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A Bondage Primer

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A Bondage Primer

Day 11

Friday, October 24

McKenzie gathered up her notebooks from where they'd been scattered over the floor and bed of her best friend Claire's dorm room.

McKenzie had met Claire shortly after arriving at college and the two had become fast friends, even though Claire was a year ahead of McKenzie. Most people mistook them for sisters, since they were both blonde, though Claire was a little taller and skinnier than McKenzie and had brown eyes instead of McKenzie's green.

This year, they only had one class together, art history on Mondays and Wednesdays, so they didn't normally hang out on Fridays, but they'd run into each other after McKenzie's English Lit class had let out and decided to get lunch together. When McKenzie had mentioned feeling like she was falling behind in the class, Claire had offered to let McKenzie borrow her notes, since she'd taken the class the year before and passed with flying colors.

"So we still on for tonight?" Claire asked.

McKenzie looked up at her friend in confusion.


"Remember? Last week, I told you about that party to plan the Halloween party at Sigma Tau Delta?"

"Shit. I totally forgot. I'm sorry," McKenzie offered.

"What, you got a hot date or something?"

"Well, actually..."

"You do? Wait, what about Miss Oblivious?"

McKenzie couldn't stop herself from smiling.


Claire dropped her books and plopped back on her bed where McKenzie was still sitting.

"You are shitting me. You finally got up the nerve to ask her out and she said yes?"

"Actually, she asked me out."

"Yeah? When?"

"Last night."

"So, what happened?"

"I don't know. I was about to leave and she just asked me if I wanted to go out with her."

"Leave? Where were you?"

"At her place."

"Okay, I know she lives next door to you and all, but shouldn't the date come before you go home with her?"

"I've been over there before."

"Since when?"

McKenzie looked away.

"Oh, you should've just lied. Now that I know you're hiding something, there'll be no stopping me."


"So? What's going on? You've been hanging out with her and never even told me?"

Even through the teasing tone, McKenzie could tell her friend's feelings were a little hurt. She reached out and took her hand.

"I'm sorry. It just happened kind of all of a sudden, and then..."

"And then... What?"

McKenzie let go of Claire's hand and stood up, finding a pen on the other student's desk to fiddle with.

"And then... Well... We're sort of..."

"Sort of what?"

McKenzie put the pen down and walked to the other side of the room.

"It's kind of hard to explain."

Claire turned around on the bed to follow McKenzie's movements.

"What's kind of hard to explain?"

"What we're doing."

"What are you doing?"

"Well, it's... Well, we're sort of dating, only—"

"What's so hard to explain about that?"

McKenzie turned around, though she looked everywhere but at Claire.

"Well, we're not... It's not... We're not really dating... I mean tonight's gonna be our first date, but..."

"McKenzie, just spit it out already!"

"I touch myself while she watches," McKenzie said in a rush, squeezing her eyes shut in anticipation of an explosion. When nothing happened, she opened one eye, then the other.

Claire's eyes widened in surprise for a moment, and then she grinned.

"Kinky. I like it. So—"

"Except I'm being punished now, so I'm not allowed to touch myself anymore, at least not all the way to... you know... Not for another three days, and that's only if I don't fuck up again," McKenzie continued, blushing bright pink as she studied the floor.

Claire frowned as she tried to process everything McKenzie had said.

"Wait, she's punishing you? How can she punish you? She's not your mother. McKenzie, what have you gotten yourself into with this woman?"

"It's not like that."

"Then what's it like? Has she hit you?"

"God, no! I mean we haven't even gotten to anything like that yet... I mean—"

"Yet? McKenzie..."

"Shit, I'm just not explaining this right." McKenzie sighed and took a deep breath. "It's not abusive. What we're doing is just... Have you ever heard of BDSM?"

"S an' M? Who hasn't heard of that? Are you telling me you're letting her tie you up and beat you and you both get off on that?"

"Whoa, what the hell books have you been reading? That's not even close to what we're doing. She hasn't tied me up... Okay, she's done that one time, but that was just because she wanted me to—"

Claire stood up and went over to where McKenzie was standing, grasping her upper arms as she ducked her head to make eye contact.

"McKenzie... Are you even listening to yourself? She's tied you up just 'that one time'? Come on. This woman could be a lunatic for all you know. What if she just left you like that? Or she could really hurt you and you wouldn't be able to stop her. You couldn't even say it was rape because you let her tie you up in the first place."

McKenzie rolled her eyes.

"Of course I could say it was rape if she did something to me I didn't want her to. If someone says no, it doesn't matter if the other person's on the verge of coming, they have to stop."

Claire released her hold and dropped her arms in a half shrug.

"Fine. But you know you're just asking for trouble doing that kind of stuff."

"What happened to 'kinky, I like it'?"

Claire frowned.

"I thought it was just, you know, normal kink. This... This is just... I don't know."

"God, this is as bad as coming out," McKenzie whispered, hugging herself as she felt tears forming in her eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

"You're acting like what I'm doing... what I'm enjoying doing with Ryan is wrong just because it's not what you like doing. It's not normal. Therefore, I'm not normal. Does any of this sound familiar?"

"That's not the same thing. What you're doing could get you hurt—"

"Just like being gay can, according to some people. Let's see, there's AIDS and—"

"Hey, lesbians are in the lowest risk group there is! We're like the safest ones on the planet!"

"And I'm safest when I'm with Ryan." McKenzie met her friend's eyes and held them. "Claire, it's me. Remember? Me? McKenzie? The same person you met at my first ever gay and lesbian social? I can't remember how many times you told me that night that I was very normal no matter what the 'right-wing hets' wanted me to believe. Are you telling me that they're right now just because I like something you don't understand? I mean I'm still figuring it out myself, but... This feels right to me, Claire. It feels right."

Claire studied her for several moments.

"Are you calling me a hypocrite?"

McKenzie couldn't help smiling as she noticed the sparkle in Claire's eyes.

"Only if you keep acting like one."

"All right, fine." Claire held out her hand and led McKenzie back to her single bed to sit down. "Why don't we start at the beginning and maybe you can help me understand just what the fuck is so great about being punished by your girlfriend?"

McKenzie grinned.

"Have you ever had foreplay that lasted for days?"

* * *

Ryan checked herself in the mirror again.

She'd switched out her usual silver hoop earrings for a pair of antiqued silver Celtic knots in the first holes and a series of plain graduated silver discs in the next three, though she'd decided to leave the two hoops at the top of her left ear alone. A black onyx crystal point hung from a short silver chain at the base of her throat.

Ryan undid the next button on her crisp white dress shirt, revealing a little more of the low-cut black tank top she wore underneath. Then she frowned and did it up again, only to shake her head a moment later and undo it one more time. She groaned in frustration.

What the hell was I thinking?

She'd never actually been out on a date before. As a teenager, her life had been too chaotic to include something as normal as dating. And once she'd gotten into 'the scene,' as a lot of people liked to call it, she'd met women through the local nightspot, Club Carnal, and usually ended up going back to their place—never hers—or sometimes met up with them at the Club again. There was no going out, since the entire point of the 'date' was sex, not getting to know the mundane details of someone's life or enjoying their company.

Ryan left the button undone and combed her fingers through her long dark hair, avoiding the braid on the left side, which along with her olive skin and high cheek bones gave her an exotic, almost Mediterranean look. The thin braid was tied off with a scrap of red suede, which stood out against her black leather racing jacket.

She'd bought the jacket years ago with her first check from her web design business. It had been a reward as well as a promise to herself to save all the future checks, so she could buy the motorcycle that went with the jacket.

Of course, she'd also had to save quite a bit from her regular job at the bookstore, but she'd finally bought the all-black Harley of her dreams a few years ago. It was trimmed out with two black leather saddlebags that usually held an assortment of toys when she was headed to the Club, but she'd left those items at home for this particular outing. No sense in tempting herself.

