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A Bondage Primer

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A Bondage Primer

Day 13

Sunday, October 26

Ryan sat at her computer and logged into the Club's private website. She checked the calendar and saw the code 'CAYA.' Ryan smiled.

"Cool. No theme this weekend, probably because there's gonna be a massive blowout for Halloween next week." She turned to McKenzie, who was standing next to her, one hand resting on the back of Ryan's chair as she bent over to look at the screen. "So you can wear whatever you want and you shouldn't feel out of place. Though honestly, that's pretty much always the case. They're pretty lax about that kind of stuff. They just want people to have a safe place where they can feel comfortable regardless of their kink."

McKenzie squinted at the calendar covered in acronyms.

"How am I supposed to figure out what all of those mean? And how did you get 'no theme' from C-A-Y-A. The closest I got was 'cover your ass.'"

Ryan laughed.

"That would be C-Y-A. This means 'come as you are.' So whatever kink you're into, you can showcase that, or just show up in street clothes, it doesn't matter." Ryan scrolled down to the legend at the bottom. "And you can find out what any of the codes mean right here."

McKenzie nodded. A quick scan over the long list at the bottom showed there were Girls Nights, Boys Nights, Threesomes or More Nights, Cosplay Nights subdivided into Steampunk, Anime, TV Shows, Movies, Lord of the Rings, and on and on. Based on the list alone, McKenzie could tell a theme wouldn't have to repeat more than once every couple months.

"This is a little overwhelming," McKenzie muttered.

Ryan looked up at McKenzie in concern.

"Hey, we don't have to go. It's no big deal. I already said I was planning to wait to introduce you to all this stuff."

McKenzie shook her head.

"No, I want to go. It's more just... I think it's like when I first came here. I'd never been on my own, never really had my own time. And everything was different. I had to learn new street names and where everything was, and I didn't have my parents telling me what time I had to be home by or when to go to bed... It was scary because I'd never done it before, but that doesn't mean I didn't want to do it."

Ryan grinned.

"All right then. Let's get you dressed."

McKenzie suddenly looked unsure again.

"I thought you said I could just wear whatever."

"I said you could. Not that you would. Now let me just get my stuff and then we can go raid your closet."

Ryan went to her closet and pulled out a pair of black leather jeans and a small black T-shirt with strategically placed rips. She added a black leather bra and a couple other items McKenzie couldn't see, and then rolled everything up into a ball in her leather jacket. She turned to McKenzie and gestured to the door.

They walked across the short space between their two houses and then went to McKenzie's bedroom.

Ryan set her bundle on the bed and then headed for McKenzie's main walk-in closet. She wasted no time opening the door, revealing a large open space with a low ottoman sitting in the center. The walls were lined with a high-end closet organizing system in a neutral cream that included shelves, cabinets, and drawers spaced between several sections of upper and lower closet rods, which were full of clothes.

Ryan went straight for a pair of ripped acid-wash jeans she loved on McKenzie, glad they weren't in the hamper, and then retrieved a pair of calf-high black leather boots hidden in the back corner. They looked brand new and Ryan didn't remember ever seeing them on McKenzie, so she hoped they fit.

Ryan laid the jeans out on the bed and set the boots on the floor. She caught McKenzie's wide eyes and suppressed a smirk on her way to McKenzie's dresser.

"Um, you look like you've been in there before."

"How do you think I knew what size to get your jacket in?"

McKenzie smiled and shook her head.

"And here I thought you just knew how to judge a woman's curves by sight."

Ryan snorted as she riffled through McKenzie's underwear drawer.

"Not hardly." She paused a moment and then looked at McKenzie. "Actually, I've never bought clothes for anyone else before."

McKenzie swallowed at the sincerity in Ryan's eyes. Then a smirk slowly curved her lips.

"Are you trying to tell me I'm your first?"

Ryan laughed and went back to sifting through the panties.

"You're my first for a lot of things," Ryan said seriously as she chose a pair and moved on to the bra drawer.

McKenzie placed a hand on Ryan's upper arm and Ryan turned to look at her in question.

"Thank you," McKenzie said, wanting so much to push up onto her toes and kiss the woman that she surprised even herself when she didn't try.

"For what?"

"For choosing me. For letting me be your first for some of this stuff... Just like you're going to be my first."

Ryan got lost in McKenzie's eyes for several heartbeats. She wanted to reach out and wrap an arm around the girl's waist, pull her in tight, trap her against the dresser, and devour her mouth.

Ryan blinked and cleared her throat, trying to purge her mind of the vision of fucking McKenzie against the dresser, her pounding thrusts rattling the items resting on top with every forceful shove forward. She finally dragged her eyes away and glanced at the clock on the nightstand.

"We should... um..." Ryan shook her head and looked down into the drawer, finally finding the matching bra she'd been searching for. "Get dressed. We need to get dressed."

Of course, that actually required getting undressed first.

McKenzie watched as Ryan unceremoniously stripped off before sliding on the leather jeans. She saw a band of cloth behind the button-up front closure with a half-dollar sized opening in the center. From her recent internet searches, she realized it was probably for securing a strap-on or soft-pack.

Ryan caught the look, but didn't say anything as she moved on to clasping the leather bra. She adjusted herself in the cups and then bent over to pull on her socks and combat boots, zipping them up before lowering her pants cuffs over the tall boots.

The torn T-shirt hugged her muscular arms and torso as she slid it on, the rips at her shoulders and above her breasts spreading to accommodate her large form, revealing hints of the flesh and leather hidden underneath.

Ryan picked up the thick black leather belt laid out on top of the comforter and glanced up at McKenzie. She knew the girl wouldn't recognize it, wouldn't know it had been specially designed to double as restraints, but Ryan could tell by the look in her eyes that McKenzie understood it held possibilities. Ryan slipped it around her waistband and buckled it tight.

Ryan scanned the bed for the short silver chain and double female pendant she'd grabbed from her small jewelry box. She found it and put it on. Finally, she buckled her wide black leather Celtic cuff onto her wrist, adjusting it until it rested comfortably against her skin.

"Your turn," Ryan said as she crossed her arms and leaned back against the wall of the built out closet to take in the show.

McKenzie finally blinked, coming out of her daze where she stood at the foot of the bed and bent over to remove her shoes and socks. She stood back up and reached for her blouse. She slowly undid the buttons, staring at Ryan the whole time. Ryan's gaze shifted down as McKenzie's chest was exposed, and then McKenzie shrugged, letting the material slip from her shoulders. It bunched up around her upper arms as she pulled the hem out of her jeans to get to the last couple buttons.

Ryan couldn't help thinking about McKenzie in the same pose, leather straps criss-crossing her upper arms to bind them to her sides, a pair of leather cuffs locking her wrists together in front of her pussy.

Then the blouse was gone, as was McKenzie's bra, and the girl was sliding off her jeans and underwear, bending over to push them past her feet. The maneuver gave Ryan a clear view of McKenzie's round ass and wet pussy.

McKenzie heard the creak of leather behind her and peeked around her knee through her cascading hair to see Ryan take a step forward and then stop, forcing herself to lean back against the wall once again.

McKenzie stood up and turned around to face Ryan. The way the woman was staring at her... McKenzie reached out to steady herself against the thick bedpost and just tried to breathe.

"I... God, I want you, Ryan. You have no idea how hard it is for me not to just..."

"Yes, I do," Ryan said, her voice deadly serious. "But I want you to think about the consequences. And if you really want to please me... Don't do something that will cause me to extend your punishment. Because I cannot and will not reward you for disobeying me, even if it means denying myself the pleasure I so very much want to take from you."

McKenzie swallowed. Hard. She felt tears stinging her eyes and tried to blink them away.

"I'm sorry," McKenzie whispered as she studied the carpet. "If I could go back, I... I would tell myself to just shut up and—"

"No. We needed to talk. It was how you went about it that was unacceptable," Ryan offered as gently as she could.

"But I..." McKenzie looked up and forced herself to meet Ryan's gaze. "You were right. I didn't really intend to talk or listen or... I just wanted you and I... I was sure if I could just get you to realize your rule was stupid..." McKenzie shook her head and stared at the floor again. "I never considered your feelings or what you wanted or why." She looked up again, willing Ryan to believe her. "I'm so sorry."

Ryan nodded in acceptance, a sense of relief washing over her she hadn't even known she was waiting for as she realized McKenzie really understood.

"I made mistakes, too. I should've realized what was going on a lot sooner." Ryan frowned. "And I'm sorry I stormed out on you like I did. That was seriously immature. I could've handled that whole thing a lot better. Maybe if I had, it wouldn't have gotten to the level of an abstinence punishment, which you should know is the worst punishment I ever hand out."

McKenzie frowned as she thought of the leather floggers she'd seen at one of the sex stores she'd found online and remembered some of Ryan's previous comments on the subject.

"What about... You've talked about... whipping me..."

Ryan smirked.

"After a whipping, I would still make you come. You'd be sore, but sated."

McKenzie nodded, feeling goose bumps tingle over her skin at the thought of what it would feel like to be whipped by Ryan. She really had no point of reference. She'd never even been spanked by her parents, let alone... Her eyes drifted to Ryan's belt and she couldn't deny her curiosity as her nipples tightened.

"Get dressed, McKenzie," Ryan ordered quietly.

McKenzie looked up, catching Ryan watching her with a knowing grin and smiled sheepishly in return.

"Yes, my Lord," McKenzie whispered, enjoying the instant spark she saw ignite in the woman's eyes.

McKenzie slipped into the bright pink lace bra Ryan had chosen, and then picked up the matching lace boyshorts. She turned to Ryan.


"Something wrong?"

"No. I guess I was just wondering if... if you wanted me to..."

Ryan smiled.

"If I didn't want you to wear them, I wouldn't have picked them out for you." Ryan saw McKenzie's hesitation. "Unless... Would you rather go without?"

McKenzie shook her head.

"No, I just thought, since you don't like to wear them..."

"That's just a personal preference. But I know you obviously like them. You must have over fifty pairs in that drawer," Ryan joked, trying to get the frown off McKenzie's face, but it only seemed to deepen. "What is it?" Ryan asked gently.

"I-I don't want you to think I'm chicken. I... I can go without if you want me to. If you like that better."

Ryan's own frown relaxed as she finally understood.

"What I want to see on you and what I like to wear, or not wear as the case may be, are two very different things," Ryan explained.

McKenzie nodded, but she still seemed unsure as she continued to toy with the lacy material in her hands. Ryan pushed off from the wall and stood in front of the girl, waiting until McKenzie looked up at her. Ryan pitched her voice to its lowest register.

