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The Trine

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The Trine

Note: This story is part of the Uncharted section. That means I'm currently working on it, but haven't posted any of it yet. It also means that the story is still very much in the process of being created, so any and all information about this story may change at any time, including the possibility of its being completely abandoned.



Number of Chapters

40+ estimated

Last Updated

Nothing has been posted yet.
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Genres / Keywords

Lesbian Science Fiction, Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Polyamory, Lesbian Horror

Time Period

A couple hundred years in the future


Likely to contain scenes of graphic violence, sex, and harsh language.


In 2228, mutants stalk the nocturnal streets of Los Angeles, and Dannika Beran is the city's only defense against them. That is until she meets Robyn Kirkpatrick, a streetwise hacker, and Dr. Zoe Andersen, a quiet research scientist.

It's said that a triangle is the most stable shape in the universe. But will their combined strength and love be enough to save them?

Author's Notes

This story is my first (and so far only) attempt at writing a polyamorous romance. There are three women who fall in love with each other in this one, instead of the usual two. I guess I've just read too many fan fics that get multiple characters together (instead of being forced to choose only a single pairing) and I've really liked them. But rather than write another fan fic, since most of the ones I've read have satisfied my desire to see particular groups get together within my favorite fandoms, I decided to create my own characters with their own backgrounds and specific issues to deal with while falling in love.

I don't believe romantic love must be limited to only a single partner at a time. I've been in love with more than one person at a time, so I know it can happen. It's just a matter of whether the parties involved are mature enough to handle the specific issues that can come up in a polyamorous relationship. Most people can't, but it's not impossible.

That's where this story comes in. I want to explore how it can happen, the roadblocks to getting there, and making it work once it has. And hopefully, it'll be wrapped up in an enjoyable story. I'm currently enjoying writing it and rereading it, at least. :)