She went for drives just about every weekend, though she didn't normally ride the motorcycle to run errands. She preferred to save everyday wear and tear on the bike by taking the bus, but she always drove it to the Club, since the bike was built to impress.

Tonight though, she was only hoping to impress a certain blonde. McKenzie had mentioned several times that she'd never been on a motorcycle and was curious about what it was like. Ryan had taken that as a none-too-subtle hint for her to take the girl for a ride, but she'd known it would put them in very close proximity, so she'd never offered. However, she still had several days left to torture and tease McKenzie, and Ryan was looking forward to making McKenzie squirm for her attempt at manipulation.

Which was why she'd intentionally left off the padded sissy bar she usually attached when she went to the Club to make it easier to give rides to subs. Without it, McKenzie would be forced to lean into her rather than against the backrest.

Ryan zipped up her jacket, doing a quick check of her pockets before heading out. She rolled the motorcycle down the driveway and parked it in front of Karen's house. Then she walked up to the front door. She started to reach for the knob, but then stopped. This was a date, so she probably shouldn't just walk in as usual.

Ryan took a deep breath, settled herself, and pressed the button for the doorbell.

* * *

McKenzie sat at her vanity as she finished applying the last few touches of light make-up to her face. She bent over to put on her boots, then sat back up, resettling her hair in the mirror as she checked herself for the hundredth time.

She'd decided on a cream-colored half-turtleneck sweater and tight blue jeans, since she knew Ryan liked them on her. The jeans were low-slung, accentuating her hips and trim torso, which in turn accentuated what she felt was a little less than adequate bustage.

She wore her usual gold diamond studs, which she'd received from her parents at her high school graduation, along with a pair of small gold ball studs in the second holes, but instead of the matching diamond solitaire pendant, a gold Aries sign dangled from a thin chain just above her breastbone.

McKenzie took a deep breath and tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach.

She hadn't been out on a date since the day before she'd met Ryan. The girl had been cute and they'd gotten along well enough, but after meeting Ryan, there'd been no contest.

McKenzie paused as she considered the last three months versus the past two weeks. She'd wanted Ryan from the first moment she'd laid eyes on the woman and now she had her. Well, almost. She had Ryan's heart, just as Ryan owned hers. But McKenzie knew she wouldn't be complete until she'd also had Ryan's body.

McKenzie tried to tamp down her desire, but it was useless. Though she'd slept soundly after returning home from Ryan's place the night before, as soon as she'd woken up that morning, she'd known it was going to be a rough few days.

She'd been wet from dreams of Ryan all night, and even after her shower, it hadn't taken long for her body to produce more as she'd remembered how good it had felt to be held in Ryan's strong arms. Of course, her mind didn't stop there. She imagined how easy it would've been for her to simply lift her head as Ryan lowered hers, their lips meeting for the first time...

"God, at this rate, I'm going to have to change my underwear. Again."

McKenzie rubbed her thighs together to make sure she wasn't too squishy and then checked her coat for her phone, wallet, and keys.

Telling Claire about Ryan earlier hadn't helped either. She'd gotten a little more detailed than she'd planned. Not that she'd really planned on telling Claire anything specific about what she was doing with Ryan, but once she'd started talking, she'd found she couldn't stop. And after Claire had calmed down and realized McKenzie hadn't been brainwashed into some weird cult, she'd been more than eager to hear all the juicy details, egging McKenzie on to tell her more.

Claire still wasn't clear on the whole punishment thing, but McKenzie didn't think that was important. As long as McKenzie understood why she was being punished, she was pretty sure that was all that mattered.

McKenzie heard the doorbell ring and her heart suddenly started double-timing. She tried to take several deep breaths, but it didn't seem to help much. Karen was on a shift at the hospital, so at least McKenzie didn't have to worry that she would get the door before McKenzie would.

"Okay. It's just Ryan. It's not like we've never hung out together before," McKenzie muttered to herself as she stuffed a pair of gloves into a pocket of her coat and headed out of her bedroom. "Then again, when we were hanging out, we weren't calling it a date. Shit."

McKenzie felt the butterflies rushing to catch up with her stomach as she walked quickly to the door and opened it. Her mouth dropped open at the sight of Ryan's six-foot-tall frame clad in black boots, leather jeans, and a leather jacket, and she suddenly felt tingles, all of which were running south.

"Hi," Ryan offered as she took in McKenzie's form-fitting outfit, remembering very clearly what McKenzie's form looked like without all the clothing.

If I make it through tonight without fucking her on the back of my Harley... Fuck, I'm in trouble.

"You ready to go?" Ryan asked as she realized McKenzie appeared to be just as distracted as she was.

McKenzie snapped her jaw shut and cleared her throat as she looked away and prayed the heat she felt in her cheeks wasn't as noticeable as she thought it was. She sidetracked herself with putting on her coat.

"Um, yeah. Just let me lock up."

Ryan waited for McKenzie, and then walked her to the motorcycle.

"We get to ride on your bike?" McKenzie asked, her smile beaming.

"Yep," Ryan answered as she went to the nearest saddlebag and undid the quick release buckles hidden behind the more stylish stainless steel buckles. She lifted the flap and reached in. "Here," she said as she handed over what looked like a thin black windbreaker. "It goes on under your jacket. It's heated, so it should keep you warm no matter what. I hope it fits. I had to guess on the size."

Which wasn't entirely true. Once she'd decided she was going to take McKenzie on her bike, she'd realized the girl would need something to keep out the wind chill, so she'd gone over to Karen's house and checked out McKenzie's closet while the girl was at school. With a list of sizes in hand, she'd basically emptied half her savings to get the heated jacket, along with a second full helmet, since she'd decided she didn't want McKenzie to wear the half-helmet she normally had people use when she gave them a ride.

McKenzie took off her jacket and traded it for the one Ryan was holding. She pulled it on, then slipped her jacket over the liner.

Ryan showed McKenzie how to use the remote control to set the temperature, though it wouldn't work until McKenzie was plugged into the motorcycle.

"There's also pants and gloves that'll connect to the rig, but I figured we could get those later if you really needed them." Ryan glanced back at the saddlebag and frowned. "Damn, I knew I was forgetting something. I did get you some riding gloves, but I left them on my desk. I'll be right back."

"No, wait, it's okay. I have gloves," McKenzie stopped Ryan with a hand on her arm and smiled as she pulled out a pair of dark gloves from her jacket pocket and dangled them in the low streetlight. "They're insulated, so I should be fine. I just wanna get going."

Ryan nodded, grinning at McKenzie's enthusiasm.

"All right. I just wanted to make sure you didn't freeze tonight. Now, let's try on the helmet," Ryan said as she unclipped it from her handlebars and handed it over. "I got us a couple headsets so we can talk to each other while we're riding."

"This is so cool," McKenzie said, her smile beaming again as she ran her fingers over the embossed black flames, which matched the helmet she'd always seen Ryan wear.

"Go ahead, try it on."

McKenzie slid the helmet over her head. It was snug, but not overly so. She fumbled with the chinstrap, but after slapping Ryan's hands away a couple times and getting a laugh out of the other woman, she finally managed to get it secured. She held out her arms and twirled around, then flipped up the face shield.

"What do you think?"

Ryan smirked.

"You look great. But actually, I meant to tell you that before."

"Me, too. I mean I meant to tell you, you look great, too."


Ryan spent a few minutes showing McKenzie how to activate the headset on her helmet through voice commands and tapping. She'd just learned the system herself having never used one until she'd set it up earlier that day and played around with it. The system was a bit higher end than Ryan had intended to get, but the guy at the store had been persuasive, and the ease of use and clear sound quality made Ryan glad she'd splurged.

