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News Archive for February 2007

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Kidney Stone Update

Written by Kodi Wolf at 1:23 PM

Still haven't passed either of the stones (as far as I know, anyway), but if the pain is any indication, the left one has stopped moving and the right one has started. I've also apparently developed a urinary tract infection, though I thankfully haven't felt any symptoms yet (the urologist found the infection in my urine). He was going to put me on antibiotics, but then I told him my regular doctor had already prescribed me some as a precaution (he switched me over to Macrobid, by the way, which I'm tolerating much better than the Cipro), so he's decided to wait and see if the infection is on its way out. They've done a culture of the infection and that will tell them whether I need another round of antibiotics or not. I get to call tomorrow morning and find out.

In other news, I've been working on The Vampire Hunter series the past few days. I think I've figured out how to rewrite the first chapters so they'll read fast and hopefully be interesting, but still convey all the information I want.

When I first posted the story, I was basically on the first draft and just posting the story as it came to me. In hindsight, and based on some of the feedback I've received, I've realized that the story starts too abruptly and not enough details are given to let the reader know some fairly vital information about the world I've created. It mostly has to do with the vampire mythos and the fact that I'm straying wildly from it, so the preconceptions that a lot of readers seemed to bring to the story were completely wrong and ended up causing problems down the line. The changes should also make things easier for other parts of the story, since I won't have to explain as much.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Antibiotics Update

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:56 PM

Well, the culture didn't grow anything, so I don't have to take any more antibiotics, for the time being anyway.

Well, back to writing (still working on TVH).

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Written by Kodi Wolf at 5:11 PM

I'm 31 today.

Sometimes, it's still hard for me to believe I've lived this long. Not that I'm ancient or anything, but it's just that when I was a kid, I honestly never thought I'd make it out of my teens. To think that I've actually made it past thirty is sort of remarkable to me. The fact that I'm also happily married, own really incredible bedroom furniture, and get to write my very own stories... As much as my life has sucked in the past and is sometimes annoying in the present, I'm really happy with my life.

Happy birthday to me. :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Kidney Stone Update (The Last, I Hope)

Written by Kodi Wolf at 10:56 AM

According to my latest CT scan, I've apparently passed the left kidney stone, though I never noticed it, thankfully. I still have the one in my right kidney, but the urologist said it's pretty tiny, so it shouldn't cause me any problems for the time being.

In other news, I've been working on The Vampire Hunter a lot the past couple weeks. I've rewritten the beginning again, but I think I finally have it the way I want it now, so I've moved on to the next set of chapters.

Unfortunately, I'm feeling a little stuck. I realized with one of the new chapters that I basically introduce eight new characters in the space of three pages, which is a lot to expect a reader to keep track of and with very little detail (it's mostly conversation). So, I think I need to expand the scene by adding several precursor scenes, so that I can introduce a few characters at a time in smaller chunks before I get to the main scene.

Of course, there's always the option of cutting the scene entirely and letting the characters be introduced when they were in the earlier draft, but I think the new scene makes Blake a lot less two-dimensional (originally, he's bad because I say he's bad, rather than showing why Gabrielle has decided to move against him and the others). It also brings Michelle, Shiri, and David into the story sooner, which I like. I'm thinking whatever I do, I want it to show the dynamics of the group: who hangs with who, that sort of thing. Now, if I could just figure out how to write it and make it pertinent to the story...