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Prisoner of War

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Are you more interested in the sex or the relationship between Wren and Luce?
Sex, Sex, Sex
The relationship, of course
I'm interested in the sex as it relates to the relationship
There's a relationship?

Prisoner of War

Prisoner of War by Kodi Wolf



Words / Chapters

41,251 (out of an estimated 100,000) / 5 (out of 16 estimated)

Last Updated

June 16, 2022

Genres / Keywords

Lesbian Erotica, Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Science Fiction

Time Period

A few hundred years in the future


Contains scenes of graphic sex (non-consensual in the beginning, but not depicted as violent rape), violence, and harsh language.


Excerpt —

"Hello. My name is Wren. This would normally be the time you would say your name was Luce, but since I already know that, I understand your silence. I can see you don't intend to say anything, but I'll explain things to you anyway.

"You're being held as a prisoner of war by the National Security Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Delphinia. As a colonel in the Argolian Army, you no doubt have information that could be highly useful to my superiors. My job is to get that information from you. From previous encounters with higher-ranking officers, my superiors learned that all of your people are genetically engineered to be able to withstand pain in such a way that torture is basically useless. That's where I come in.

"I don't use pain, I use pleasure..."

Author's Notes

This story started out as a one-shot, stand-alone piece and has now become a novella (even though there are only five chapters posted so far).