"Put them on, McKenzie," Ryan ordered.

McKenzie flushed. It was unreal what just the sound of Ryan's voice could do to her. McKenzie backed up half a pace and stepped into the bright pink panties, slipping them up her thighs until they were settled low around her hips.

"Nice," Ryan commented, her voice rough with desire.

There was no mistaking the look in Ryan's eyes and McKenzie smiled shyly, finally convinced Ryan wasn't just trying to make her feel better.

Ryan offered up the jeans and McKenzie pulled them on.

Claire had helped her make them one night, carefully placing the tears at various points along her thighs and knees with a few more at her shins. Her friend had tried to get her to place another one on the underside of her right buttcheek, but McKenzie had refused. Now, she wished she'd gone along with it.

When Ryan handed over the shirt she'd grabbed from her own closet, McKenzie took it and held it out. It was a well-worn white tank top, open at the sides, and cut off short in the front, but the cut veered to hang longer in the back. On the reverse side it bore the words 'Club Carnal' in a sharp block print, while on the front it showed the Club's logo. Two 'C's mirrored each other to form stylized breasts with a series of rainbow-colored squares beneath, and then 'Club Carnal' was repeated in smaller letters below that.

McKenzie slipped the loose tank top over her head. The front hung just above her belly button.

"Very nice," Ryan said again and grinned. "Now the boots."

Ryan stepped back to give McKenzie room. McKenzie grabbed a pair of socks from her dresser and pulled them on, then laced up the calf-high boots over the slim-leg jeans. As she stood back up, she realized the heels gave her another inch, putting her that much closer to Ryan's lips.

Ryan watched McKenzie focus on her mouth for several long moments, and then McKenzie seemed to shake herself out of it and look away. Ryan smiled.

"Well done," Ryan said softly.

McKenzie looked up, a little startled, but then she smiled and nodded.

"I'm learning."

"Yes, you are." Then Ryan looked her over and frowned. "I don't think you have a jacket to go with this."

"Actually, I was kind of hoping I could borrow one of yours. Maybe the one with the blue piping? You know, to go with the pink," McKenzie said as she flashed her open side at Ryan.

Ryan grinned.

"It'll be a little big on you, but yeah, I think that'll work."

They started to leave, but then McKenzie stopped them so she could switch out her usual gold and diamond earrings for a couple pairs of silver ball and pink crystal studs. She added a small silver open heart pendant and then followed Ryan over to her apartment to get the jacket.

It was almost twelve-thirty by the time they got on the road.

They took Ryan's bike, which McKenzie realized was fast becoming her favorite place in the whole wide world. McKenzie hugged Ryan's body, understanding this was the one place where she could totally cop a feel and there were no repercussions. Well, other than the torture she was causing herself.

They stopped at an ATM. McKenzie had seen the cover price listed on the Club's website. It was steep, but not unmanageable. But she knew she didn't have enough cash on hand and there was no way she was going to put that on the credit card her parents paid off each month. She'd already received several calls for various charges and had been forced to listen to a lecture each time, even though the items had turned out to be completely innocuous.

McKenzie stuffed the bills in her wallet and climbed back on the motorcycle. Then they took off again.

They arrived sooner than McKenzie was expecting and she suddenly had butterflies in her stomach. She climbed off the bike and stowed her new riding gloves and the heated liner in the saddlebags. She immediately felt the cold air against her recently warmed midriff and zipped up her borrowed jacket again. She looked around while Ryan locked their helmets to the handlebars.

Club Carnal was located in the middle of nowhere just outside of town in a complex of huge brick warehouses. The parking lot was full and McKenzie could hear thumping dance music every time the main door opened. There was no signage to indicate what the place was, but there was a line of patrons waiting outside to get in where a man and what looked like two bouncers dressed in black jeans, black leather jackets, and black T-shirts with the Club's logo on them checked IDs.

Ryan finished stowing their gear and unzipped her jacket. Then she stepped in front of McKenzie and unzipped the girl's jacket.

The black leather hung loosely on McKenzie's small frame, accentuating her trim waist and flat stomach. It was also at least two sizes too big, telling everyone who looked at her that it must belong to Ryan. As did the girl inside it.

"You look so fucking sexy in my jacket," Ryan told her with a wide grin.

McKenzie felt the butterflies vanish, replaced by instant warmth that pooled between her legs, and suddenly the cool air felt good against her overheated skin.

Ryan put an arm around McKenzie's shoulders and guided her over to the building, leading her to the back of the line.

McKenzie slid her arm around Ryan's waist, under Ryan's leather jacket, leaning into her side, and Ryan squeezed her shoulders in return.

Ryan had been letting her get away with this sort of thing more and more the past couple days, and McKenzie thought she finally understood. As long as she wasn't pushing for more or trying to goad Ryan into taking her, McKenzie was free to indulge in being the touchy-feely person she normally was. As they took a couple steps forward, McKenzie inhaled Ryan's scent and rested her cheek against the soft cotton of her shirt. She sighed. She still wanted a lot more, but she could live with this. For now.

After a few more minutes, they finally reached the front of the line.

"Ryan. Long time, no see," the doorman greeted her.

"I've been busy," Ryan drawled as she reached into her jacket pocket for her wallet.

The man glanced at McKenzie, who blushed, and he smiled.

"I can see that." He glanced down and smiled wider. "Nice shirt."

McKenzie thought her ears had to be practically glowing in the dark, they were so hot. Then the doorman turned back to Ryan as she handed over what looked like a black credit card. He swiped the card along the side of the tablet resting on the podium next to him and then handed it back. Ryan's details appeared on the screen facing them, including her picture, name, and age, which McKenzie assumed was being mirrored by the tablet.

"She your plus one?"

Ryan nodded and the man reached under the podium for another tablet. He tapped a few things on it and then handed it to Ryan.

"She needs to fill that out and then pay at the window."

"Right." Ryan nodded again and they headed inside.

Another man stood just inside the door at another podium with a large screen. As he opened his mouth to speak, Ryan held up the tablet and raised an eyebrow as she pointed at the wide archway to their right. The man nodded his acknowledgment and tapped at the screen, his attention already focused on the people behind them.

Ryan placed her hand on the small of McKenzie's back and guided her into the small sitting area. Several other groups were already huddled over their own tablets and Ryan gestured for McKenzie to sit next to her. She gave McKenzie the tablet.

McKenzie looked it over. At the top, it listed Ryan as her sponsor. The rest of the page contained the usual requests for name, birthdate, address, phone number, email, etc., as well as a release to run a background check on her. There was a note that a criminal record wasn't automatic grounds for denying her membership application, but it would be included as relevant if any complaints were made against her.

At the bottom of the screen, there was a place to select whether she wanted to pay only for that night or set up a recurring monthly or yearly payment plan as well as what type of payment she was submitting.

McKenzie had asked Ryan if she should go ahead and pay for one of the monthly or yearly plans, since they were so heavily discounted and came with several perks, but Ryan had told her to wait. What if McKenzie didn't even like the Club? McKenzie thought that was unlikely, since Ryan seemed to like it so much, but she'd agreed to hold off until she knew for sure.

She filled out the form and tapped Next.

A new screen appeared with a list of Yes / No / N/A items down the left side and several columns of radio buttons for each item. McKenzie started reading through the items and then frowned.

"I don't understand this part."

Ryan looked over her shoulder, having previously been staring around the room to give McKenzie some privacy. She read through the first few and smiled.

"Those are just different kinks. Up here, you select your gender and sexuality, and check off whether you're submissive or dominant, or a switch, meaning you can play either way. Then in this column you check off whether you've done it or not, and then over here you select the radio buttons to set your preferences. 'No' means it's a hard limit and there's nothing that could make you do it, while '1' means you hate it, but you could do it if you really had to. And '10' means you love it and would do anything to get to do it or have it done to you." Ryan leaned back again. "If there's anything you don't know what it is, just ask and I'll try to explain."

McKenzie started scanning the list, invariably checking the 'never done it' box. Then she stopped at the 'B's.

"What's this? 'Brown showers/scat.' Is that..."

Ryan kept her face neutral.

"It's where people play with feces. It's not something I'm into, but I try not to judge. Everyone has their hard limits." Ryan shrugged. "That just happens to be one of mine."

McKenzie nodded. She scrolled down the screen, seeing how long it was, and grimaced.

"Do I really have to fill all this out? Some of this is really personal."

Ryan shook her head and pointed at the title bar.

"That's their matchmaking app. They set it up so people can hook up with others who have the same kinks. That way they can meet here first, where it's relatively safe. The application is free, but if you want to meet your matches, you have to pay."

"I've already met my match," McKenzie said as she cleared her responses, selected the opt-out checkbox, and tapped Next.

A message said she was finished and to bring the tablet to the payment window.

Ryan led her back out into the hallway and they waited behind several groups of people. All of them were dressed similar to Ryan, except for the two women at the window. The first one was wearing a Catholic schoolgirl outfit while the woman next to her was dressed in what McKenzie guessed was a headmistress's skirt suit.

McKenzie leaned closer to Ryan and whispered.

"So that's a thing? A kink?"

Ryan smiled.

"Yeah. The broad term is age play."

McKenzie nodded.

"I'm guessing you're not into that either?"

Ryan frowned.

"What gave you that idea?"

McKenzie looked up at her in confusion.

"You... Because you... With me and the no touching."

Ryan winced.

"Yeah, I can see how that... Um, actually, it's because I'm kind of into that, that I like to make doubly sure I'm not with someone who really is too young. That's why it's called age play. It isn't real, which is what makes it okay to indulge."

McKenzie's face cleared.

"Oh my God. Is that... That's why you're having such a hard time with me?"

Ryan stared at McKenzie, clearly debating exactly what she should say. Finally, she sighed.

"You could pass for sixteen easy. So yeah, that's probably part of it, but it isn't all of it, and you know that."

McKenzie lost some of her ire as they moved ahead one place in line and she chewed on her bottom lip in thought. She leaned up again and Ryan automatically leaned down to listen.

"So, after I turn twenty, can we pretend I'm... not?"

Ryan darted a glance down to see McKenzie's smirk and couldn't help laughing even as her body voted heavily in favor of McKenzie's suggestion.

"Yeah, I have a feeling we will definitely be going there at some point." In fact, I think I may have created a monster, Ryan thought happily.