"So, are you hungry or do you want to see a movie first and then eat?" Ryan asked as she secured her helmet in place and flipped her face shield down, relying on the active intercom to continue their conversation.

McKenzie suppressed a shiver at hearing Ryan's low voice directly in her ear, glad her expression was hidden behind her own face shield.

"I'm not that hungry at the moment." For food, anyway, McKenzie thought to herself as she watched Ryan standing less than three feet away from her turn into one of her favorite fantasy assailants. She could easily imagine Ryan grabbing her and pushing her face-down over the seat of her bike, yanking her jeans down and taking her roughly from behind... Oh God, get a grip on yourself, Kenzie. "Um, so, uh, what are we gonna see?"

"Well, there's a bunch of horror movies with it being so close to Halloween and all, but I'm not really into slasher flicks, unless there's something you really wanna see."

"No thanks. I don't mind aliens and monsters, but real people going psycho and killing other people is a little too close to reality for my tastes. I was kind of wanting to see that movie with the guy and the woman and they're best friends and they keep setting each other up with other people, but it's so clear from the trailer that they're the ones meant to be together. I just haven't gotten around to going yet."

"Oh yeah, I know the one you're talking about. It looked pretty funny. Well, shall we?"

Ryan gestured for McKenzie to hop on. McKenzie threw her leg over the bike and sat down. She took a moment to reach out to the handlebars.

"Vroom vroom," McKenzie said and Ryan chuckled.

"All right, scoot back."

McKenzie pushed herself back onto the passenger seat and then rested her feet on the foot pegs, since she couldn't quite reach the ground from her slightly elevated passenger position. Ryan plugged McKenzie's jacket into the connecting cables she'd installed earlier that day and then swung her leg over the seat to get on. She settled herself and started the bike.

"You can turn the liner on now," Ryan said.

McKenzie pressed the button on the remote she'd stuffed into her outer jacket pocket. Within seconds, she felt heat spreading all across her torso and down her arms. She lowered the setting until it was comfortable.

"Wow. I'm quite toasty," McKenzie said and Ryan could hear the smile in her voice.


Ryan pulled her gloves out of the inside pocket of her jacket and pulled them on, then zipped up her jacket and snapped closed the top flap of the mandarin collar.

McKenzie slipped her own gloves on and then tried to figure out what to do with her hands. She'd slid forward a little as Ryan maneuvered into position and McKenzie's inner thighs had naturally come to rest around Ryan's hips and thighs. With McKenzie's seat being a little higher than Ryan's, there was no way to keep her crotch from making contact with Ryan's lower back.

Ryan closed her eyes at the feel of McKenzie's pubic mound pressed against her, but when the rest of McKenzie's body didn't follow, she opened her eyes again and turned her head to the side even though the headset carried her voice just fine.

"You need to hold on to me or you're gonna fall off once we start moving."

Ryan reached behind herself and found McKenzie's arms, which she pulled forward and wrapped around her waist.

McKenzie's front pressed full length against Ryan's back and she knew her soft groan was audible through the intercom, but she didn't care. Ryan felt so good against her. McKenzie tried to rest her chin on Ryan's shoulder, but their helmets clinked together, so McKenzie repositioned her head so she was a little farther off to Ryan's right.

Ryan took a few breaths, trying to tamp down her arousal at having McKenzie pressed so tightly against her. Hearing McKenzie groan in her ear didn't help, but Ryan reminded herself this was the girl's first time on a motorcycle and she couldn't let herself get distracted. Ryan cleared her throat and took another couple breaths to steady herself.

"Okay, a few things. When we're moving, don't try to fight where your body wants to go. Move with the bike, or if you can't quite figure it out, just move with me. And if you need me to pull over for any reason, just say so. Or if the headset cuts out, just pat my stomach or tap my thigh or something and I'll stop as soon as I can. All right?"

"Got it. Now, let's go. I want a ride."

Ryan grinned at the excitement in McKenzie's voice.

"Hold on tight."

Ryan felt McKenzie's grip tense around her stomach and then put the motorcycle in gear. She couldn't help herself and gunned it, earning a surprised yelp in her ear as she headed them off down the street a little faster than she usually went.

The quickest route to the movie theater was surface streets, but Ryan wanted McKenzie to feel the exhilaration of a little speed, so she took her onto the freeway. She had to work to hold back the powerful machine, but she managed to keep it to just below the posted speed limit.

That is, until McKenzie whispered in her ear.


Ryan looked around. Visibility was excellent, they were on a straightaway, traffic was light, and the road was dry. More importantly, a cop had just passed them a few minutes ago, so it was unlikely another one would be coming up behind them anytime soon.

Ryan opened it up and heard McKenzie laugh in delight even as she felt her whole body relax into the acceleration. She had the same response to roller coasters. Something about the speed seemed to soothe her. She'd even gone riding in the middle of the night to calm a particularly bad bout of insomnia. She wondered if McKenzie would be up for a midnight ride sometime.

They rode down the highway for several more minutes before Ryan pulled off at an exit, only to hop right back on in the opposite direction. She stuck to the speed limit this time, which was still plenty fast enough.

Ryan smiled when she felt McKenzie burrowing her hands under the bottom edge of Ryan's leather jacket.

"You okay back there?"

"Perfect," McKenzie said. "We could do this all night."

Ryan laughed.

"Maybe another time. I don't want to miss the start of the movie."

"Okay," McKenzie said, sounding only a little disappointed.

A short time later, they arrived at the theater and Ryan found a parking spot as close to the entrance as she could. She climbed off the bike and then waited for McKenzie to follow suit after unplugging her jacket from the motorcycle. McKenzie pulled off her helmet at the same time Ryan did and grinned.

"That was amazing! Oh my God, that was so cool. You have to take me with you again, except next time, I'm wearing different gloves. These are supposed to be insulated, but damn, my hands got cold!"

Ryan laughed at McKenzie's enthusiasm as she set her helmet on the seat and pulled off her own gloves. She finally got a good look at McKenzie's thin leather gloves and shook her head.

"Yeah, I knew I should've gone back for the ones I got you. Here."

Ryan reached for McKenzie's hands, pulling off the girl's gloves and sliding her warm leather riding gloves back on in their place, and then held both of McKenzie's hands between her own.


McKenzie got lost in Ryan's warm gaze. It took her a moment to remember Ryan had asked her a question and then another moment to remember what the question had been about. Her hands had been cold, but at the moment, they were perfectly warm. She nodded.


"Good. I'll make sure not to forget your gloves next time. Wind chill factor can be a bitch."

They stood together a few more moments, and then by mutual agreement got moving again. They secured the helmets to the handlebars with a couple of oversized combination lock carabiners and stored McKenzie's heated liner jacket in one of the saddlebags. They got in line outside the theater, but when Ryan brought out her wallet to pay for the tickets, McKenzie put her hand over Ryan's.

"I don't know how expensive all that stuff was, but I'm guessing it wasn't cheap, so why don't you let me take care of everything else tonight, okay?"

Ryan didn't even pretend to think about it.

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea."

McKenzie grinned as she flashed her student ID for a discount, and then slid her money through the slot to the teller, receiving their tickets in return.

"Do I even wanna know how much that stuff cost?"

Ryan pushed open the door and held it for McKenzie to enter the theater lobby ahead of her. They got in line for snacks and McKenzie stood in front of Ryan, meeting Ryan's gaze with a determined look on her face. Finally, Ryan smiled sheepishly.

"All right. Well, it's not like it would be hard for you to find out on your own, but... The, um, the helmet was two-fifty, the jacket was two hundred, and the headsets were five."

McKenzie's jaw dropped.

"Are you serious? Jesus Christ, Ryan! I could've—"

"No. I wanted to surprise you. And it really wasn't that big a deal."

