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News Archive for January 2002

Saturday, January 12, 2002

Post #74

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

Hey everyone. I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays. I can't say my own were great (my kitty decided to get deathly ill, but she's better now), but I did get to spend some time working on my stories, so I have a lot of updates in store for everyone over the next few months.

To begin with, I've updated Lights of Life. I know, it was way overdue, but Chapter 10 is now up, so you can go read it.

Normally, I would offer a refresher, but it's been so long, you'd probably do better to just re-read the story yourself.

I've also updated this website's Policies section. You should probably read it, but don't let the Terms of Use Policy scare you. The whole thing is just to make sure I don't get sued over my stories or lose the right to publish them.

Blame it on my own paranoia (based on the conceited idea that I'm actually that good of a writer :)) and an article on Whoosh! ("Fan Fiction, Novels, Copyright, and Ethics" by Michela Ecks) that finally got me to stop putting it off and write out my policies. I'd already researched copyright laws in regards to novels and publishing online, and I knew I needed to post something "just in case," but reading that article made me realize procrastinating on this wasn't a very good idea.

Anyway, on the story front, New Gaia sort of got put on hold, so next up will probably be Assassin.