They reached the window a few minutes later and McKenzie slid the tablet and her cash through the slot. The man looked the application over, checked the info against her driver's license, and then told her to stand in the nearby alcove with her back against the opposite white section of wall for her picture. She offered a genuine smile to the webcam and then received her very own black membership card a few minutes later, along with a pamphlet titled "Club Carnal's Codes of Conduct." She slid the card into her wallet and stuffed the pamphlet into her jacket pocket for later perusal.

After all that, McKenzie realized she was still nervous as they entered the club proper.

The place was packed.

Along the right wall was the typical bar with glinting glasses and liquor bottles lined up on mirror-backed glass shelves. Several spigots were labeled with the current beers on tap. Logos posted everywhere advertised the bottled beers available. A chalkboard off to the side listed several appetizers and sandwiches offered by the modest grill.

In the middle section of the cavernous room, several dozen tables were spread out to let the patrons eat and drink with their friends, while booths along a dividing wall towards the back offered a little more privacy.

Off to her left was a medium-sized stage with a dance floor in front of it. A dark-skinned woman dressed in wine-colored Middle Eastern garb accented in gold was belly dancing in between the tables near the dance floor to the techno beat thumping out of the speakers placed around the room. McKenzie thought it should have looked strange, the incongruity of the ancient dance set to such modern music, but instead she found it mesmerizing. It was several minutes before she was able to force herself to look away.

McKenzie glanced up and realized Ryan had been watching her while her eyes were glued to the woman's gyrating form. Ryan smiled, clearly not offended as she leaned down to be heard over the music.

"That's Suni. She's been studying belly dance since she was about five. She's amazing, huh? And this is just the warm-up."

McKenzie simply nodded.

"Come on," Ryan said, grabbing her hand and leading her away. "I need something to drink."

McKenzie followed Ryan over to the bar, not sure what Ryan intended. She was confused when Ryan ordered one each of their favorite sodas.

"You don't have to abstain just because I'm underage," McKenzie offered.

Ryan shook her head.

"I don't drink. First, I drove here, and second... I don't think someone with my proclivities should even be able to see the line where out of control begins, let alone walk up to it. Besides..." Ryan pointed at several people blowing into keychain breathalyzers before being given their drinks. "They have rules here about how much you're allowed to have. Personally, I think it's more trouble than it's worth, but a lot of people seem to need that two-drink minimum before they can relax enough to enjoy themselves. Luckily, I've never been a stick-in-the-mud," Ryan said with a grin.

She turned away to accept their glasses from the bartender, who took her membership card, swiped it, and then handed it back. McKenzie realized it must also double as a tab or credit card for her membership account.

"Grab on," Ryan told her as she jutted out her hip.

McKenzie curled two fingers through Ryan's belt loop and let the woman pull her through the jostling masses and down a long hallway on the right. There were several areas that branched off to the left and right blocked off by 12-foot high partitions that still didn't come close to hitting the piping and ductwork in the ceiling, but Ryan kept them moving down the main hall. The crowds eventually thinned out and it became much quieter as they went deeper into the warehouse, the music dampened by the many sectional walls.

As they came to the end of the corridor, the space opened out again to the left. With less people around, McKenzie let go of Ryan's belt loop, though she stayed close as she looked around.

The large space held a series of viewing areas. Along the left wall were three levels of wide elevated couches covered in white vinyl. Each level was raised enough above the one in front of it to allow anyone sitting on the couches a clear view to the opposite side. Several aisles separated the couches into four distinct sections, which corresponded to the four huge glass enclosures, each about fifteen feet wide, lining the right side of the area.

The bottom row of couches had long white painted metal coffee tables in front of them with several tablets scattered on their surfaces, and there was at least a dozen feet between the tables and the glass walls, leaving a wide aisle for people to walk along. At the far end, McKenzie could see an opening onto another hallway that seemed to lead even further back into the building, or possibly back to the dining area.

Ryan claimed the top row of the nearest set of couches, which were empty, probably because the glass wall section they faced was opaque, but the next three were clear, allowing full view of the activities going on inside. There were quite a few people on the couches directly in front of those.

McKenzie blushed and took a long swallow from her soda as soon as Ryan handed it over. She set it in the nearest drink holder on the arm of the couch when she realized her hands were shaking.

"The walls are made with smart glass," Ryan spoke next to her in between sips of her soda. "People can sign up to put on a show. It's free, unless you decide to go dark. Then it's the same rate per hour as the special equipment rooms, which are farther in the back. There's an actual sort of hotel on the upper floors for people who want to stay overnight, but then they also have theme rooms, like steampunk or geisha, in the next couple buildings over that you can rent by the hour or even for a whole night. That's pricey, though."

McKenzie just nodded as she continued to stare at the smorgasbord of sex taking place in front of her.

Quite literally, she thought as she watched a group of three men and two women pluck bits of fruit off a sixth naked woman's supine form using only their mouths. The woman was a virtual fruit salad, covered from chest to ankles in whipped cream, which was being gradually licked off her skin to reveal the woman's writhing body.

In the next room, a man was gagged, his body bound to a special cross-shaped chair with numerous leather straps and ropes, including his genitals. A woman clad from head to toe in leather was flogging whatever bare skin she could find, especially his hard bouncing cock. His face was contorted in pain, but he kept thrusting his pelvis forward as far as he could against his restraints in obvious supplication for more.

The last room was at a steep enough angle from her position that most of the space was hidden from view, but the occupants were close enough to the glass wall that McKenzie could still see them. She recognized them as the two women she'd seen earlier. The woman in the schoolgirl outfit was bent over a table, her skirt flipped up and her panties down around her ankles, while the headmistress slapped her reddened ass with a leather paddle.

Ryan pointed to the tablets that were on the coffee table below them.

"You can listen in to any of the rooms if you want. Except the one that's dark. There are other areas with more rooms, too."

McKenzie shook her head slowly, a little afraid it might explode.

"Jesus Christ," McKenzie whispered, her breathing picking up speed as her eyes drank in each slap of the paddle and flick of the whip.

She couldn't stop looking back and forth between the bound man and the girl getting her ass spanked. Even without sound, her mind supplied a soundtrack of her own moans and screams as she imagined Ryan taking her so forcefully.

Oh my God, I think my brain just shorted out. She tried to shift a few inches, but her clit was painfully swollen, and she felt herself squish against her own lips, sending pulses of impending orgasm through her lower belly. That part is definitely working, however.

"What are you thinking?" Ryan whispered near her ear and McKenzie felt her whole body clench.

"I'm thinking... I might actually... be about... to come," McKenzie barely got out through her panting breaths. She turned fearful eyes on Ryan. "I can't... I know I'm not... not supposed to... Oh God..."

McKenzie closed her eyes and gripped the edge of the couch as a dangerous wave of pleasure rippled through her.

"You can control this, McKenzie," Ryan's steady voice spoke beside her. "I know you've gone without for several days and these are potent images... and you have no idea how much I want this... but you are not allowed to come. Do you understand? Look at me," Ryan ordered and McKenzie's eyes shot open, immediately focusing on Ryan's narrowed gaze. "You will not come. Not until I say so. Now I want you to breathe, slowly and deeply."

Ryan inhaled slowly through her nose and exhaled even slower through her mouth. McKenzie did her best to mimic Ryan's pace, but her ragged gasps took several minutes to calm down. Even then, she had to keep her gaze focused on Ryan. If she let her eyes drift to the side for even a moment, she felt her body tense right back up.

"That's it, just breathe," Ryan spoke low, aware of several onlookers.

"She okay?" One man asked sympathetically, though he didn't approach.

Ryan glanced over her shoulder, having recognized the voice, and smiled.

"Yeah, she's fine, Sam. First time. Just a little overwhelmed."

McKenzie looked up to see a sandy-haired man dressed casually in dark faded skinny jeans and a tight white scoop neck T-shirt that showed off a muscled physique. He was holding hands with a lanky dark-haired man wearing light gray chinos and a natural linen blazer over a pink polo shirt.

Sam grinned and took a seat on the edge of their couch, his partner following him over to stand next to him on the steps of the aisle.

"Oh, you should've seen my first time, girl. I think I creamed myself at least half a dozen times. This bastard was laughing his ass off the whole time, too," Sam said, nudging his partner's thigh with his shoulder.

McKenzie laughed, glad of the interruption as she felt the tension finally leaving her body.

"Well, you were the one who was all, 'S n' M? What's so great about being tied up and beaten?'"

"Yeah, well, now I know. And so do you," Sam nudged him again and then turned back to McKenzie. "I'm sorry, we haven't been properly introduced," he said, cutting his eyes at Ryan, who rolled hers and snorted. "I'm Sam and this is Nick."


They took turns shaking hands.

"So, your first time, huh?" Nick asked with a smirk. "I take it you've found the motherland?"

McKenzie ducked her head, but she still grinned.

"Yeah. Pretty much."

"Oh brother, would you look at that blush," Sam said, causing said blush to turn darker. He glanced at Ryan. "Does she do that a lot?"

"All the time. I can't get enough of it," Ryan confessed, giving McKenzie a wink when the girl looked at her in surprise.

"Really? You like that?"

"Oh sweetie," Sam laughed. "You have no idea the power your charms hold over this woman, do you? You're a Dom's wet dream."

"Hey, don't go getting any ideas, now," Ryan joked. "She's mine," Ryan said, her tone becoming a little more serious.

"Oh please. Unless she grows a dick and loses the tits, she's perfectly safe from me." Sam looked Ryan up and down. "You, however, I'd be okay with the titties. I've seen your work."

Ryan saw McKenzie frowning out of the corner of her eye and looked up at Nick for assistance.

"Can you just fuck him already, or let him fuck you, whichever it is tonight? He's getting a bit sluttish for my tastes."

"Did you just make a funny? I seem to remember—"

Nick slapped a hand over Sam's mouth and leaned down to whisper in his ear. Sam darted a glance at McKenzie, then back to Ryan, then stared at the floor. Nick pulled his hand away as he stood back up.

Sam squared himself off towards McKenzie, much more sedate than he'd been moments before.

"I apologize. Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain. I didn't mean to embarrass you," he flicked his gaze to Ryan. "Either of you."

"No problem," Ryan said with a nod.

"Yeah. We were all just joking around, right?" McKenzie offered.

"Right," Nick said. "And now I think it's time I took this wise woman's advice and fucked that fast mouth of yours, hmm?"

Sam looked up, adoration mixing with lust as he took his partner's proffered hand.

"Ladies," Sam offered, and then trailed after Nick down the steps of the aisle, to the far hallway, and out of sight.

McKenzie shook her head and laughed.

"They're kind of cute together."

"Yeah," Ryan agreed.

