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Monday, January 1, 2024

Writing Stats For 2023

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

Here are my stats for 2023.

Writing Stats for 2023
Jan 15,659 505 1,676 131 29h 22m 533
Feb 17,651 630 3,633 131 34h 35m 510
Mar 13,902 448 1,215 133 28h 58m 480
Apr 11,214 374 1,753 133 29h 0m 387
May 11,176 361 965 142 23h 50m 469
Jun 21,899 730 2,757 135 46h 40m 469
Jul 26,549 856 3,749 136 58h 21m 455
Aug 20,356 657 1,756 172 36h 08m 563
Sep 16,224 541 2,702 139 26h 40m 608
Oct 15,785 509 2,112 133 27h 17m 579
Nov 22,475 749 2,450 153 46h 51m 480
Dec 14,328 462 1,287 134 32h 36m 440
Writing Totals & Averages for 2023
Total Words 207,218
Monthly Average 17,268
Daily Average 568
Total Hours 420h 18m
Average Words/Hour 493

Compared to last year, my total decreased by almost 77,000 words, which kind of sucked, but my total time spent writing also decreased by about 94 hours (at around 500 words per hour, that accounts for about 47,000 words not written). I also spent a lot of time revising, which doesn't net me a lot of words and is why my average words per hour also dropped by almost 60 words (that accounts for another 25,000 less words written).

However, I did end up posting 194,000 words (to private Google docs, but it still counts), so all that time spent in revisions was obviously time well spent, since it allowed me to finish quite a lot of work.

My goals for 2023 were the same as always.

  • Maintain a daily average of at least 500 words. (Done - see above)
  • Write every day to keep my streak going. (Done - 2,915 days, including today)
  • Post new story chapters. (Done - posted over 194,000 words on multiple stories, though it wasn't directly to the site)

I also continued my mini-goal of not falling below 100 words for any of my lowest days.

So, after seemingly finding a groove in 2022, despite all the stress, what happened?

Well, 2023 just ended up being stressful on a whole other level. It was just one thing after another, culminating in my site crashing in September, which completely sidetracked me into working on the website redesign.

And now with the current website still being a little wonky and trying to get the redesign done, I'm still struggling to find the energy to write as much as I'd like to.

Part of it is that I think I overdid it with working on the redesign. I was trying to get it done as quickly as possible, so that's pretty much all I did from the end of September to the end of November from sunup to sundown, and then I just burned out.

Which was kind of demoralizing, but with the current site mostly working (meaning it's not an emergency), I'm trying to listen to my body and my family, and have put the new site on hiatus until I can find the mental fortitude to get back to the coding.

Even with all that chaos and stress, I've still been writing every day (even if it was only a few paragraphs), and I did post nearly 200,000 words, so I'm trying really hard not to beat myself up about not writing as many new words as I did last year.

Here's hoping things will calm down at some point and I can get back to just writing (and posting).