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Membership Information

In general, membership with W.O.L.F. Sector comes with the following:

There are only two types of paid membership:

As shown above, a Story Membership costs $10, while the Site Membership is a multiplication of that amount by the number of stories posted on the site (not including the Uncharted stories, which are not posted yet, and A Bondage Primer; for why I've singled out ABP, please read the explanation on the Help/FAQ page).

Something I'd like to point out is that because the memberships are lifetime memberships, as new stories are added to the site over time, the price of the Site Membership will increase. However, members who have already purchased their Site Membership will receive access to those new stories at no further cost because the Site Membership always includes access to all the stories on the site, regardless of whether they were added after the Site Membership was acquired.

I will say it again. As a Site Member, you get access to everything on the site starting the moment you activate your membership and going for as long as the site exists. This means when I add new stories, you will not be charged again in order to access them. They are part of your membership.

Further Clarifications

Lifetime Membership

The "lifetime" in Lifetime Membership refers to the life of the site, not the member. If the site ceases to exist or "goes out of business," the Lifetime Membership has been fulfilled.

However, just in case that little caveat has you worried the site will disappear right after you become a member, I'd like you to consider the fact my stories have been online since February of 2000 and I've renewed my domain name through December of 2019. I'm established. I didn't just create this site yesterday and it's not going to vanish tomorrow. I've also invested a considerable amount of money into the site since I first created it, during the first eleven years of which my stories were available for free (if you missed out on that, I'm sorry). I seriously doubt the site will suddenly go away now that people are actually paying me for my work.

Access to Stories

Depending on the type of membership(s) purchased, access to stories is intended to allow members to login and read any story at any time from any computer. However, no one can guarantee 100% uptime. You may be unable to access the service if my server goes down or during necessary maintenance periods. Access will resume as soon as possible.

In addition, it should be understood that no compensation will be issued to members for lost access time, regardless of how long the site might be down, since it's impossible to extend a Lifetime Membership and dividing the cost of the membership by the amount of even a conservative membership duration period ends up with fractions of pennies per day.

Also, you must provide your own means of accessing the site (i.e., you have a computer and Internet service), which are not provided as part of membership.

PDF E-book Files

All the stories posted on the Web site are available for download in a nicely formatted PDF file (according to the access granted by your membership(s)). There are no limits on the number of times you may download the PDF files and no preset download period. If your computer crashes, or you get a new one, or you accidentally delete the file, you don't have to worry about it. Whether it's the day after you became a member or years later, you will be able to replace your copy again and again whenever you like.

Just remember, the PDF files are intended for your personal, private use. Please do not start downloading copies for everyone you know. I don't care if you download multiple copies for your desktop, laptop, etc., so you can read regardless of which computer you're at (that's the definition of personal, private use), but if you start giving copies to others, that's theft and copyright infringement. Please don't do it. Just point your friends and family to the site and let them read the sample chapters for themselves (or better yet, purchase a membership for them).

Access to Scheduled Chats

Chats are announced in advance and usually have a specified topic. Only members are allowed to participate in the chats. However, chat transcripts will be posted on the Chat page, which is accessible by non-members. Please be sure you have read the Terms of Service, in particular Sections 7 and 8A, before participating in a chat. Your participation will constitute your assertion that you have read and understand the Terms of Service and accept them.

E-mail Updates

Whenever a story is updated or added, a notice is sent to the e-mail address listed on a member's account. For Story Memberships, you will only be notified of updates regarding the story(s) you're a member of. For Site Memberships, you will be notified of updates for all stories, as well as announcements of new stories. You'll never have to check the site again to find out when your favorite stories have been updated.

Story update notices are considered part of the administration (servicing) of your account and are therefore part of your membership obligations. You cannot unsubscribe from such e-mails. Further, if your e-mail address bounces several notices in a row, your account will be suspended until you contact me and update your member information. If it happens again, your account may be terminated without refund. If you want to stop receiving the notices, you will need to cancel your account. However, if you wish to rejoin in the future, you will have to sign up for a new account and pay a new membership fee.