"But I'm a little confused. I thought Sam was the... top? But then Nick..."

"They're switches. They go back and forth between being top or bottom. Looks like it's Sam's turn on the bottom tonight."

McKenzie tried to imagine switching places with Ryan.

"I don't think... I mean is that something you're into?"

Ryan shook her head.

"No. Between my childhood and my natural tendencies, I have no desire to be topped. I've had a few Doms try, but once they realized I wasn't challenging them as a bratty sub, I was just being me, they backed off."

"I don't understand. Bratty sub?"

Ryan smiled.

"Basically, what you tried to pull with me a few days ago, only more so. What Sam said, that you have power in this, is true. Some of that comes from your consent, but most of it comes from your submission. For some Doms, when a sub withholds their obedience, it's seen as a challenge for them to overcome. I mean in some ways it is. But that can become a game of manipulation, of topping from the bottom, where the sub does things to get their Dom to respond in a certain way, if the people involved aren't communicating."

"You mean like if I really enjoyed this kind of punishment and I kept doing things to upset you, so you'd keep doing it."

"Yeah. To a certain degree, that always ends up happening. Once you learn which buttons to push, you're going to push them to get what you want. That's human nature. But that's where communication and consent have to come in. Both parties have to agree that those buttons are allowed to be pushed. Otherwise, it can become abusive pretty fast."

McKenzie sipped her soda and then set it aside again. She turned to face Ryan, only flinching a little at the painful pleasure the move caused between her legs. She took Ryan's hand.

"That's not what I want. I don't want you feeling like I'm... using you to get what I want."

Ryan tried to hide her smile, but couldn't quite bring it off. At McKenzie's questioning look, she just shook her head.

"I think that was supposed to be my line. Most people would look at what we're doing and assume I'm just some alpha bitch who wants to control you and use you for my own pleasure."

McKenzie's eyebrow lifted as she smirked.

"Are you saying you don't? 'Cause I kind of like that about you."

Ryan smiled wryly in acknowledgment.

"Okay, you have a point. But I guess what I meant was that I don't do those things without taking your feelings into account, too. I hope you know that."

McKenzie nodded.

"And that's what you want from me, too, isn't it? Not to just... be so focused on what I want that I don't think about what you want."

Ryan felt her heart swell with pride and she reached up to cup McKenzie's cheek before she could really think about it.

"God, I want to kiss you so bad right now," Ryan admitted. "You've figured out what some subs never realize... That they're in a relationship. It goes both ways."

McKenzie leaned into the touch.

"I have a good teacher."

Ryan smiled. She rubbed her thumb over McKenzie's cheek, every muscle in her body urging her to close the last few inches between them and taste those plump lips. She took a deep breath and forced herself to relax. She saw McKenzie do the same and combed her fingers through the blonde's hair before releasing her. She looked at her watch, and then stood up and held out her hand.

"Wanna go check out Suni's show? I think the main attraction is about to start."

They grabbed their drinks and made their way back to where they'd come in, managing to find a couple seats at a table in a far corner with another couple who didn't mind sharing in the packed dining area. Ryan didn't know them and they introduced themselves all around. At the mention of Ryan's name, both women's eyebrows raised.

"Are you... that Ryan?"

Ryan suppressed an eye roll and nodded.

"Probably. But I haven't been around in a couple months. If you heard something recent, it wasn't me," Ryan smirked.

Then the lights dimmed further and they all turned as the few remaining lights focused on the stage. A woman in dark jeans and a sleeveless logoed T-shirt stood at the edge of the platform holding a microphone and grinning.

"Good evening. I hope everyone is having a Carnalicious time tonight."

She paused as a roar went up, along with a few whistles.

"Glad to hear it. Oh, and for those newbies, and I've been told we have quite a few tonight, welcome and know you're safe. We have the best playground around, so make sure you check everything out.

"And now, to introduce a woman we all know and love... and lust after..." Several hollers of agreement went up and the woman grinned. "I give you Carnal's very own erotic belly dancing Mistress... the luscious... the seductive... and not just a little bit raunchy... Suni!"

The woman jumped down off the platform and into the darkness as smoke billowed across the stage and spotlights lit on Suni's scantily clad body standing center stage. A slow heartbeat thumped hypnotically through the bass range of the speakers, punctuated by the deliberate swish of the woman's jingling hips.

A quiet piano built on the heartbeat and then a deep haunting voice suddenly joined in as another softer spotlight picked out a tall woman standing off to the left. She wore a black silk button-up dress shirt and black silk pants, and her black hair was slicked into a long ponytail that went all the way to her waist.

"That's Suni's wife, Amarra," Ryan whispered and McKenzie nodded, unable to take her eyes off the stage.

Suni stepped forward with each heartbeat, her arms wide, her hips leading each thrust forward as her shoulders swayed in time with her wife's vocalizations. There were no words, but McKenzie felt the longing, the need, the powerful love Amarra put into her ethereal voice.

As the performance went on, Suni ranged all over the stage. She spent several moments in front of her wife, using her supple arms and graceful fingers to pull an invisible rope, dragging Amarra forward, who then dropped to her knees, clearly begging with every heartfelt note she sang.

The tempo changed as an electric synth, followed by guitars, violins, and drums all eventually came in, adding to the symphony of sound, until Suni's hips were practically vibrating at the crescendo, she was gyrating so fast.

The music stopped and so did Suni, and the crowd erupted in applause and cheers. Then almost immediately, a new song began, and Suni was joined by half a dozen female and three male dancers running onto the stage. The women were dressed similarly to Suni's rich burgundy and gold encrusted outfit, but in complimentary jewel tones, while the men wore matching silk briefs beneath traditional hip scarves layered with jingling coins and bells.

The troupe performed their choreography with practiced ease, smiling at their audience as they undulated for their viewing pleasure.

McKenzie was surprised by the male belly dancers, having never seen or heard of that before. Her attention was pulled away for a moment by the sound of a sharp laugh coming from a few tables away.

"Those guys could fuck me silly," someone exclaimed, and McKenzie couldn't help giggling at the shocked tone.

The show continued for several more dances. Then on the final song, the dancers ranged out to mingle among the tables, giving quite a few groups an up-close-and-personal demonstration of their skills. McKenzie was grateful none of the dancers made it to her table so far in the back as the song ended and they all jogged back onto the stage.

"Thank you for watching," Suni spoke breathlessly into the microphone, grinning from ear to ear at all the applause. "Thank you. Classes are available for anyone who's interested. We have a lot of fun as you can see, so come join us."

Suni backed up to take her place in the line of dancers next to her wife in the middle. They all clasped hands and bowed. Then they broke up and the lights brightened in the rest of the dining area as they dimmed over the stage.

"Wow. They were amazing," McKenzie said as the cheering died down and club music began pumping through the speakers again.

"Yeah, they have some DVDs, and Amarra's put out a couple CDs online," Ryan said.

McKenzie frowned as she noticed the two women whose table they'd joined were gone.

"When did they leave?"

"A couple songs ago. I think they were more into each other than the show."

Before McKenzie could say anything, she saw Ryan's gaze track behind her.

"So you guys made it after all," Petra said as she, Alicia, and several others walked up. "We never saw you come in."

"We were in the back," Ryan said.

"Fuck, don't tell me I missed the real show," one of the women said as the others stepped aside to let her move to the front of the group.

The woman's flaming red hair was pulled back into a ponytail, revealing the sides of her shaved head and the spiked studs lining her ears. She was as tall as Ryan, though her frame was thin and wiry compared to Ryan's muscular form. The woman was dressed a lot like Ryan, too, though her ripped white sleeveless T-shirt and tight black leather pants gave off a more punk rock vibe due to the added buckles going down the sides of her legs and the Celtic tattoos on her biceps.

The redhead grabbed a chair from a nearby table and dragged it over. The others did the same and McKenzie scooted her chair closer to Ryan's, suddenly feeling crowded. It didn't escape her notice that Alicia sat down on Ryan's other side.

"No, no shows. I was just giving McKenzie here the nickel tour," Ryan explained with an easy smile, though McKenzie saw the tightness around her eyes as her gaze flicked to Alicia for a brief moment.

"Yeah, she's the new girl I was telling you about, Britt," Petra said to the redhead.

"Oh, I doubt she's new anymore," Britt said. "Not if she's with you," she told Ryan with a smirk.

Ryan's gaze narrowed.

"Watch your mouth," Ryan said.

"Or what? I'm not your bitch."

"Neither is McKenzie. So show some respect."

Britt frowned.

"What's got you in such a fucked up mood? I was just fuckin' around. And it was a compliment, by the way."

Ryan rolled her eyes.

"In case Petra didn't mention it, this is her first time here. I was kinda hoping to make it a good first impression, and you talking trash isn't helping."

Britt sighed.

"If she's with you, she's already gotten the only impression she really needs." She turned her gaze to McKenzie. "Am I right?" she asked with a knowing smirk.

McKenzie couldn't help grinning right back at the woman's easygoing manner.

"Yeah." McKenzie glanced at Ryan, then back to Britt. "Though I'd really like to know what shows everyone keeps talking about."

Laughter sounded around the table and Ryan groaned.

"You haven't shown her the peepshow rooms? For shame, Ryan," Britt said as she turned to McKenzie. "They're Ryan's second home... Or at least they were until a few months ago. Say, when did you two meet?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

Everyone laughed again and McKenzie turned to watch Ryan. The woman was smiling softly, taking the ribbing with a lazy roll of her eyes. Then Ryan looked at McKenzie and McKenzie felt her heart skip a beat, only to begin thudding in her chest at the love she saw in Ryan's gaze.

"Damn, I think the real show is right here," Britt said as she watched the two get lost in each other. "You know, they don't close for a couple more hours. You think you might—"

"No," Ryan said with finality as she broke away from McKenzie's intense stare. "We haven't talked about it and that's more than a last-minute conversation."

"I could stand in for her," Alicia piped up, cutting a glance at McKenzie. "Maybe give her a few pointers." Then she smiled sidelong at Petra. "Wanna watch?"

Petra grinned, but Ryan was already shaking her head.

"I'm with McKenzie," Ryan said and McKenzie saw several mouths open in surprise.

Alicia frowned.

"So? If she doesn't wanna play, that doesn't mean—"

"I don't want to play without her," Ryan said pointedly.

Britt let out a loud laugh, bringing all eyes to her as she grinned at Ryan. Ryan frowned.

"What?" Ryan asked in annoyance.

"Oh, you know what. I told you... I so fucking told you..."

Ryan's face cleared and she grinned.

"Yeah, I guess you did."

