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A Bondage Primer

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Should A Bondage Primer chronicle each day of the proposed 180 days?
Yes, I want to read about the daily workings of the relationship no matter how mundane
Yes, but only if the daily happenings are interesting
No, it could skip a few days here and there if it keeps the story moving along
No, a day a week would be fine
I don't care, just finish the damn story!

A Bondage Primer

A Bondage Primer by Kodi Wolf



Number of Chapters

10 (out of 180 estimated)

Last Updated

July 24, 2001
(See Progress Reports.)

Genres / Keywords

Lesbian Erotica, Lesbian Romance

Time Period

Present Day


Contains scenes of graphic sex (BDSM, anal, etc.) and harsh language.


Go on a quest of sexual discovery with McKenzie, a young virgin, and Ryan, her soon-to-be Dom, as they explore each other and themselves in this story about two women who fall in love and take the path less travelled towards emotional and sexual fulfillment.

Author's Notes

This story was first written after I'd been awake for about two days straight. It was originally a Xena fanfic, but has since been revised to take it out of that realm because it's set in modern day times. Also, this story has been put on hold while I try to decide a few things about where I want it to go. I started out with one thing in mind and have since started wondering if I've written myself into a hole. I did that once before with Assassin and ended up ditching half of it and rewriting the rest (luckily, I was only a few chapters in with that one). I had expected to start posting new chapters in 2003, but now I'm not sure. I think what's posted is good, so I'm not taking it down, but read at your own risk because it is definitely incomplete.