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Friday, June 1, 2018

Finished the Outline for Lights

Written by Kodi Wolf at 11:42 PM

I did it. I finally finished the outline for Lights of Life. It was just under the wire at 11:46pm last night, but I completed it by the end of May, which was my goal. So yay!

My total word count for May was 33,030, which averages out to 1,065 words per day. My lowest words per day was 247 and my highest was 7,504.

And I know those 7,504 words look kind of impressive, but they were actually from two different writing sessions yesterday because my hours are a little weird. I wrote 2,924 words towards the end of my 'day,' which was actually yesterday morning, then wrote another 4,580 words after I woke up yesterday afternoon (I slept from about 7:30am until 3pm).

Anyway, so now I have an outline and a pretty detailed scene list to work from. I did have a little cleanup work to do today, like moving details I came up with later to their appropriate scenes earlier and expanding on a few scenes here and there, but now that that's mostly done, I think I'm good to go to finally start the actual writing.

But I think I'll start that tomorrow, since I've already written about 900 words today, plus this post.

I also might give it a few days to settle before I start working on it. I kind of feel like getting this particular goal done has sort of opened up some space for me to maybe work on some other projects I've been putting off (ABP, X:WS, others), but we'll see.

For now, I'm just going to relax for a bit and enjoy this feeling of accomplishment. :)