"Not that big a deal... Ryan, you just spent almost a thousand dollars on me. You're not..." McKenzie narrowed her eyes. "You're not trying to impress me or buy my love or something, are you? I mean I know you know my parents are pretty well-off and you... well... aren't... but I know that and I don't care. You don't have to—"

Ryan smiled and shook her head.

"No, it's not that. That stuff was actually just a practical thing. And if you really wanna know the truth, it was a pretty selfish gift. I wanted to take you on my bike, but I couldn't do that if you didn't have the right gear, and the right gear just happens to be incredibly expensive, that's all."

"But Ryan—"

"McKenzie, stop." Ryan sighed. "Okay, I really didn't think this was going to be a problem, but I was obviously wrong. Now listen to me.

"I save my money so I can spend it on the things I want. I want to be able to take you on my bike anytime I want and I want you to be safe and comfortable when I do. And I really enjoyed being able to talk to you while we were riding. I've never done that before. Now, sure, it's going to take me a little while to save up that amount of money again, but I honestly can't think of anything else I'd rather have done with it, so the choice is to either have a thousand bucks in the bank just so I have a thousand bucks in the bank or to put it towards something that will make me happy." Ryan cupped McKenzie's cheek and looked her in the eyes. "I'm choosing happiness."

McKenzie looked down and nodded as she fiddled with the zipper pull on the bottom of Ryan's jacket. It was a little silver eagle's head, smooth under her thumb and tied with a short strip of black leather. She took a moment to wipe at the corner of her eye and then looked back up.

"Thank you for the gifts, Ryan."

Ryan smiled and placed her hands on McKenzie's hips, nudging her backwards as the line shortened.

"You're welcome." As McKenzie moved to stand next to her so she could check out the items behind the counter, Ryan looked at McKenzie out of the corner of her eye. "You're also paying for the next fifty dates."

McKenzie looked up at Ryan in shock for a moment, but then caught the teasing glint in the woman's eyes and started laughing as she swatted Ryan in the stomach.

"Just for that, I'll be taking you to the cafeteria at school."

They finally made it to the head of the line and ordered their snacks, deciding to share a large soda and popcorn along with a couple boxes of candy. They made it to their seats just as the lights went down and the trailers began.

Ryan watched the screen without actually seeing it as she became acutely aware of McKenzie's proximity. She sat in the seat in her usual style with legs wide apart, which caused her left thigh to touch McKenzie's knee. Ryan focused on not tensing up and not pulling her leg away either and tried to relax, but every time she stopped thinking about it for even a split second, her muscles went rigid with the strain of not reaching over and simply pulling McKenzie onto her lap.

Ryan could easily imagine how well McKenzie would fit laid out across her thighs, one arm cradling her, while the other undid her jeans. Ryan would claim her mouth, doing her best to muffle any of the girl's cries as she slid her hand inside McKenzie's panties. Judging by the tense look Ryan could see in her peripheral vision, McKenzie was probably soaking wet, so Ryan's fingers would slip right inside.

As she entered the girl, she'd push McKenzie's head into the crook of her neck and whisper to her that she had to remain silent or she'd stop. She knew McKenzie would whimper at the command, but would nod her head and comply, only making soft whines when she couldn't help it, until Ryan finally brought her to climax, causing her to gasp into Ryan's shoulder and shudder in her arms.

Ryan silently groaned as she realized what she was doing to herself and resolutely pushed the images out of her mind, her clit aching from the lack of release.

She decided she needed to sidetrack herself and reached into the tub of popcorn sitting on McKenzie's thigh. Just as she was bringing her hand away, her fingers brushed against McKenzie's as the younger woman reached for her own handful of popcorn. Ryan felt McKenzie still for a moment, obviously thrown by the simple contact, though Ryan did her best to pretend she hadn't noticed. But she couldn't ignore the jolt of electricity that shot straight to her groin and took her breath away, making her feel giddy and lightheaded. She almost laughed out loud.

How cliché can you get? I'm acting like some horny teenager out on her first date.

Then it occurred to Ryan it was exactly like that because it really was her first date. She'd been introduced to sex at a very young age, so she'd never gotten to experience what it was like to go on a first date and explore her sexuality and discover the joys and pleasure of being with another person. Most of the time, she didn't really think about it, but when she did, she knew she was very different from most people in that respect.

There had never been a moment of discovery for her when she hit puberty the way it seemed most of the kids at school had suddenly awakened to their sexuality. All the blushing, the wondering, the learning. It had seemed juvenile to her that they didn't know what a French kiss was, or the best way to stimulate a clitoris, or how to give a good handjob or blowjob, or what come looked like. Ryan couldn't remember a time before she knew what sex was, knew what those parts of the body could do, how to pleasure them, what it sounded like when someone had an orgasm, how to tell if someone was turned on.

She'd never been innocent.

But now, here with McKenzie, she was getting the chance to catch up on some of what she'd missed. Like the simple pleasure of going out on a date and spending time with the one she loved.

For the first time in her life, Ryan realized she was experiencing normalcy. The thought stunned her. This was what it was supposed to feel like. This was how it should have been when she was a teenager, instead of all the drama and instability of abusive adults at every turn that left her unable to trust anyone or feel anything other than fear and anger for the longest time. She'd spent years working to change all that, vowing not to let the abuse in her past rule her future. She'd seen other people take that route, becoming bitter and closed off, and she didn't want that. Maybe all her hard work was finally paying off.

Maybe, just maybe, she had a chance at truly being happy.

Ryan smiled and finally relaxed back in her seat, content in a way she'd never been before.

* * *

I don't stand a chance in hell of being able to concentrate on this movie, McKenzie thought.

Even though she hadn't been on a date in three months, before that, she'd gone out all the time, and one of her favorite things to do was go to the movies and make out, so her body was all primed to do just that, but she wasn't allowed.

Just my luck.

She watched Ryan out of the corner of her eye. She loved Ryan's profile, especially her lips, which McKenzie could almost feel touching her own as she imagined kissing the woman.

She'd climb onto Ryan's lap, straddling her thighs, and drag her fingers through Ryan's silky black hair. Then she'd lower her mouth to Ryan's and gently brush her lips with her own. Maybe she'd suck on Ryan's plump lower lip, pretending it was her clit and flicking it with her tongue. She'd done that before on other dates and had always gotten a good reaction.

But what she really wished she could do as she imagined straddling Ryan, and which she'd never really considered with anyone else, was slide off Ryan's lap and lick her pussy right there in the darkened movie theater.

She could imagine Ryan's surprise and then that devilish grin as Ryan went along, tangling her fingers in McKenzie's hair to control her and hold her in place. Ryan would show her what to do. McKenzie wasn't sure about some of the practicalities, like getting Ryan's leather pants pulled down far enough while spreading her legs wide enough in the confined space of the theater seat, but she knew she wanted to please Ryan like nobody else ever had. She wanted to be bold and fearless and seductive. That was how Ryan made her feel, like she could do anything, be anyone.

McKenzie took a deep breath, trying to keep up with the oxygen needs of her rapidly thumping heart, and caught a whiff of Ryan's scent, a mix of the light musk of her body wash, leather, and the exotic incense she sometimes burned after cleaning her apartment. McKenzie's arousal ratcheted up another notch with each breath she took, until she was afraid she was going to hyperventilate.

McKenzie leaned over towards Ryan and spoke quietly so she wouldn't disturb the other patrons.

"Can we get out of here?"

Ryan looked a little lost in her own deep thoughts, but she recovered quickly enough.

"What's wrong?"

McKenzie debated what to say, but Ryan had told her she wanted her to say if things were getting too intense for her, so...

"I'm going a little insane," McKenzie admitted as she lowered her eyes and unconsciously stared into the shadows concealing Ryan's chest where she'd unzipped her jacket. "We're in a dark movie theater with a romantic comedy playing and normally one plus one would equal two, but it's not, and I don't have anything to do to distract myself."

