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News Archive for November 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cleaning/Site Update

Written by Kodi Wolf at 3:06 PM

Well, we got a little bit of the cleaning done last weekend. My new filing cabinets are filled with the old filing cabinets' contents, so we were able to Goodwill the old ones (they were pretty banged up and wouldn't fit under the table, but the new ones do; they're black, too, my favorite :) (the old ones were white)). I also managed to unpack half a dozen boxes and actually got about half of it into the office closets (the rest is scattered on the floor in the living room, so even though we got rid of a bunch of boxes, it probably looks worse than it did before).

I've also been working on the site, creating story pages for some of my unposted stuff that I work on the most. Of course, I've been getting easily sidetracked because I keep opening files and reading them and then start working on them instead of just grabbing the information I need and inserting it into the story pages.

I've also decided to create a main progress reports page that collects all the info from the individual progress reports pages for each story. That way, it's all in one place and you can see what I've most recently worked on without having to check each story page. I'm still going to keep the individual progress reports for each story, since that's useful for staying up-to-date on a particular story without having to search through the whole main list, but I like seeing all the dates I worked on my stories in one place. It makes me feel good. And I think in some ways it's like I have proof now for when I get an e-mail asking me if I'm still writing.