Petra looked back and forth between them, her face scrunched in confusion.

"Told her what?"

"Nothin'," Britt said, though she held Ryan's gaze, and McKenzie saw Ryan nod almost imperceptibly.

"Just a private joke," Ryan dismissed. She checked her watch. "Damn, it's late. We should probably be heading out," she said as she glanced at McKenzie, who nodded in agreement.

They all stood and Britt came around the table to clasp Ryan's shoulder.

"It's good to have you back. Maybe we'll see you both around more often now?"

Ryan glanced at McKenzie, getting a shy smile before turning back to the redhead with her own grin.

"Count on it."

Britt leaned in.

"And if you do decide to put on a show, you better fucking call me."

Ryan laughed.

"You'll be the first to know."

Britt nodded as if it was a done deal.

"All right. See ya later," she said, smiling at McKenzie to include her, and the girl smiled in return.

"Later," Ryan said, nodding to the others who followed in Britt's wake.

McKenzie watched them leave, not surprised when Alicia appeared reluctant to go, but then she finally did, disappearing with Petra towards the back.

"You ready?" Ryan asked.

"Actually, I think I need to use the restroom first. Where—"

"Oh yeah, there's several, but the closest ones are right over there. I'll show you," Ryan said.

She led McKenzie through a set of double doors at one end of the bar. They opened onto a long hallway with a series of doors on both sides.

"Just look for the green tag above the handle. That means it's unoccupied."

Ryan stood watch in the hallway as McKenzie found a free bathroom a few doors down and stepped inside.

A few minutes later, Ryan heard one of the double doors open behind her. She turned to see Alicia and frowned in consternation. Alicia didn't stop walking until she was pressing herself against Ryan's body, sliding her arms up around Ryan's neck.

"What the fuck, Alicia," Ryan said as she grabbed the woman's arms and pushed them away from her, backing up to put several feet of space between them. "I already told you I'm not interested. Now back the fuck off."

Alicia pouted.

"Wait, that was for real? I thought you were just... you know... because she was there. But you're really..."

Ryan stared at her.


Alicia laughed in disbelief.

"Oh, come on. You can't be serious. I've seen you fuck three people in a single night. You're gonna tell me that little girl can satisfy all that? I don't think so."

She smiled seductively and took a step forward.

"But I can. You know I can, and I'll do it just the way you like, in front of everybody, over and over again. And I'll never ask you to stop fucking her. You know I'm not looking for a marriage proposal. It's just sex," Alicia said as she reached out again.

"Goddamn! Have you ever even heard of the word boundaries?"

Ryan moved fast, catching Alicia's upper arm and hauling her back through the double doors as the woman laughed in delight. Ryan headed towards the back and found Petra, Britt, and the rest of the group discussing the finer points of one of the shows taking place. They turned as she walked up to them, yanking Alicia behind her.

"You changed your mind?" Petra asked hopefully.

Ryan shook her head.

"No. And you should probably just tell everyone I'm off the market. But that also means I can't deal with this," she pulled Alicia forward, "the way I normally would."

Britt stepped up and took Ryan's place restraining the woman.

"And what would you do?" Britt asked in all seriousness.

"Whip her until she's apologizing for stealing crayons in kindergarten. Then..."

Ryan stared down at Alicia. The haze of lust was easily visible and even through Ryan's anger, she recognized the other woman's real intent.

"I think she's feeling a little starved for attention." Ryan glanced over at Petra. "I told you, you have to keep feeding this one."

Petra ducked her head at the reprimand and Ryan barely refrained from rolling her eyes. They were both subs and what they really needed was a strong Dom to take them in hand... Ryan felt the challenge call to her, but shook it off. She looked back to Britt.

"You know the drill. She needs to be the center of attention and it needs to be intense. There can't be any breaks, so definite gangbang, but she doesn't get to come until they're flashing the lights for last call."

Britt grinned.

"That's just evil. And a little tricky to pull off." She glanced back to the other two Doms who'd been listening in with interest. "But I think we can handle it. And..." she said, lifting Petra's chin with her fingers. "For not taking proper care of your pet, you will be tied to a chair while you watch."

Ryan chuckled at the surprised, but relieved, look that came over Petra's face. She turned away, knowing she was leaving the two women in good hands.

As Ryan came around the corner, she stopped dead. McKenzie was leaning against the wall, waiting for her. Ryan couldn't quite read the look in the girl's eyes.

"You were listening?" Ryan asked.

McKenzie nodded.

"Bathroom, too," McKenzie admitted.

McKenzie had just unlocked the door and started to open it when she'd heard Ryan tell the woman to back off. She hadn't known what to do, so she'd kept the door pulled to, only leaving to follow Ryan when she'd dragged Alicia away.

"Am I?" McKenzie asked and Ryan frowned in confusion. "Am I enough," McKenzie clarified, her voice barely above a whisper, tight with unspent tears.

Ryan's chest hurt suddenly and she pulled McKenzie to her, trapping McKenzie's arms and crushing her smaller body against the wall as the girl's cheek pressed to her heart.

"You are more than enough," Ryan whispered fiercely into McKenzie's ear. "That was Alicia's crap, not mine. She doesn't have a proper Dom, so she seeks out that control from anyone she can get it from. I just happened to be an easy target because... well... I'm good at what I do."

"You do make an impression," McKenzie said breathlessly as her body reacted to the pressure of Ryan's tight hug.

Ryan heard the near whimper in McKenzie's voice and almost moved her thigh to force it between the girl's legs, but at the last second, she caught herself and eased off.

Get a grip. And not on her, Ryan chastised herself as she forced herself to release the girl.

She took a half step back, pressing her palms to the wall on either side of McKenzie's head, her breathing more than a little accelerated as she looked down into the girl's eyes.

"Sorry," Ryan said roughly. "I think I'm more keyed up than I realized."

"Because of her?" McKenzie wrinkled her nose.

Ryan barked out a laugh.

"No. Because for a month after I met you I came here almost every night looking for what was sleeping in the house next door and never found it. I finally stopped coming here... But now, you're here... And I want... God, I want," Ryan groaned. She shook her head and took a step back, dropping her arms. "But you aren't ready and... and neither am I. I'm not in control and I need to be, or you're gonna be the one who pays for it."

McKenzie stayed where she was, unable to move despite the lack of restraints.

"You seem like you're in control," McKenzie whispered.

Ryan shook her head again.

"I'm really not," she said, her eyes glittering dangerously.

McKenzie felt adrenaline race through her veins at the realization that if she pushed even a little bit, Ryan would be fucking her against the wall faster than she could blink. She wanted that more than she wanted to breathe.

But then an image of Ryan's disappointed scowl cut across her mind's eye. No matter what signals Ryan was putting out at the moment, she'd clearly stated her desire to take things slow. And McKenzie had to admit Ryan was right. The things she'd seen that night had shown McKenzie a mere glimpse of what she suspected Ryan wanted to do to her, and as much as she wanted all of that—and more—she knew she wasn't ready. Not yet.

Not yet.

"Breathe, my Lord. Just breathe," McKenzie said softly.

Ryan drew in a deep breath in reflex and slowly released it. McKenzie watched as the fire in Ryan's eyes slowly damped down with each steady lungful of air she inhaled, until the woman was smiling, the tension finally gone from her shoulders.

Ryan reached up, cupping McKenzie's cheek for a moment.

"Thank you. I really needed that." Ryan let her hand fall and it naturally sought McKenzie's. "Come on, let's get out of here."

The ride home was difficult. Between the vibration from the motorcycle, the intermittent bumps in the road, and the way her crotch was pressed firmly against Ryan's lower back, McKenzie spent most of the time half standing on the foot pegs to keep her clit at a safe distance.

Ryan suppressed a laugh, knowing it would be heard over the open intercom, and concentrated on controlling the motorcycle. The girl's rigid posture behind her was throwing her balance off a little, but not enough to make her call McKenzie on it. Besides, Ryan was getting wet just thinking about the torture the girl was going through.

It was nearing four in the morning when they finally coasted into Ryan's driveway, Ryan having cut the engine a short ways down the road to maintain a quieter entrance.

McKenzie grunted as she climbed off the bike. Her thighs hadn't ached this bad since she'd taken her first few horseback riding lessons as a kid.

"You all right?" Ryan asked quietly as McKenzie handed over her helmet for Ryan to secure to the handlebars while she stuffed the gloves in her pockets. McKenzie had turned down the electric liner earlier, since she'd been a little overheated from the Club.

"I'll live. Here," McKenzie said as she started to take Ryan's jacket off, too, but Ryan stopped her.

"Keep it. At least until we can get you one of your own."

McKenzie smiled, her teeth flashing in the darkness.

"Thank you."

Ryan followed McKenzie across the grass separating her place from McKenzie's to walk her to her front door. They stopped on the unlit porch and McKenzie turned to face her.

"And thank you for tonight," McKenzie said.

"You're very welcome. Sorry some of it was less than fun."

McKenzie half shrugged.

"It's all right. It was definitely... educational."

"I'll bet."

McKenzie yawned and reached for Ryan's wrist, turning it so she could hit the button for the light and see the time. She winced.

"Crap. Speaking of education... I guess there goes my English Lit group." Again, McKenzie thought guiltily. "There's just no way I'm going to be functional by eleven."

"Oh yes, you will," Ryan said sternly. "That's not for... seven more hours. That gives you six hours to sleep and an hour to get ready and get there on time. Don't think I've forgotten how you missed that study session for me last week. You will not miss it again."

McKenzie looked up into Ryan's narrowed gaze and swallowed.

"Yes, my Lord."

"That's my good girl," Ryan praised, thrilling at the continued use of her preferred title of respect. "I'll come over later tonight, say around nine? That way you'll have plenty of time to take a nap if you need to and still get some more studying done." McKenzie nodded sleepily. "I expect you to be showered, fed, and dressed casually for me by then. You only have to get through the rest of today and then your punishment is over," Ryan reminded her. "Now go get some sleep."

McKenzie nodded again and then moved in for a gentle hug, wrapping her arms around Ryan's leather-clad torso and inhaling the seductive scent. Ryan squeezed her in return and McKenzie smiled.

"I love you," McKenzie breathed out, and then drew back before the physical contact could affect her too much.

"I love you, too. Sweet dreams," Ryan offered.

"You, too," McKenzie said, and then entered the house, closing the door quietly behind her after giving Ryan a small wave goodnight.

With everything that had happened, they were both asleep almost as soon as their heads hit their pillows.