Ryan caught on and smiled.

"I could say it's part of your punishment..." She leaned forward and whispered into McKenzie's ear. "But I have other plans for torturing you tonight."

Ryan pulled back and jerked her head to tell her to come on. McKenzie felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as a rush of arousal flooded through her body, the breath in her ear still sending tingles to the pit of her stomach, but she just got up and followed Ryan out.

They left the theater, ditching the popcorn and soda, though Ryan kept her candy, since she hadn't even opened the box.

The cool air did nothing to dampen McKenzie's desire, but it did seem to wake her up, pulling her out of the almost drunk-like haze she'd been in inside the theater.

"So are you ready for some real food yet?" Ryan asked as they came to a stop next to her motorcycle.

McKenzie shook her head.

"I'm too keyed up. I just need to do something."

"Like what?"

Like beg you to throw me over the back of your bike and fuck me 'til I scream, McKenzie's first thought came unbidden into her mind. She mentally rolled her eyes at herself as she offered a more tame response.

"Something physical, like ice skating or roller skating maybe. Or there's bowling or miniature golf, though it's a little cold for miniature golf, but they have an indoor arcade," McKenzie said hopefully.

Ryan nodded.

"The arcade it is then."

They got back on the bike and headed off.

* * *

They arrived at the arcade and McKenzie exchanged a few bills for some tokens at one of the change machines. She came back and found Ryan eying one of the multi-player games, so she slipped several tokens into the machine and stepped up to one of the consoles. She looked over her shoulder and found Ryan smiling at her.

"Thanks," Ryan said, and then stepped up next to McKenzie, placing her hands on an adjacent set of controls on the waist-high console.

They played for a while, but when the game was over, they moved to another machine. They played several video arcade games, and then Ryan saw an air hockey table.

"Come on, I haven't played air hockey since I was a kid," Ryan said excitedly.

McKenzie smiled, happy to indulge her. She was getting to see a completely different side of Ryan. Usually, Ryan was a rather serious person. Not that she didn't have a sense of humor, but McKenzie had never thought of her as playful. Right now though, Ryan was practically bounding over to the air hockey table, picking up the goalie paddle on one side of the table and waiting impatiently for McKenzie to put some money into the game.

McKenzie inserted the tokens and picked up the paddle on her side of the table.

The puck popped out and Ryan gestured for McKenzie to take the first shot. The game moved quickly after that. Ryan had reach on McKenzie, but McKenzie had a very good defense. They played several games in a row, but McKenzie finally bowed out.

"I don't think my arm can take another game," she admitted as she rubbed her bicep to try to calm the slight ache burning her muscles.

"Yeah, me, too," Ryan agreed as she put the paddle back on the table and walked over to McKenzie.

She put her arm around McKenzie's shoulders and they walked around until they found several pool tables towards the back.

"Do you know how to play?" McKenzie asked.

"Yeah, but it's been a while."

"That's okay. I'll go easy on you," the blonde replied with a smirk.

McKenzie draped her jacket over the back of one of the bar stools that sat in the corner next to a bar height counter and pulled a handful of coins from her pocket. She set several stacks on the wooden counter and then used what was left in her hand to feed the pool table. A load of balls dropped down and she racked them up, carefully lifting the triangular wooden frame without jostling the balls out of position. She took the cue stick that Ryan had gotten for her off the rack on the wall.

"Want me to break?"

"Be my guest," Ryan said as she gestured for McKenzie to take her place behind the cue ball.

McKenzie chalked the tip of her stick and used a chalk bag on her hand. Then she carefully lined up her shot. The cue stick slid without resistance across the fleshy part of her hand between her thumb and forefinger as McKenzie jabbed the tip of the stick at the cue ball, sending it into the grouping of balls at the other end of the table. The balls scattered, a solid landing in a side pocket and two striped balls falling into two different corner pockets.

Ryan frowned.

"Why do I get the feeling I'm about to get my ass kicked?"

"'Cause your psychic?" McKenzie grinned. "I'll take solids, just to be nice," she said, and then leaned over to take her next shot.

"How generous."

McKenzie sunk the next three balls, finally missing on a long shot.

Ryan looked over the table and carefully chose her first shot. She missed.

McKenzie sank the rest of her balls and used her cue to point to a pocket.

"Corner pocket."

Ryan moved out of the way, just in case, as McKenzie lined up the 8 ball. She sent it unerringly into the pocket she'd indicated. She looked around to find Ryan standing behind her, watching her.

"Want a rematch?"

Ryan nodded, but didn't move. Her eyes were hooded and McKenzie realized she'd probably been staring at her ass. She felt the heat rise in her cheeks, but didn't look away. Ryan stepped forward until their bodies were almost touching. She looked down into McKenzie's upturned face and leaned down. McKenzie felt her breath catch as her heart skipped a beat at the thought that Ryan was about to kiss her, but Ryan bypassed her lips and whispered in her ear.

"Do you have any idea what I could do to you on this table? What I want to do?"

McKenzie whimpered and Ryan smiled against her ear.

"I love the sounds you make. I wonder what sounds you'd make if I had you bent over this table and was sliding in and out of you from behind."

McKenzie felt like her knees were going to buckle any second and then Ryan stepped back, a look of pure lust glittering in her eyes.

"My break?" Ryan asked brightly.

McKenzie suddenly caught on and groaned.

"Hey, that's not playing fair."

"Yeah, well, I think I'm gonna need every advantage I can get against you," Ryan replied as she walked around the table, grabbing a stack of coins on her way to feed the machine. She pulled the balls from where they dropped down and rolled them across the green felt.

McKenzie grabbed the ball rack and placed the balls Ryan sent towards her inside it. She removed the frame and Ryan set the cue ball a little off center from the racked balls.

"You know, I should take you to some bars I know," Ryan said as she lined up her cue. "We could hustle some good money, since no one'd ever believe you're a pool shark."

Ryan sent the cue ball into the others, but didn't sink any balls. McKenzie looked at the table from various angles before deciding on the striped 9 ball.

"I wouldn't say I'm a pool shark. I've just been playing since I was about ten."

She sunk the ball and moved to another striped ball.

"Ten?" Ryan asked, a little surprised.

"Yeah. I used to hang out at my father's country club during summer vacations. I didn't really like playing with the other kids. They were just so spoiled. They cheated at everything. So whenever they got to be too annoying, I'd go to the billiards room and shoot pool. The older men thought it was cute, but they'd also give me tips when they saw me struggling, so I learned quite a bit."

McKenzie glanced up from where she was aiming her next shot. Ryan had taken off her leather jacket and the topmost buttons on her shirt had been left undone, revealing a tantalizing bit of tan skin with just a hint of cleavage. McKenzie's hand slipped on the pool stick, sending the white cue ball careening around the table and into a pocket. She rolled her eyes at herself.

Ryan smiled and retrieved the cue ball from the special dropdown slot and looked for a likely shot. There wasn't one, so she finally settled for aiming at a cluster of solids packed too tightly together to offer a clean shot. The cue ball smacked into the group, accidentally sending one of the solids into a pocket.

"That was charity," McKenzie teased.

"I'll take it," Ryan said with a grin.

Ryan lined up her next shot. The ball she hit bounced out of the pocket she'd been aiming for, but kept going until it dropped into a pocket on the other side of the table.

"No way!" McKenzie exclaimed, her eyes wide in astonishment. "Is this table rigged?" She pretended to check the underside for tampering.

Ryan laughed.

"I could've said that a few minutes ago."

Ryan took aim again, but missed the solid completely, instead sending the cue ball into one of McKenzie's striped balls and sinking it in a side pocket. McKenzie reached for the pool cue, but Ryan pulled it away with a grin.

"Hey, I sunk one. Doesn't that count?"

