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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ABP Is Massive

Written by Kodi Wolf at 10:02 AM

April was another revision month, so my word count was pretty low again, but I still managed to keep my daily average above 500, which is sort of my overall goal for the year.

My total word count for April was 15,711, which averages out to 524 words per day. My lowest words per day was 16 and my highest was 1,483.

So, about those revisions and why they're taking so long...

My working draft of A Bondage Primer is currently around 200,000 words. The average novel is anywhere from 65,000 to over 100,000 words, so depending on how you count, I'm revising what amounts to be about 2-3 novels all at once.

So, yeah, I'm still revising. And yeah, I might've been a bit optimistic in thinking I could get it done in less than a month. :)

I've also found I need to take regular breaks to write story text because doing nothing but revisions seems to be tiring for my brain (kind of the way working on nothing but outlining for Lights of Life was last year). I need to keep accessing the creative side of my brain, not just the analytical. On the bright side, re-reading the story has sparked quite a few new ideas for later scenes and things I want/need to follow up on, so that's been pretty cool, too.

That's actually why I have any kind of word count at all for April. It's mostly from writing down all those ideas and notes. Revising has become this circular process of revising, jotting down notes, revising, writing a scene, revising, etc. I've also taken a few breaks to work on other stories, sort of cleansing my palate before going back into the world of ABP again.

You know, I did some math. Even at 200,000 words, I'm still only halfway through Day 25 out of an estimated total of 180. If that ratio holds true, then the completed series will likely weigh in somewhere around 1.5 million words, meaning I'm only about 13% of the way through, though I do have another 100,000 words of scenes written for stuff that will occur later in the story, so I'm actually closer to 20%. That still means I have another 80% to go, though.

Guess I should get back to it, huh? :)