* * *

Ryan entered Karen's house and started to head for McKenzie's bedroom, but then she heard noises in the kitchen and detoured, pausing in the archway that separated the kitchen from the great room.

"Hey," Ryan said as she moved to help Karen unload the dishwasher.

"Oh good, I was hoping you were going to stop by," Karen said as she took a pair of coffee mugs and slid them into the cabinet above the coffee machine.

"Yeah? Whatcha need?" Ryan asked, working on putting the plates away.

"Oh, it's nothing like that. I was just wondering how things were going with you guys. You got in pretty late last night... Or should I say this morning."

Ryan stopped.

"I'm very sorry if we woke you up. I tried to be quiet, but I know the bike can be—"

Karen waved away the apology.

"Oh no, I barely got home before you guys did. Of course, then I felt silly tiptoeing around the house when McKenzie wasn't even here."

Karen laughed and Ryan smiled as she went back to putting the silverware away.

"Um, things are good. We..." Karen looked up at Ryan's hesitation and raised an eyebrow for her to continue. "I took McKenzie to the Club after I got off work last night."

Karen grinned.

"Ah. That explains it."

"Explains what?"

"The daze she's been in all day. It's like she's in her own little world. She didn't say three words to me this morning, and at first I thought she was mad at me about something, but then I'm pretty sure she didn't even know I was here when she came home this afternoon, even though she walked right by me. And I haven't heard a peep out of her all evening." Karen frowned. "I was starting to get a little worried."

"I'll make sure she's okay," Ryan promised and Karen patted her hand.

"I know you will, sweetie." Karen looked over the kitchen, double-checking everything was in its proper place, and then smiled up at Ryan. "Well, I think I'll leave you to it. I'm off for the next week, so I think I'm going to enjoy a good old-fashioned movie marathon."

Ryan followed Karen out of the kitchen and down the main hallway.

"Have fun," Ryan called after her as she watched the older woman climb the stairs to her part of the house.

Ryan smiled as she realized Karen had been subtly letting her know they wouldn't be bothered, even though the woman was home. Ryan's grin broadened.

The day after she'd thrown the gauntlet down to McKenzie, she'd come over to check out how well sound carried in the house, which to her relief was not at all.

Given how far apart McKenzie's room in the front of the house was from Karen's bedroom at the back of the house on the second floor, even with McKenzie's stereo pumping out high-pitched opera music, Ryan hadn't been able to hear it when she'd run upstairs while the two women were out that afternoon.

Ryan stopped just outside McKenzie's closed door.

Her heart was already starting to pick up its pace as she imagined the sounds she planned to draw from McKenzie very soon, and for a moment, she wondered if she'd made a mistake in choosing not to indulge earlier.

She'd been exhausted that morning, despite her intense arousal from their time at the Club, and had just gone to bed rather than taking care of it. Then she'd been woken by the phone, her manager at the bookstore asking if she could come in since the person who was supposed to be there had called in sick. She could always use the money, so she'd said yes, arriving at the bookstore just before noon for a six-hour shift.

When she'd gotten home, she'd taken her own advice and laid down for a nap. She'd only woken up an hour ago, deciding food and a shower were more important than a quickie.

Besides, Ryan was used to living with constant low-grade arousal. She enjoyed it. The energy thrumming through her body left her more attuned to her surroundings and eerily aware of what those around her were feeling.

Mostly, she'd just wanted to see McKenzie. She wanted McKenzie there when she came, wanted the girl to see how much she affected Ryan.

Ryan grinned.

This is gonna be fun.

She straightened her shoulders and knocked on the bedroom door. There was no response and she frowned as she carefully opened the door and stepped inside.

Or maybe not.

Her face cleared as she saw McKenzie asleep on top of the covers of her bed, her tablet resting on her chest, the stylus still held between her limp fingers.

Ryan smiled softly as she walked over to stand next to the bed. She crouched down, getting level with McKenzie's face and just looked.

McKenzie was so beautiful. The shape of her eyebrows, her soft cheekbones, the curve of her jaw. And those plump lips, which always seemed to be begging Ryan to suck on them. Ryan wanted to know what they would look like after she'd kissed her senseless, how they would swell and darken with arousal.

McKenzie's eyelids fluttered and she made a soft mewling sound as she frowned, opening her eyes in confusion. She looked around and then her eyes landed on Ryan. She smiled instantly, then frowned again.

"Sorry. I must've dozed off. How long have you..." McKenzie glanced at the clock, seeing it was just after nine.

"Not long," Ryan said.

McKenzie pushed herself back up into a sitting position, catching the tablet when it slid down her chest. She tapped at the screen, saving the drawing she'd been working on, and then turned it off. She set it on her nightstand.

Ryan stood and removed her jacket, walking away to hang it on the back of McKenzie's chair, and then kicked off her boots. She turned around and grinned as she caught the pillow McKenzie tossed at her. She propped it up against one of the heavy columns at the foot of the bed and then leaned back against it as she crossed her ankles.

"So, did you get to your study groups on time?" Ryan asked.

McKenzie smiled and nodded.

"Yeah. Can't say I really got any actual studying done, but I was there. Maybe I picked up something through osmosis."

Ryan frowned.

"Sorry about that. Guess I shouldn't have kept you out so late. I think I just got caught up in showing you... my world."

"Oh, no, it wasn't that. I... I just kept thinking about... the Club." McKenzie flushed with memories. "And then I couldn't concentrate." She glanced up at Ryan. "I've actually had that problem all week. You know, I haven't... Not since you gave me that assignment last week."

Ryan nodded. When she'd decided to punish McKenzie with three days of abstinence, she'd been taking into account the four days before, so that it would be a full week. Then McKenzie had questioned her and she'd added another day, bringing the total to eight days.

"I want you to know I'm very proud of you," Ryan said quietly. "A lot of subs wouldn't have been able to hold out. The fact that you have says a lot about the level of control you're learning to exert over yourself."

McKenzie ducked her head.

"I... I think it's more the control you exert over me." She looked up and was caught in Ryan's gaze. "And how much I want that," McKenzie whispered.

"You have no idea what that means to me," Ryan said.

McKenzie smiled.

"I think I do." Then she lost her smile and swallowed as she studied the comforter. "That woman, Alicia... She wanted to use you. She didn't really respect you, and I... The similarities weren't lost on me. That's what I tried to do to you."

Ryan shook her head.

"No. I mean yeah, you both tried to provoke me to get what you wanted, but you... McKenzie, you've had no training, no previous experience with any of this, and I've told you flat out that I want you. You trying to get me to show that to you, to prove it... I don't blame you for not knowing any better. But Alicia..." Ryan shook her head again. "There's a reason why I only played with her once and you saw it."

"Yeah, that was..."

McKenzie played with a loose string on the comforter, twining it around the tip of her finger and letting it go again.

"What?" Ryan prodded gently.

McKenzie looked up, then focused on the string again.

"You've really been with three people in one night?"

Ryan frowned.

"I've been with more than that before, but it... That wasn't consensual, so I don't really count it, and I'd rather not think about that right now, so... But yes, the time Alicia was referring to, I was with three women one night at the Club."

McKenzie nodded, not really wanting to talk about Ryan's abusive past at the moment either, though she did hope to be trusted with those details someday. Right now, she was more interested in recent history.

"How did... I mean how did that happen? Was it like... an orgy? Or a gangbang you called it for Alicia... I-I just don't—"

"It's okay. I already told you, you can ask me about any of this stuff. I don't mind talking about it," Ryan said as she pulled her knees up to sit cross-legged.

"And it wasn't an orgy or anything like that. It was... Last year, this woman had finally come out to her friends about being into BDSM and a sub, and they'd apparently convinced her to bring them to the Club to show them. I ended up overhearing them... Her friends were kinda being assholes, making snide comments about how they didn't understand how she could be into some of the stuff they were seeing."

Ryan snorted derisively.

"But I could tell they were just as turned on as she was. They were just uncomfortable with the fact that they were turned on. So I walked over, introduced myself, and offered to give... Elizabeth was her name... a session so she could show her friends what all the fuss was about."

Ryan smirked.

"And of course, after watching their friend come... twice... they each wanted a turn, but they tried to make out like they thought it was some kind of trick. Like Elizabeth had set it up as a joke or something and they were going to prove it by not reacting, but that was just their way of dealing with their own desires. They were believers by the time I was done with them. I've seen them around the Club a few times since then, but that's it."

McKenzie glanced up and tried to keep her voice neutral as she spoke.

"So... I'm probably going to end up meeting other people you've..."

She gestured vaguely with her hands and Ryan nodded.


Ryan actually thought it was a miracle they hadn't run into more of her past subs last night. Thankfully, those she had seen had just acknowledged her from afar when they'd noticed she was with McKenzie.

"Does that include guys?" McKenzie suddenly asked and Ryan looked at her in surprise. "It just... It sort of sounded like that was something you had done before, you know, when that guy Sam was talking about being okay with you being a woman."

Ryan hadn't thought McKenzie had picked up on that part. She'd assumed McKenzie was just getting jealous over Sam talking about wanting Ryan to dominate him.

"Yes, I've had a few sessions with male subs before, but always as part of a couple with their wives or girlfriends present. I always took their asses, never the other way around."

McKenzie swallowed.

"So, you're... bi?"

Ryan smiled.

"I guess technically, yeah, since I can certainly appreciate the male form. But I identify as lesbian because it's never been a guy I was thinking about when I was thinking about sex or love."

Ryan frowned as she tried to think of how to explain.

"When I'm in a scene, it's... At a certain point, gender becomes irrelevant to me and it simply becomes about taking and giving pleasure." Ryan shrugged. "Personally, I think sexuality, and even gender, are a lot more fluid than a lot of people seem to want to believe."

McKenzie wrinkled her nose.

"I don't know. I just think they're too hairy."

Ryan laughed.

"So you'd sleep with a guy if he just shaved off all his fur?"

"No!" McKenzie said indignantly. "No, I... No." She shook her head. "I just really don't... Um..."

"It's okay, McKenzie. I was just teasing. And I'm really not into guys, if that's what you're worried about. It's just never been a hard limit for me when a couple has wanted me to join them."

McKenzie nodded, playing with the string again.

"Something else on your mind?" Ryan hazarded a guess.

McKenzie looked up and slowly nodded.

"I was just wondering... how many other women you've..."

"Had sex with?" Ryan asked, already trying to do the math and cringing when she thought about it.

"No. How many women you've brought to the Club."

Ryan almost sighed in relief. That was easy.



"I've never brought anyone to the Club before you. I told you, you're part of a lot of firsts for me."