McKenzie laughed and stepped closer, using one hand to brace against Ryan's hip as she used the other to grab for the stick, but Ryan pulled it farther away, using her greater height to keep it out of McKenzie's reach. The move caused McKenzie to press up against Ryan, who stared down at her, hunger dilating her eyes.

McKenzie completely forgot about the goal of getting the pool stick as she felt her thighs, stomach, and chest make contact with Ryan's. Her reaching hand dropped, coming to rest on Ryan's other hip, and it took every ounce of McKenzie's control not to reach up for Ryan's neck to try to pull her down into a heated kiss. As it was, she couldn't help gripping Ryan's belt loops tighter to keep her hands where they were, but the move acted to pull Ryan in closer. It would be so easy to push up onto her tiptoes and cross those last few inches to those plump waiting lips...

Ryan lowered the arm holding the pool cue and then used both hands to gently pry McKenzie's fingers from her belt loops before taking a step back. She held the stick between them, wrapping McKenzie's fingers around the shaft. Ryan then very deliberately grasped the girl's shoulders and turned her in an about-face.

"Your turn," Ryan said, her voice rough with arousal in McKenzie's ear.

McKenzie tried to focus on the table, but she was having trouble making her brain work. All she could think about was the woman standing behind her and how much she wanted Ryan to touch her again. She wanted to turn around, drop to her knees, and beg Ryan to take her, but as much as she knew Ryan would probably enjoy the display, McKenzie also knew it would only make it that much worse when Ryan inevitably told her no.

God, how am I going to stand two more days of this, let alone six months? Honesty. We're supposed to be honest with each other.

McKenzie took a deep breath and turned around. She kept her eyes on the floor, hoping if she couldn't really see Ryan, she wouldn't simply jump the woman.

"Um, Ryan? I'm... I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. You said if it got to be too much, I should say so, so... I'm saying so. Is that okay?"

McKenzie felt Ryan take the pool cue from her and set it on the table. Then she was wrapped in strong arms and it was like a weight had been lifted from her chest and she could breathe again. She brought her own arms up to wrap around Ryan's back and rested her cheek against Ryan's sternum. The thump of Ryan's heart against her ear was soothing and McKenzie smiled contentedly.

"It's okay, McKenzie. It's always okay. As long as you know this isn't a 'get out of jail free' card you can use to try to control me." Ryan felt McKenzie tense against her and held her tighter. "And yes, I know that's not what you're doing. I'm just trying to be clear. You can always ask for a breather. But it will always be up to me whether I give it to you or not. Especially when you're enduring punishment."

McKenzie nodded her head against Ryan's chest. She didn't really want it any other way. She just needed Ryan to know how out of control she felt.

McKenzie lifted her head and looked up into Ryan's eyes.

"I don't know how to calm down and not... not do something stupid. It's like my brain shorts out and I just... I want you, Ryan. I keep thinking of all the things I could do to try to get you to touch me or let me touch you. But I know that's not what you want, at least not right now. It's just hard to have patience. But this..." McKenzie squeezed Ryan a little tighter. "This helps. Thank you."

Ryan smiled and McKenzie smiled back before resting her head against Ryan's chest again. Ryan lowered her head as she pulled McKenzie a little closer to whisper into her ear.

"Don't think for one second I don't want you, McKenzie. I do. But I also want you to remember why you're being punished. You attempted to manipulate me. I will never tolerate that kind of behavior. One of the ways for you to gain the control you need is to be aware of how you're feeling before it completely overwhelms you." Ryan pulled back, causing McKenzie to look up at her. "That's why I'm proud of you for telling me you felt like you'd reached your limit. It's important for you to be able to recognize those kinds of things."

McKenzie nodded and took another step back.

"I think I'm okay now."

McKenzie picked up the pool cue and looked for her next shot. This time, the balls on the table made sense and McKenzie was able to find a clear path for each of her balls, until finally sinking the 8 ball.

"Wanna play something else?" McKenzie asked.

"Yeah," Ryan replied, grabbing their jackets and dropping the last couple stacks of coins into McKenzie's coat pocket. "But not here."

McKenzie felt her stomach clench at Ryan's tone and wasn't surprised when they ended up outside and heading for Ryan's motorcycle.

Instead of taking the long way this time, Ryan took the shortest route home, pulling into Karen's driveway in only a few minutes. Ryan stowed their riding gear and then followed McKenzie inside.

Moments later, they were walking into McKenzie's bedroom.

McKenzie hung her coat up in her closet, while Ryan shrugged off her leather jacket and draped it over the chair at McKenzie's desk. When McKenzie turned back to face Ryan, she found the woman half sitting on the edge of her desk, arms folded across her chest, watching her.

"Undress for me."

McKenzie felt a blush warm her cheeks at the command, but it didn't stop her from immediately turning around to bend over, so she could offer a view of her ass to Ryan as she removed her boots. She knew part of her was still adjusting to this new facet of their relationship, the part of her that thought she should be shy and inhibited about her body. But another and much more powerful part of her was more than ready to show Ryan everything she had to offer should Ryan choose to accept.

Ryan stayed where she was, tensing her thigh muscles as she felt new wetness push its way up between her lips to coat her clit. They'd only done this a few times and McKenzie already seemed to know exactly how best to tease her. Ryan gripped her biceps tighter as a strong urge to move forward and take over the task of removing McKenzie's clothes had her flexing her muscles in preparation to do just that.

McKenzie finished removing her socks and shoes and stood back up. She didn't turn around as she tucked her necklace under her shirt and then pulled her mock turtleneck off over her head, tossing the garment aside. Then she did turn, giving Ryan a profile view as she undid her jeans. She carefully left her panties in place as she rolled the jeans down her legs. She bent over again to push them past her heels and stepped out of them.

Ryan dragged her gaze away and looked up to the ceiling, forcing herself to take deep breaths. At the rate she was going, she was going to be forcing three fingers inside the girl in the next few seconds, never mind McKenzie's punishment or the no touching rule.

When Ryan brought her eyes back to McKenzie, the girl was facing her, her hands behind her back. For a moment, Ryan thought she was waiting for another command. Then she saw McKenzie's bra loosen and McKenzie shrugged, causing the flimsy material to slide down her arms. Ryan grinned. The girl had been waiting for Ryan to look at her before revealing herself.

McKenzie smiled, enjoying the reaction she could see so clearly reflected in Ryan's gaze. Then she remembered she had one more piece of clothing to remove. There was something she wanted to do, but she wasn't sure how Ryan would take it. McKenzie didn't want to overstep one of their limits, but she had to let Ryan know how much their evening together had affected her.

McKenzie slid her panties off, but instead of leaving them on the floor, she picked them up and walked over to Ryan, holding them out to the woman.

"All of this is because of you. It's all for you."

McKenzie hated the fresh burning in her cheeks, but she held Ryan's gaze as Ryan took her soaked underwear. McKenzie stepped back and automatically assumed First Position.

Ryan didn't look down at the silk in her hand. She could feel its sodden weight and her thumb rubbed over the crotch, confirming the slippery evidence of McKenzie's arousal.

Ryan let the underwear drop to the floor as she pushed off from the desk and took the few steps to stand in front of McKenzie. They were mere inches apart and the fact that McKenzie was completely nude while she was still fully clothed only intensified Ryan's arousal.

"I want to make you come."

McKenzie couldn't tear her eyes away from the raw need she saw in Ryan's gaze and the sincerity in her voice sent chills down McKenzie's spine. She knew it hadn't been said as a prelude to Ryan actually doing it. It was just a statement of need. McKenzie was beginning to realize her punishment forced restrictions on Ryan, too.

"I was originally planning to masturbate in front of you again, show you what your punishment is causing you to miss out on, but..." Ryan looked upwards again and blew out a harsh breath before meeting McKenzie's eyes again. "The truth is, I don't trust myself with you right now. So..." Ryan took a step back. "We're going to work on something a little less... dangerous."

