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Out of Darkness

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Out of Darkness

Note: This story is part of the Uncharted section. That means I'm currently working on it, but haven't posted any of it yet. It also means that the story is still very much in the process of being created, so any and all information about this story may change at any time, including the possibility of its being completely abandoned.



Number of Chapters

34 estimated

Last Updated

Nothing has been posted yet.
(See Progress Reports.)

Genres / Keywords

Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Science Fiction, Lesbian Noir, Lesbian Thriller

Time Period

Far Future


Likely to contain scenes of graphic violence, implied rape, child abuse/rape, sex, and harsh language.


Alex D'Angelis is used to living her life on the fringes of society. As the personal assassin of Syndicate boss Diego Nakamura, there is no place she calls home, no one she calls friend, and only one thing she fears: the past.

Then Alex meets Jamie Anne Derrington, aka "Jade," when Diego orders Alex to train the woman as an assassin. Their attraction is immediate, and the two women quickly become lovers, despite serious repercussions should Jade's real identity be discovered.

For Jade isn't what she appears to be. She's an undercover agent for the Intergalactic Intelligence Authority, and her assignment is to gather as much evidence as she can against Nakamura and his criminal organization, no matter what it takes.

But as Alex begins to feel emotions she's spent a lifetime trying to push away, and Jade learns that right and wrong aren't as easy to define as she'd thought, a new order from Nakamura threatens to tear the women apart.

Will Alex and Jade find a way to stay together? Or are they doomed to become enemies as their dreams seem to predict?

Author's Notes

This story was originally written in contemporary times and posted under the title Assassin. However, as much as I enjoyed writing (and still enjoy reading) that story, my first love has always been science fiction, and there were many times while writing Assassin that I wished I had made it more sci-fi so I could do different things with it (you get a little of that with the "past lives" dream sequences and my references to Case's perfect visual memory and Rain's perfect aural memory). But Assassin was never quite what I wanted it to be. So, I'm rewriting the story to place it far into the future with more technology and reasons for the visual and aural acuity, as well as changing things that never worked well for me, while fleshing out the kernels of ideas I previously neglected. Hopefully, the story will be better. But if not, Assassin is still on the site and will remain available to anyone who wants to read it.