Permission to make backup copies of the stories

As a member, you are granted permission to make a single backup electronic copy in Web page format of the most current version of every story on the site, according to the access allowed by your membership(s), for your personal, private use. (Web page format means individual Web pages saved as HTML files on your computer that can be opened by your Web browser. It does not mean copy/pasting the text into a word processor file.)

This electronic copy is in addition to the PDF E-book copies for those of you who prefer reading the stories in your Web browser offline.

Just remember, no sharing, no editing, no re-posting online somewhere else (even if it's not accessible to the public, like a private server), or anything else you wouldn't do if you had a paperback book in your hand instead of an electronic copy.

To make an electronic copy in Web page format, choose "File -> Save As..." in your Web browser to save individual Web pages as HTML files on your computer.

You are also granted permission to make one paper copy of the most current version of every story on the site, according to the access allowed by your membership(s), for your personal, private use, provided you agree to destroy (shred, burn, or otherwise make unreadable) the printouts of any story you have as soon as it becomes available in paperback format. (A paper copy means individual Web pages printed from your Web browser. It does not mean copy/pasting the text into a word processor and printing it from there.)

Because the paper printout format is in direct competition with the paperback format, I will not legally authorize their coexistence. The point of the matter is, if you want the printed format, please buy the paperback book when it becomes available, and if you want a backup copy, please buy another paperback book.

To make a paper copy, choose "File -> Print..." in your Web browser to print individual Web pages. The pages are formatted to make this a "clean" version: images, menus, and other extraneous items are removed, so only the story title, chapter, story text, and copyright text are printed (the book cover image is printed on the main page). You can choose "File -> Print Preview..." to verify this for yourself before you commit to printing.

Special Note #1: Transfer of Story Memberships

You may not transfer your Story Membership to another story if you change your mind later or the story is completed. The membership is for the story you choose during signup and only that story.

However, I do offer the option of putting the purchase price of up to two Story Memberships toward the list price of a Site Membership (in essence, you'd be trading in your Story Membership(s) for a Site Membership).

Just e-mail me at AdminWolf at kodiwolf dot com and explain that you'd like to upgrade your Story Membership(s) to a Site Membership. I'll go to your account, confirm your paid Story Membership(s), and send you a one-time use coupon good only towards a Site Membership in the amount of what you paid for your Story Membership(s) (up to two memberships). After you purchase the new Site Membership, I will remove the Story Membership(s) from your account (they would no longer be necessary, and since you're trading them in, you don't get to keep them).

Special Note #2: Story Updates

My intention is to not only update, but finish every single story on this site and then publish them in paperback form, and I am actively working toward that goal (check the Master List of Progress Reports to see what I've worked on and when).

That said, I do not and will not guarantee any future updates to any of the stories on the site. Your membership fee is for access to what is on the site at the moment you join.

Think of it this way. Instead of asking you to pay again and again as I add new content, your membership fee goes towards paying me for all the work I've already done. Everything else is a bonus.

If for any reason this is unacceptable to you, I suggest you either not become a member or only become a member of completed stories.

Special Note #3: Refunds

Once your payment goes through and your membership becomes active, you get instant access to the stories on the site, as well as the ability to download the PDF E-books. It would be very easy for someone to buy a membership, download all the PDFs, and then request a refund, meaning they'd get all my work for free. There is literally no way I can protect against that kind of fraud.

Therefore, I do not offer refunds.

I realize this makes purchasing a Site Membership a bit more of a leap of faith, but that's one of the reasons I offer the option of trading in a Story Membership for a Site Membership. If you like just about all the sample chapters you've read, but you're unsure about committing to the Site Membership, you can choose one particular story for a fraction of the cost to test the waters (consider what it costs to go to the movies; buying a Story Membership is like getting the DVD along with your ticket, since you get to download the PDF and re-read the story whenever you want, as opposed to viewing the movie only once). If you like the rest of the available chapters, you can buy another Story Membership. If that second story meets (or hopefully exceeds) your expectations, you should feel confident enough to cover the rest of the amount to upgrade to a Site Membership. If not, then consider that you've only spent a small amount and you still get to keep the chapters you liked enough to want to buy a membership in the first place.


If you have any questions not answered here or on the Help/FAQ page, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at AdminWolf at kodiwolf dot com.

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