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The Kindari Saga

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The Kindari Saga

Note: This story is part of the Uncharted section. That means I'm currently working on it, but haven't posted any of it yet. It also means that the story is still very much in the process of being created, so any and all information about this story may change at any time, including the possibility of its being completely abandoned.



Number of Chapters

200+ estimated (will probably be broken up into separate books based on length)

Last Updated

Nothing has been posted yet.
(See Progress Reports.)

Genres / Keywords

Lesbian Science Fiction, Lesbian Romance

Time Period

Far Future


Likely to contain scenes of graphic violence, sex, and harsh language.


The Kindari Saga chronicles multiple generations of two families throughout history. This "history," however, spans over 10,000 years, starting approximately 20,000 years in the future from present day, when space travel and aliens are commonplace.

Author's Notes

The Kindari Saga is my lesbian version of Star Wars, plain and simple (though I must admit, I've been heavily influenced by the classic Dune series of books by Frank Herbert, as well as all the reincarnation episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess; a love that spans lifetimes... what could be more romantic?). But as much as I love Star Wars, what actually inspired me to create my own Star Wars-like universe is all the things I don't like about the movies/books. I'm not going to go into a laundry list of what all those things are, but I'm doing my best not to include them in Kindari, so if you love, or even just like, Star Wars, but wish they'd done a few things differently, you might want to check out the series.

I originally had the first book completed, but I've since made extensive plot revisions, so that first book is being completely rewritten, and instead of it being the first book, it looks like it's closer to being the last book (I'm working on what might be considered prequels, except that I'll probably end up publishing them in chronological order).