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Tuesday, Jun 06, 2023
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knee Surgery Update

Written by Kodi Wolf at 4:48 AM

Corene has had her knee surgery and is doing fine. She's walking around almost normally and is off the pain meds (she's just taking one ibuprofen every now and then to try to help the swelling go down). The two wound sites are still draining a little (just enough to stain a band-aid), but they're closing over nicely. The doctor said she shouldn't even have any scars. The only bad thing so far is that the front of her knee is kind of numb and tingly, but I'm hoping that will go away, as opposed to it being some kind of nerve damage. All in all, I think she's doing really well, especially for it being only five days since her surgery.

Then there's me. I'm still trying to calm down from the stress of all this over the past few weeks, not to mention my own stuff that's been coming up regarding my childhood. I've begun working on my stories again, so I think I'm starting to get back to normal.

Maybe I'll even get back to work on this website.

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