McKenzie nodded, but remained silent, so Ryan decided to tell her the rest.

"You're also the first woman I've ever played with at my place. And that includes next door as well as everywhere else I've ever lived on my own."


Ryan nodded.

"My home is... It's my refuge from the rest of the world. I don't normally like people in my personal space. I mean have you ever heard me invite Karen over? Or ever seen anyone at my place?"

McKenzie shook her head.

"No, but... I just thought, since you had me over there that first time..."

"Because I wanted you there. I want you in my personal space."

Ryan only hesitated for a moment before rolling up onto her knees to scoot forward and claim the empty spot next to McKenzie at the head of the bed.

When Ryan lifted her arm, McKenzie didn't think twice as she snuggled into the larger woman's side, resting her head on her chest, one arm curled up between them while the other draped across Ryan's stomach.

Ryan wrapped her arm securely around McKenzie's shoulders, her other hand resting on top of McKenzie's arm at her waist.

"I always want you in my personal space," Ryan whispered, brushing her cheek against the top of McKenzie's head. She tightened her arm, enjoying the solid feel of the girl tucked against her body, and then sighed as a small frown creased her forehead. "I don't know how long I'll be able to take this, but I needed to feel you. And I kind of had a feeling you did, too."

McKenzie nodded against Ryan's chest, gripping the woman's hip a little closer at the thought of Ryan pulling away.

"Can we keep talking?"

"Sure. What did you want to talk about?"

"Well... I ran into Professor Diaz when I was coming back from my art history group this afternoon. I told her that I'd finally talked to you about using your likeness and you said it was okay." McKenzie lifted her head to look up. "It's okay, right? I mean you didn't say it explicitly, but—"

Ryan smiled.

"Yes, it's okay."

McKenzie relaxed her head against Ryan's pectoral muscle again, trying to ignore the breast that was just below her chin.

"Well, she said I should take one of the drawings I did of you and enter it in the International Arts Guild Competition, since I submitted some drawings for it last year. I only got a couple honorable mentions, but I did win a hundred bucks for that, which was pretty cool.

"I just haven't done anything for it this year yet. They have three quarterly contests starting in April, but first I started that sucky summer job at that design firm, which I still can't believe I gave up my weekends for them... And then you moved in next door..." Ryan's chest jumped as she chuckled under her breath at that. "And then classes started up, so...

"The deadline for this quarter is December 31st, so I have plenty of time, but I guess I just wanted to make sure you were okay with it. If I actually placed, my piece would be featured in their magazine and then it's displayed as part of the exhibition at the awards banquet in March.

"But then there's also the final quarter, where all the quarterly winners get an assignment and they have to submit a new piece of work, which the grand prize winner is announced at the banquet. There's five categories and all the grand prize winners' artwork gets a hundred limited edition prints made up that they can sell at the banquet."

"So what you're saying is that if you win, my face could end up on someone's wall somewhere?" Ryan asked.


Ryan shrugged.

"I'm okay with that... as long as I get one. And a copy of the magazine."

"Okay. I mean I probably won't win. They get entries from all over the world and some of the artists are simply amazing."

"So are you," Ryan said as she squeezed McKenzie's shoulder.

"Thanks. At least they don't allow professionals to enter. And you can't have been studying for more than four years, so that keeps it to the amateur level."

"So can I see the ones you got the honorable mentions for? You never told me about that."

McKenzie sat up and climbed off the bed to grab one of her oversized binders from a lower shelf of the bookcase next to her desk.

"Well, it's not like I placed or anything."

McKenzie flipped through the large binder and found the section she was looking for. The left page contained high-resolution prints of the artwork, while the right page displayed a newspaper clipping and two certificates of award. The certificates were standard fare, printed on heavy card stock complete with a gold embossed seal, and declared McKenzie Ferguson as the awards' recipient for the Landscape and Wildlife categories of the International Arts Guild Art and Design Competition.

McKenzie handed over the binder and Ryan took it onto her lap to study the prints.

The landscape was a watercolor of mountains and forest reflected in a calm lake, while the other was a colored pencil drawing of a cougar resting on a tree branch, one paw hanging down. They were solidly done, no major flaws, but Ryan could see why they hadn't won more than an honorable mention. They were rather generic and didn't evoke any strong emotions.

"These are good, but your new stuff is better."

McKenzie smiled shyly as Ryan flipped through the pages of the thick book. As Ryan kept going, the subjects shifted from nature to architecture, and then started including people. A few pages later, the images were almost exclusively portraits and it was clear to Ryan that McKenzie had a natural aptitude for depicting facial expressions. Ryan stopped at a loose sketch of a little girl grinning in delight while she played with a kitten in the grass.

"See? This one just instantly makes me want to smile."

"Yeah, that was one of the ones I turned in for Professor Diaz's class. But she didn't really like it. She liked the ones I did of you much better."

Ryan frowned.

"But this is really good. It may not be as finished as those other ones, but—"

"Yeah, that was kind of her point." McKenzie ducked her head. "I didn't spend as much time on it as I should have. I've been doing better, though," McKenzie said at Ryan's disapproving look. "I've only been working on your drawings after I've worked on stuff for class."

Ryan's gaze only marginally softened.

"Your education is important, McKenzie. Don't ever make me an excuse for slacking off."

McKenzie nodded solemnly.

Ryan looked through the last images and then the rest of the pages were empty. She closed the binder and slid it back over to McKenzie, who put it back on the shelf.

"So what are you working on now?"

McKenzie smiled and grabbed the tablet off the nightstand to show her. She cuddled up in Ryan's arms again so they could both see, and then opened her most recent sketches.

They talked for what felt like hours, until there was a natural lull in the conversation and Ryan glanced at her watch.

It was time.

Ryan scooted off the bed and gathered up the paper sketches McKenzie had brought out at one point, setting them neatly on the desk.

"Do you really have to leave?" McKenzie asked forlornly as she looked at the clock. It wasn't even midnight yet. "My first class isn't until one-thirty tomorrow... Unless you have a shift or—"

Ryan turned around and pulled her shirt off over her head, revealing a form-fitting black sports bra with a hidden zipper in the front.

McKenzie's fists clenched in the comforter. She'd been ignoring her simmering arousal all night in order to prolong the physical contact between them, but it instantly flared to life as she stared at Ryan.

"Your punishment isn't over, McKenzie. I believe I still owe you one more night of torture... and I always pay my debts," Ryan said, her voice low.

Ryan reached up and slowly unzipped her bra. The tension on the stretchy material caused the two halves to pop open from the pressure of her breasts when the zipper reached the bottom, though friction kept the two sides just covering her nipples. Ryan left the bra in place.

She reached down to the top button of her jeans and watched McKenzie. The girl couldn't take her eyes off Ryan's hands as they steadily undid the first button... Then the next... And the next...

Ryan's clit ached as she saw McKenzie flush, the girl's breathing heading towards panting as the top of Ryan's pubic hair came into view with no underwear to get in the way.

McKenzie felt light-headed and tried to focus on her breathing, but it was a losing battle as Ryan reached her long fingers into her jeans and groaned.

"Oh God," McKenzie whispered as she noticeably clenched her thighs together, then just as abruptly pulled them apart. "Sorry," she panted out. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to try to..."

Ryan shook her head.

"Get out of those clothes. Now. I want to see how wet you are."

McKenzie was already moving, yanking her shirt off a split second before she laid back to undo her jeans and push them and her panties down her legs. She kicked them off, sending them over the side of the bed, and then fumbled with the catch on her bra for a few seconds before finally releasing it. She tossed it aside as well and then waited, her chest heaving.

"Assume Second Position, facing away from me," Ryan ordered.

McKenzie paused, trying to remember... Her first session with Ryan... On her knees...

McKenzie rolled over onto her knees, sitting back on her haunches as she spread her legs as far apart as she could. She lowered her forehead to the bed, but the comforter was too thick. She turned her face to the side to press her cheek against it instead, so she had room to breathe. Then she reached behind her back to grasp her hands, curving her lower back to push her ass up into the air towards Ryan. She felt a blush heat every inch of her bare skin as she realized how the position exposed her pussy to Ryan's gaze.

"God, you're beautiful," Ryan breathed out as she stared at McKenzie, the girl's dark pink lips glistening just below her puckered asshole. "Do you have any idea how much I want to slide my fingers inside you and just start fucking you?"

"God, yes! Please, Ryan, do it, please? I wanna feel you, please..."

Ryan groaned. That begging tone was going to be her undoing.

"Spread your ass for me. I want you on display."

McKenzie released her hands and reached for her asscheeks, tentatively pulling them apart. A soft whimper escaped her throat.

Ryan grunted as a wave of pleasure rolled through her at the sound and she circled her clit a little faster.

"Squeeze them now. Push them together and then pull them apart again. Keep doing that."

McKenzie did as she was told, feeling every movement of her flesh as it pulled on her nether lips and asshole.

"Oh God," McKenzie moaned as the sensations went straight to her clit and she started rocking in earnest. "Oh God, Ryan, please... I'm gonna come... Please..."

"Don't you fucking dare," Ryan commanded and saw McKenzie stop all movement. "Third Position. Now. Up against the headboard."

McKenzie dropped her hands and dragged her body up to the head of the bed. She rolled herself over and leaned back against the pillows. As she drew her legs up, she wrapped her hands around her knees to pull her thighs apart and hold them open. Then she looked up at Ryan, saw the woman was still rubbing herself beneath her open jeans, and moaned. She's trying to kill me.

Ryan held McKenzie's gaze, her own breathing beginning to match the girl's as she neared climax.

"Look at me, McKenzie. This is what you do to me."

Ryan forced her hand deeper into the tight space her jeans allowed, not quite penetrating herself, and then drew her wetness back up to her clit. Not that she needed any more. Her fingers slipped over her clit and she had to press a little harder to maintain contact. She felt her knees wanting to buckle as the waves of pleasure built and she leaned against the sturdy column for support.

"Oh God... Shit... McKenzie!"

McKenzie's stomach clenched so tight she stopped breathing as she watched Ryan's body jerk with ecstasy. Then her lungs took over and she gasped in time with Ryan's heaving breaths.

Ryan's grunting moans continued for long moments, her hips bucking with each pass of her fingers as she milked herself for every last drop of pleasure, until finally she relaxed, slumped against the bedpost. She hadn't taken her eyes off McKenzie the whole time and wasn't surprised to see tears of anguish streaking down the girl's face.

Damn, that didn't even take the edge off, Ryan thought as she wiped her fingers off on the inside of her jeans. She finished removing her clothing and slid naked across the foot of the bed.

