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Monday, May 23, 2022
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News Archive for June 2000

Friday, June 2, 2000

Post #49

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

Okay, gotta make this quick. Sorry about the delay in updates. I've been busy and I'm starting a kind of two week vacation today. So, since it's possible I won't be updating until I get back (around the 19th), here's what I've gotten done so far. Chapter 7 of Assassin is up and the beginning part of Chapter XX of New Gaia has been posted. It's incomplete, but I was afraid ya'll would come after me if I didn't at least give you guys something to gnaw on. :) I'll try to get some updates posted while I'm gone, but I don't know if it will happen, so don't get too worked up if there aren't any updates until the end of June.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

Post #50

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

Well, I'm back. The trip was great and I'll be moving down there soon (yes, it's that serious). Anyway, I did get a little writing done while I was gone, but most of what I'm posting today was written in the past couple days (I think I was in withdrawal and just needed a massive fix). So, I've added about 21 pages to Chapter XX of New Gaia for your perusal. And no it's not done. What I've added just brings it up to the night before the trial starts. I'll try to get the rest of it done soon. And I haven't made a Printer Friendly Version yet, sorry, I'm just tired and don't feel like hassling with it at the moment. I figured getting the main update posted was more important. Oh, and there's a link on the page that will take you past what was there previously, if you just want to skip to the new stuff. Hope you like it. :)

Sunday, June 25, 2000

Post #51

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

Added another 20 pages or so to Chapter XX of New Gaia. No, it's still not complete, but it's close. Next update should bring it to conclusion. There's a second link at the top of the page to take you to the newest sections and the first link is still there in case you haven't checked out the last update yet.