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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Major Life Stuff Happening

Written by Kodi Wolf at 5:31 PM

August was a good month of writing. I even posted new chapters, which was awesome.

My total word count for August was 21,603, which averages out to 697 words per day. My lowest words per day was 70 and my highest was 2,443.

So, I realize this monthly update is a little late... okay, a lot. But some major life stuff has been happening and I've prioritized writing my stories over posting to this blog, so I'm okay with that.

And I know I haven't updated my progress reports either, but I have actually managed to write every day, despite the life stuff, so I consider that another win.

Anyway, the life stuff is nothing bad. In fact, it's really good.

Corene and I are buying a house. :)

Well, she's buying it. I'm just her personal banker that made sure we could afford it.

We're about halfway through the process and everything has gone pretty smoothly so far.

Here's hoping that will continue. :)