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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Writing Stats For 2022

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

(Originally written in late 2023, but backdated to put it in chronological order).

Here are my stats for 2022.

Writing Stats for 2022
Jan 20,568 663 3,513 107 66h 27m 310
Feb 17,684 632 3,983 110 28h 36m 618
Mar 27,311 881 4,086 127 41h 01m 666
Apr 16,925 564 2,338 115 32h 10m 526
May 25,937 837 3,089 118 47h 05m 551
Jun 34,495 1,150 3,783 160 39h 46m 867
Jul 25,262 815 2,122 126 39h 36m 638
Aug 40,669 1,312 5,021 148 57h 26m 708
Sep 12,307 410 1,162 113 18h 55m 651
Oct 20,831 672 3,240 116 39h 37m 526
Nov 20,611 687 1,948 110 52h 17m 394
Dec 21,453 692 2,355 116 51h 14m 419
Writing Totals & Averages for 2022
Total Words 284,053
Monthly Average 23,671
Daily Average 778
Total Hours 514h 10m
Average Words/Hour 552

Compared to last year, my total increased by about 79,000 words, which was amazing and kind of made up for those two years where it dropped by 40,000 each time, but again it was mostly because my total time spent writing increased by a whopping 167 hours.

I only posted 27,000 words, but that included a new chapter for Prisoner of War, which I hadn't updated in forever, as well as continuing to post on A Bondage Primer, so that felt really good.

My goals for 2022 were the same as the past few years.

  • Maintain a daily average of at least 500 words. (Done - see above)
  • Write every day to keep my streak going. (Done - 2,550 days, including today)
  • Post new story chapters. (Done - posted over 27,000 words on ABP and POW)

I also continued my mini-goal of not falling below 100 words for any of my lowest days.

I think part of the increase was that I got back into the habit of story hopping, which seems to work really well for me. I was switching between working on ABP, POW, the revisions for TVH, and multiple fanfic stories every few days.

I also started a new story somewhat co-authored with Corene (I'm writing it, but she has direct input while I'm writing). It's based on our DnD game and I'm basically novelizing all the roleplay and battle scenes. It's also helped that she retired at the end of September, so now I have her 24/7, no job stress taking her energy or time away from me.

Which means the stars don't have to align now for us to spend time together despite my weird sleep schedule because she doesn't have to go to bed early for work. She can just stay up with me and help me with story stuff (or cleaning).

We're still settling into a new routine, but it's been even better than I thought it would be. I've truly never been happier in my life. I feel like I won the lottery. :)