McKenzie swallowed and nodded jerkily.

Ryan took another step back and crossed her arms again as the urge to wrap one hand around McKenzie's throat while she buried the other between the girl's legs had her rocking on the balls of her feet for a moment.

"Lie down on the bed."

McKenzie hesitated for only a moment. She could see how tense Ryan was and the thought crossed her mind that if she tried, she might actually be able to get Ryan to take her, but the more rational part of her told her although that might get her what she wanted in the moment, it would probably irreparably harm their budding relationship, and she really didn't want that.

McKenzie backed up onto the edge of her bed and then pushed herself towards her pillows. She leaned back, but kept her legs straight, her arms at her sides, and waited for Ryan's next command.

"You know, with everything that's happened the past few days, we never got around to discussing your explorations from the other night. Tell me how that went. What did you do?"

McKenzie frowned as she tried to think back. That had been almost a week ago. Then she remembered and felt a blush crawl up her neck. She swallowed.

"I, um... At first, I sort of forgot what you said and just started rubbing myself, but then I stopped and tried to do what you said and imagined you touching me."

"And how did I touch you?"

McKenzie felt her cheeks warm.

"Y-You played with my breasts... My nipples."

Ryan smiled as the nipples in question began to tighten.

"And how did you react?"

McKenzie glanced down at her chest and barely suppressed a whimper.

"They got hard, just like now. It was like... like you were touching my... my clit."

McKenzie's hips lifted off the bed a fraction before she willed them to relax again.

"Is that all I did? Just played with your nipples with my hands?"

McKenzie shook her head.

"No. You sucked on them, too. And..."

"And what?"

"You..." McKenzie couldn't keep her lower belly from clenching, which forced a soft grunt from her. "You held my hands above my head."

"Show me," Ryan ordered, her voice rough with need.

McKenzie brought her arms up, crossing them at her wrists and pressing them into the pillow just above her head. Somehow, they seemed to be connected to her legs because her knees raised as well, separating her thighs as her hips lifted off the bed.

"You held me down with one hand and used the other to rub my clit while you were sucking on my nipples. Then I couldn't help thinking about you licking me, licking my pussy, and I... I came so hard for you, Ryan."

"God, McKenzie," Ryan whispered.

I'm not gonna make it, Ryan suddenly thought as adrenaline shot through her at the flood of images streaming past her mind's eye, all of them involving holding down a struggling McKenzie as she took the girl by force. No! Just get your ass under control. She's not ready for what you want to do to her, what you will do to her if you don't put some damn brakes on.

"McKenzie," Ryan spoke with more control than she actually felt. "Put your hands back at your sides and lower your legs."

"Please, Ryan..."

"Do as I say, McKenzie. Don't disobey me," Ryan said, hoping her voice didn't sound as brittle as she thought.

McKenzie slowly lowered her pelvis back to the surface of the bed and brought her hands down. She closed her thighs and stretched her legs out straight again. Her fists clenched in the blanket, but then she managed to relax them and simply let her palms rest flat against the bed.

Ryan breathed deeply, relief causing her shoulders to relax when McKenzie finally did as she was told.

Ryan saw tears glittering in the corners of McKenzie's eyes.

"McKenzie, look at me," Ryan said gently.

McKenzie turned her head, causing the tears to fall diagonally across her face.

"Thank you," Ryan told her sincerely. "I know you want me to take you, and I really want to do that, more than you know, but... I need you to learn patience and I... I need to be able to control myself, so I don't do something we'll both regret. Please understand that this is for both of us."

McKenzie's eyes widened as she finally really looked at Ryan. She wasn't breathing fast, but McKenzie could see the pulse at her throat was throbbing in double-time. McKenzie nodded and swallowed.

"I'm sorry. I just... I want you so much, Ryan. But I'll try to do better."

Ryan nodded.

"So will I." Ryan cleared her throat and smiled. "All right. Before I got lost in... all that," and she grinned, receiving an answering smile from McKenzie. "I wanted to ask you... How did you simulate my mouth on your nipples?"

McKenzie frowned.

"I don't understand. I just used my fingers."

"Did you wet them?"

McKenzie shook her head.

"No, I... I didn't think of that."

"It's all right. Why don't you try that now. Suck on your fingers and thumb. Get them really wet," Ryan instructed.

Ryan felt her sex tighten even more as McKenzie pushed her index and middle fingers into her mouth, sliding them in and out a couple times before replacing them with her thumb.

"Now rub them around your nipple. Try to pinch a little and see what happens."

McKenzie reached down to play with the stiffened tip of her right breast and cried out at the sharp pleasure that came when it slipped out of her fingers. She did it again, unconsciously raising her hips in response.

"How does that feel?" Ryan asked knowingly.

McKenzie panted a few times, trying to get her thoughts organized.

"It feels like you're licking and sucking my tit. God, it feels amazing. Is this what it'll really feel like? When it's you?"

Ryan grinned.

"Not quite. It'll feel a lot better when I do it because you won't know what's coming next the way you do with your own fingers."

Ryan watched as McKenzie moistened her drying fingers and did the same with her other hand so that she was rubbing and pinching both nipples in concert. McKenzie's gasps and low moans made Ryan press her thighs together in a futile attempt to find relief.

"I'll also be able to add suction and scrape my teeth over them," Ryan said, her voice low. "And I have a feeling you're the kind of person who'll really enjoy teeth."

"Is that... something you like?" McKenzie got out between breaths.

"Yes, both ways."

"Both ways?"

"I like biting and being bitten, at least in certain areas."

"Which areas?" McKenzie gasped out, determined to learn what she could for later use.

"My shoulders and my biceps. Anywhere else I tend to be a little too sensitive."

"Where... God, Ryan... Where would you... Where do you want to bite me?"

McKenzie held Ryan's hooded gaze and for a moment, she thought Ryan might actually move to show her, but then Ryan visibly relaxed her tense muscles.

"Your breasts. I can already feel them in my mouth."

Ryan's voice sent tingles over McKenzie's skin and she arched into her own fingers with a grunt as Ryan continued.

"I would love to slide my teeth along your neck to your shoulders. I know how good that feels and I really want to share that with you."

McKenzie tilted her head to the side as if to give Ryan room to do just that and Ryan grinned.

"I love the curve of your hips, too. And the insides of your thighs." Especially if I had you tied spread-eagled, so you couldn't stop me, Ryan continued silently.

McKenzie couldn't help drawing her legs up again and spreading them wide to expose her inner thighs, though that wasn't all the move revealed as she instinctually pumped her hips up to meet an unseen thrust.

"Oh God, Ryan, please," McKenzie whispered.

Ryan groaned at the sight of the slippery pink folds of McKenzie's swollen sex bobbing up and down, the light-colored pubic hairs significantly darkened by all the wetness the girl had released. Then the unmistakable scent of sex hit her and Ryan's nostrils flared as her lungs pulled in the aphrodisiac as deeply as they could. Ryan swallowed several times in an effort to keep up with the flood of saliva her mouth was producing in expectation of getting a taste.

"McKenzie," Ryan rasped out and cleared her throat. "McKenzie, I need you to stop. Now."

McKenzie froze, though Ryan could see her pussy still rhythmically flexing as it tried to clamp down on something, anything.

"Relax your body."

McKenzie slowly let her legs slide back down to the mattress as she pulled her hands away from her breasts. Her breathing was still fast, so she focused on slowing it down, mostly to distract herself from the acute pain in her nipples from the sudden loss of stimulation, which was making her clit ache as well.

"Good girl," Ryan said proudly. McKenzie had stopped much faster than Ryan had expected and without any protests this time.

McKenzie just nodded as tears slid silently down her temples and into her hair, her body throbbing with need she knew wouldn't be sated for several more days.