Ryan propped her head up on her hand and positioned herself so she had a clear view of McKenzie's dripping pussy. The scent had her groaning under her breath, and her sex clenched painfully as her stomach muscles tensed to launch her forward. She forced them to relax, breathing through the strain of keeping herself in check.

"We're not done yet, McKenzie. Not by a long shot," Ryan said quietly and her clit twitched as McKenzie's eyes widened in fear. "Touch your breasts," Ryan instructed.

McKenzie carefully pried her white-knuckled grip off her knees and reached up to cup her breasts. Her hips tried to lift off the bed, but McKenzie pushed them back down. The move had the unintended effect of causing her sex to clamp down, forcing a soft grunt from her chest.

"Lift them up. Offer them to me."

McKenzie pushed her hands up, pulling the soft globes slightly away from her body in a silent plea. She would do anything to have Ryan's hands and mouth on her this very instant and she whimpered at the thought.

"Now wet your fingers and pinch your nipples."

McKenzie hesitated as she watched Ryan's free hand begin a slow caress over her own body, trailing up her stomach, across both nipples, then back down to graze over her dark curls.

"Do I need to repeat myself?" Ryan asked dangerously.

McKenzie brought her startled eyes back up to Ryan's and quickly shook her head. She slipped her fingers into her mouth, spending a little longer on the task than was necessary after she noticed Ryan's breathing catch when she pushed them all the way in to the webbing.

Ryan grunted as she imagined McKenzie's lips being stretched by one of her larger cocks rather than the girl's small fingers.

The image was a little too potent and Ryan pushed herself up against the pillow still resting against the bedpost from earlier to mirror McKenzie's partial sitting position. She needed both hands free for what she wanted to do. Ryan was way past the point of foreplay and didn't waste any time as she used the fingers of one hand to rub her clit while she used the other to enter herself.

McKenzie almost cried at the sight as she removed her fingers from her mouth. She brought her hands back down to her breasts and began pinching the tips between her slick fingers. Every panting moan she heard from Ryan only intensified the jolts of pleasure she drew from her own nipples, and the sensations combined to head straight to her clit. McKenzie couldn't stop herself from rocking her hips in need as she moaned.

"Please..." McKenzie whispered.

"Put your fingers on your clit... but don't move them," Ryan told her.

McKenzie whimpered. She was afraid she'd come at the first touch. She slowly lowered her fingers to her pussy, willing her pelvis to stop gyrating, but the best she could manage was to hold her fingers at her clit and move them with her hips so that they were mostly motionless against her.

"Oh God," McKenzie whimpered again as the slight pressure on her clit sent goose bumps skittering across her skin and her nipples tightened.

"Rub yourself... slowly," Ryan groaned out as she pushed her fingers inside herself as deep as they could go.

Ryan watched as McKenzie's fingers began circling her clit, her other hand going motionless at her breast as she concentrated. The girl's face showed every emotion she was feeling. Pain from prolonged unspent arousal. Utter bliss every time her fingers slipped over her clit. Fear that she was about to disobey Ryan no matter how hard she was trying not to.

"Faster, McKenzie," Ryan panted out, her eyes darting to the clock on the nightstand.

McKenzie sped up the motion of her fingers, her efforts eliciting a sharp cry, and then fresh tears cascaded over her cheeks.

"Oh God, Ryan... Please... I can't..." McKenzie gasped and panted. "I can't take... much more... Oh God, please..." McKenzie closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she whimpered.

"McKenzie... Look at me, McKenzie..." Ryan ordered, her own voice strained as she slid her fingers in and out of her sopping cunt.

McKenzie struggled to open her eyes and looked at Ryan through a haze of tears.

"Come for me," Ryan said simply.

McKenzie's hips jerked hard once and then began bucking furiously.

"Unngh!" McKenzie cried out her release as eight days of tortured denial exploded out of her. "Ryan, Ryan! Oh God, yes! Ryan!"

McKenzie couldn't stop calling out the woman's name as wave after wave of pleasure flooded her body. Her hips pumped as if they had a mind of their own, thrusting her clit desperately against her own fingers, increasing her pleasure exponentially.

Ryan came hard as she watched McKenzie convulse in ecstasy. She drove her fingers inside her pussy in time with McKenzie's jerking movements, easily imagining fucking the girl with those same fingers as she pushed herself up to meet each thrust. She was still riding a strong wave of pleasure when she noticed McKenzie slowing down.

"Stay with me, McKenzie... Don't stop," Ryan got out as the wave finally crested, but she was already building to another.

McKenzie's eyes widened, but she did as she was told, rubbing her fingers over her clit with renewed determination.

"Squeeze your breast... Do it hard," Ryan said on a moan as she added another finger to her deep stroking.

McKenzie's other hand was already tightening, even before she consciously remembered she had another hand and it was still at her breast. Then she started squeezing in earnest, flexing strong fingers around the fleshy globe in concert with the digits abrading her clit.

"Oh Ryan... Yes... God, yes!"

Ryan pounded herself that much harder as she watched McKenzie pinch her nipple, practically milking herself as the rest of her hand mashed her breast. McKenzie's gaze focused on Ryan's pumping fingers, and then the girl's hips jerked frantically, completely raising off the bed. She threw her head back, her whole body arching as she screamed.

"Ryan! Ungh God!"

Ryan wasn't sure if she'd set off McKenzie, or McKenzie had set her off, but then she was coming, her vaginal walls clamping down so hard, she could barely move her fingers inside herself anymore.

"Oh God, McKenzie!"

McKenzie's high-pitched breathless cries only added to the bliss surging through Ryan's body, and Ryan cried out with the girl, unable to form words anymore. As another more intense wave hit, Ryan yelled and her thighs slammed together, trapping her hands as her hips continued to thrust mindlessly.

McKenzie lost herself in the pleasure, not even sure she was breathing anymore, and she didn't care. She'd never come twice in a row before. She'd only started masturbating a couple years ago, mostly as a stress reliever. It had become a daily occurrence, especially after she'd started dating, but she'd never considered going past the first orgasm.

Now her body rocked with the ebb and flow of it, her lungs eventually forcing her to suck in a necessary gasp of air as her convulsing muscles finally relaxed. She collapsed, her chest still heaving as she looked over at Ryan.

Ryan slowly came down from her sexual high, her pelvis twitching involuntarily every few moments. She had to consciously relax her thighs in order to release her hands. Then she gently extricated her fingers, wiping them off on her pubic hair and inner thighs before resting them on her flat stomach. She turned her head and gazed at McKenzie's spent form.

"Worth the wait?" Ryan asked with a grin.

McKenzie laughed wearily.

"God... Yeah... That was... Wow..." McKenzie shook her head. "I've never actually done that before. I always just stopped at one and then went to sleep. But you... you came, what, three? Four times? I lost track."

"You were a little busy," Ryan smirked. "And it depends on how you count, but yeah, something like that." Ryan looked her over. "If you'd like to come again, I'll allow it. I wouldn't want you to feel cheated."

McKenzie smiled lazily.

"I don't think I can." McKenzie winced as she shifted onto her side to get more comfortable. "I'm a little sore."

Ryan nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, you were mashing on it pretty good there. So... You like it hard, huh?"

"Yeah..." McKenzie ducked her head in embarrassment, though she was still smiling. "Not at the beginning, but... Yeah."

Ryan just nodded, willing the spark of desire the admission had rekindled to tamp back down.

McKenzie glanced at the clock. It was thirteen minutes after twelve.

"You came after midnight. I was watching," Ryan assured her.

"I didn't know you were going to do that," McKenzie said. "At one point, I'd sort of started to wonder if it was possible to die from orgasm denial."

Ryan laughed.

"No, but it can certainly drive you a little insane." Ryan yawned big, and then smiled when she saw McKenzie mimic her. "God, I'm so fucking tired."

"'Fucking' being the operative word?" McKenzie guessed with a grin.

Ryan laughed again and nodded. The previous long night and even longer day was catching up with her, and she felt herself wanting to stay right where she was.

Not good.

Ryan sighed and pushed herself up, sliding off the edge of the bed into a standing position. She started putting her clothes back on even as her body wanted nothing more than to wrap itself around McKenzie and go to sleep.

"I don't suppose... you could stay?" McKenzie asked from the bed behind her, barely above a whisper.

Ryan finished pulling her shirt on over her head, her jeans already in place, though she'd left the bra off. Her shoulders slumped.

"It's okay," McKenzie said hurriedly. "I know you can't... I just..."

Ryan turned around to face McKenzie.

"I just came I'm not sure how many times, and I still want to crawl so deep inside you, you won't know where I end and you begin."

McKenzie gasped as Ryan continued.

"I want your body next to mine more than I can possibly say. And even though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do anything, that I'd just go to sleep... When I wake up..." I won't be able to let you go, Ryan realized with sudden clarity as she imagined waking up with the girl in her arms.

"I'll stop you."

Ryan looked up in surprise at the quiet declaration.


"I promise. I'll stop you. I won't push you or beg or do anything in the morning to make you regret giving in tonight. I just... I need to fall asleep in your arms, Ryan. Please. I can be strong enough for both of us. I did it last night, remember? And I can do it again."

McKenzie climbed off the opposite side of the bed and went to the chest along the far wall. She pulled out another blanket and laid it out on top of the comforter on Ryan's side as Ryan watched her in silence. Then McKenzie climbed under the comforter and patted the space next to her.

"You can lie on top and keep your clothes on. That'll put two layers between us. But you should still be able to hold me. All right?"

Ryan stood rooted in place as her heart and her mind warred against each other. She wanted McKenzie in her arms so bad they ached with the girl's absence. But could she really trust McKenzie to keep her promise? Could she trust herself, even if McKenzie did tell her no?

Ryan slowly climbed onto the bed, her body making the decision for her as she slipped between the blanket and the comforter. McKenzie flicked off the light on her nightstand and rolled away from her, though she kept her head turned back towards Ryan as Ryan spooned her from behind. Ryan slid her arm beneath McKenzie's head while her other arm draped over McKenzie's waist on top of the comforter. McKenzie snuggled back against her and they both sighed at the same time in contentment.

"I love you," Ryan whispered in the ear near her mouth, giving the girl a brief squeeze.

"I love you," McKenzie whispered back. She yawned, and then settled deeper against Ryan's bicep. "Sweet dreams, honey," she sighed, already drifting off.

Ryan smiled at the drowsily delivered pet name.

"You know they will be," Ryan said, her eyes closing as she nestled into McKenzie's hair.

She was asleep in seconds.

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