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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Making Plans

Written by Kodi Wolf at 11:57 PM

October was kind of odd. I got a ton of writing done, but it didn't really feel like it because it was a bit scattered. I've also been working hard on some admin stuff, namely redesigning the site to be mobile friendly, but also organizing my notes, trying to track down missing notes, making plans for what I want to get done this year, etc.

My total word count for October was 28,501, which averages out to 919 words per day. My lowest words per day was 138 and my highest was 2,248.

Regarding those plans...

I'm basically done with Chapter 5 of Prisoner of War and I'd really like to post it, but it's unbeta-ed and that always makes me nervous.

I also have a new Xena fanfic I've been working on since June. I'm calling it Sins of the Past Unchained. It's almost 23,000 words and is really close to being done. I just have this minor edit I want to make, but I'm having difficulty figuring out how to do it (it's really just a personal preference nitpick, but it's going to bug me if I don't fix it).

I also have Parts 6-9 of Xena: Warrior Slave pretty much done, but I haven't been sure about posting them because again I don't have any betareaders.

Plus, I've been wanting to redesign my fanfic site to be more mobile friendly (not just my main site), and I want to offer Kindle, ePub, and PDF versions of everything, and so I want those things done before I post anything new. That way when I send the update to my list, I can also say, "Hey, go check out the new design and download whatever you want, too."

So between that growing to-do list and not having anything betaread, I just keep putting it off and I don't like doing that. I want you to have new stuff to read.

Anyway, that's where the "making plans" thing comes in. I'm working on listing out exactly what I need to do to get myself to the point where I can post already. I've made quite a bit of headway on the list, which included figuring out how to use Scrivener to create HTML versions of my stories in less than 5 minutes. That alone is going to save me days of work for each of my stories every time I post. (Seriously, you have no idea what a timesaver that's going to be and it only took me about 15 minutes to figure it out once I realized Scrivener could create HTML files.)

So, my current goal is to get those other things done so I can post at least one of the above things before the end of the year. I've only got 60 days, so I guess I better get crackin', huh? :)