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Saturday, June 3, 2017

I'm Doing Better Than I Think

Written by Kodi Wolf at 8:25 AM

May was spent continuing my revisions for A Bondage Primer and doing a lot of research and brainstorming for later scenes. But I can tell my brain is getting tired of the revision process because I keep messing with other stories, like Warrior Slave and POW. I might actually be shifting to POW for a little while, I'm not sure.

My total word count for May was 16,231, which averages out to 524 words per day. My lowest words per day was 93 and my highest was 3,205.

So I just checked my writing goals spreadsheet and did some math and it looks like even though my word count was lower than I wanted it to be, it was actually a good writing month. Out of those 16,000 words, over 11,000 went towards new scenes (about 3,000 for Day 25 and 8,000 for scenes that will happen much later in the story). For some reason though, I keep feeling like I'm not making any progress, so I need to keep reminding myself that 11,000 words of story text in a month is really good.

I think part of the problem is that I've been wanting to post the new stuff for ABP since way back in October and it's now June and I still haven't posted yet, which is frustrating. But I know I'll get there eventually. I just have to be patient. And I think the changes I've made to the story since then have really improved it, so it's good that I took the time to get feedback before posting. I just need to chill.

The other thing I need to do is figure out how to get back to updating my Progress Reports every day (or at least every few days). I've been working on my laptop in the living room because the recliner seems to be a lot better for my back than my office chair, which has allowed me to work at the computer for much longer periods of time. But now that I'm not on my desktop in the office every day, which is where I have the programs installed to update my site, the location change has thrown off my routine. And yes, I could install the programs on the laptop, but then I'd have to uninstall them from the desktop because I don't have enough licenses to do both and I don't want to do that.

Oh well. I'm sure I'll figure it out one way or another.