.

On the bright side, I've been getting my writing done every day and I've even been maintaining a daily average above 500 words, which is one of my goals for the year.

March has actually been a pretty good writing month, but I'll talk more about that in next month's post, since this one has gotten so long.

Now I'm off to get my writing done for the day (I don't count these blog posts because they don't specifically give me any progress on my stories).