Ryan knew she was playing with fire, but it didn't stop her from moving forward until she was kneeling on one knee next to the bed inches away from McKenzie's naked form. She just needed to comfort the girl. She reached over and cradled McKenzie's face with one hand, using her thumb to rub the tears at the girl's temple. McKenzie turned into the touch and closed her eyes.

"I love you," Ryan said simply, though the emotion behind the words caused her voice to catch and she swallowed.

It was like a balm to McKenzie's soul, knowing that despite the reason for her punishment, Ryan still loved her, still wanted to be with her. It gave her hope that somehow she'd get through this. She'd find the strength... somewhere.

McKenzie opened her eyes and stared into Ryan's.

"I love you, too. So much," she whispered.

Ryan smiled, wanting nothing more than to lean in and capture the girl's lips. Instead, she gave McKenzie's cheek a final squeeze, and then slowly stood and turned away. She collected her jacket and threw it over her shoulder. Ryan turned back to McKenzie, finding the girl watching her.

"I have an evening shift at the bookstore," Ryan said quietly, not wanting to break the mood. "If you want, you can stop by," she offered.

"I want," McKenzie said, her voice scratchy from crying.

Ryan smiled.

"I'll see you tomorrow then. My shift starts at five and I'll be there until eleven."

McKenzie nodded.

"Try to get some sleep," Ryan said, though she knew McKenzie was going to have a tough time of it.

"I'll try," McKenzie said as she moved around to pull the blanket over her body, then rolled onto her side, still watching Ryan.

Ryan took a deep breath and blew it out. She just wanted to march back over to the girl and climb under the covers with her, but she knew it wouldn't stop there. She'd have her fingers inside McKenzie before the girl even knew what was happening. Not that McKenzie would stop her...

Ryan groaned and turned away.

"Goodnight, Ryan," McKenzie called after her.

Ryan turned back, catching a hint of a knowing smile curving McKenzie's lips. Ryan grinned in rueful acknowledgment as she shook her head.

"Night, Kenzie," she said and was pleased when she saw her impromptu nickname bring the girl's soft smile to full bloom.

Ryan winked and then left, closing the door behind her.

McKenzie sighed and closed her eyes, willing her body to calm down so she could fall asleep, but it was another hour before she finally drifted off into restless dreams.

* * *

Ryan entered her apartment, practically stripping as soon as she was in the door. She landed on her bed, her hands immediately going to her throbbing mound.

Unlike last time, Ryan had no qualms about satisfying her body's need while McKenzie went without. It was simply part of the girl's punishment.

She still didn't know how she'd made it out of McKenzie's bedroom without fucking her senseless. The girl was naked, willing, and so incredibly wet.

What the hell is wrong with me? She's right. She's over eighteen. There's no reason I can't just...

No. You know why.

And she did. She hadn't said it outright to McKenzie, but it went beyond the fact the girl was inexperienced. The truth was Ryan had never been with a completely untouched sub before.

Sure, she'd been the first fully-realized BDSM experience for quite a few women, but all of them had had sex before and most of them had played with bondage at least once with other partners in one way or another.

It might have started out with a desire to have their hair pulled, or a modest purchase of nipple clamps, maybe even a bold request to be tied up. But for whatever reason, it hadn't worked out, usually because their partners had realized they weren't interested in going down that path, which was when the women had found her.

But McKenzie... McKenzie had never had sex, probably never even considered the rougher forms of it until meeting Ryan, and now had basically chosen to jump headfirst into the deep end of the pool. Off the high-dive. Without checking to make sure there was any water in the pool first.

So it was up to Ryan to drag her ass back to the kiddie pool, kicking and screaming if need be, until she knew enough to make that choice with her eyes wide open.

Except Ryan really just wanted to dive in after her and find out exactly how long the girl could hold her breath.

Ryan slid her fingers through her sopping sex, not surprised in the slightest at the copious amount of fluid she found. She'd been wet long before she'd ever left her apartment. Then she'd indulged in over three hours of foreplay.

Ryan remembered how McKenzie's body had felt pressed into hers at the arcade while they were playing pool. Only sheer willpower—and the fear of going to jail for public indecency—had stopped her from attacking McKenzie right then and there.

In her mind, she saw McKenzie staring up at her with that same look of pleading in her eyes she'd had when Ryan had been holding the pool cue just out of her reach.

Ryan tossed the stick aside and cupped McKenzie's cheeks with both hands, claiming McKenzie's lips as she forcefully backed her up against the edge of the table until the girl had nowhere to go. McKenzie's whimpers echoed in her mind, pulled from memories of all the times she'd heard McKenzie make that beautiful sound. Her hand slid to grip the back of McKenzie's neck as she crushed their mouths together. Then she pulled back, spinning McKenzie around and pressing up against her again as she brought her hands around McKenzie's front to undo her jeans.

As soon as Ryan had the top button undone and the zipper unzipped, she stepped back and yanked the jeans, along with the girl's underwear, down to McKenzie's knees. She pushed the girl forward over the table. All the balls had been cleared away in her mind, but the cue was still close at hand.

Ryan slipped her hand between McKenzie's legs from behind, knowing the girl's pussy would be just as wet as she'd seen it a few minutes ago. Ryan slid her fingers inside, eliciting a sharp cry at the sudden intrusion.

In reality, Ryan entered herself with two fingers, pushing all the way in on one thrust. Her hips bucked and she knew it wouldn't take much more to throw her over the edge as she circled her clit with the fingers of her other hand.

In the fantasy, she reached for the pool cue. She unscrewed it, so she only had to deal with the bottom half, and then flipped it so the thicker rounded end was pointed towards McKenzie.

"Let's see just how deep I can get."

Ryan brought the pole up, using the tip of her finger to guide the shaft of smooth wood to McKenzie's entrance. Ryan knew she would never take McKenzie this way for her first time in real life. McKenzie was going to come on Ryan's fingers before ever coming on one of Ryan's surrogate cocks. But for the fantasy, it was perfect.

When she was positioned right, Ryan pushed the shaft forward. She could just imagine the deep groan McKenzie would let out as she was entered by the thick pole. Ryan pulled out and pushed in again, getting it that much deeper.

"God, Ryan... Please," McKenzie gasped and then grunted as Ryan slid in harder than before, finally bottoming out.

Ryan slipped the base of the pool cue in and out of McKenzie's tight cunt faster and faster, knowing McKenzie wouldn't be able to stop moaning and crying out with each thrust.

As her own pleasure built, Ryan couldn't hold the fantasy anymore and the image shifted to a scene of McKenzie naked and bound spread-eagled on top of the pool table. Ryan thrust inside her with one of her larger cocks as the girl struggled to gasp in enough air to scream despite the weight of Ryan's body pressing down on top of her.

Ryan pumped her hips, both in the fantasy and in reality, thrusting inside herself as hard and as fast as she wanted to take McKenzie. In her mind, she saw McKenzie stiffen and then her hips bucked up, slamming against Ryan's as she screamed her orgasm, calling Ryan's name over and over again.

The vigorous rubbing over her clit and harsh pounding at her G-spot blended with the image of McKenzie coming beneath her, and Ryan cried out, unable to keep quiet as every muscle in her body tensed and jerked in ecstasy.

"McKenzie! Oh God, McKenzie!"

Her hips had a mind of their own as they continued to lift up, impaling her on her own fingers.

Finally, the waves of pleasure subsided and her muscles slowly relaxed, leaving her sated for the moment. Though judging by the continued clenching in her lower abdomen, she had a feeling she would probably need to go at least one more round if she hoped to get any kind of decent sleep.

Ryan stared up at the ceiling as she tried to calm her breathing. She sighed.

"How the hell am I going to last another six months?"

One day at a time, was her mind's only response.

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