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Monday, May 23, 2022
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Transferred Story Index Pages

Written by Kodi Wolf at 9:57 AM

I've mostly finished creating the new index pages for all the current stories, as well as their chapter menus (except for TVH, since its chapters are a bit in limbo between what's been posted and the revisions on my computer).

I've also created a new section I'm calling Progress Reports, which is done for now (except for TVH again; since I have so many revision dates for that series, I've only gotten through 2004). It gathers all the updates that have been posted on the old What's New? pages, as well as file save dates, e-mail send dates, etc., to show what I'm doing with each story at any particular time (posting a chapter, sending a chapter to BetaWolf, working on revisions, researching, etc.). That way, even if there hasn't been an update in a while, you'll be able to see whether I've been working on a story or not. I'm hoping it will curb the dreaded "When are you going to update?" question (but probably not).

This is also being done in between painting the office. I've gotten the baseboards and the closets primed, so I think next on the list is to finish painting the baseboards and the closets, so I can put up the new shelves and closet rods, and then move on to actually painting the room (well, priming first, then painting). It's been kind of annoying having all the office stuff scattered around the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and shed, so hopefully, I can get this stuff knocked out quickly (if only my body would cooperate).

Anyway, I'm really crashy and hungry, so I'm gonna go eat and then try to get some sleep.