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A Bondage Primer

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Reviews for A Bondage Primer

Below you will find reviews for A Bondage Primer.

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The Reviews

June 5, 2009

"When I discovered your fiction, I read several, not all. I have read and gone back to re-read A Bondage Primer. You wanted specifics so I will try to give you specifics.

I liked your character development, it wasn't just a sex story, it was "here is how these particular characters got here and this is where they are headed and my story is how they get there." They are believable. I thought the sex scenes were great but the psychological interplay, Ryan's self-knowledge and sense of responsibility toward someone much younger, not just in terms of age but life experience, sexual experience has been great. And the self-knowledge she has and how it unfolds makes it part of her life without being the total focus of her life.

Would she have been a Dom without having been abused? Is it action>reaction or were there seeds there in the personality and it would have been there if she had never been abused? (Not questions that I'm asking you to answer, just musings.) Is the attraction between them the Darkness letting in the Light? Will the Light completely negate the Darkness or will there always be shadows? And how will even the shadows play out?

There wasn't a thing about it that I did not like. If there was, I don't remember it. Except of course, the obvious. Of course I was disappointed that it just ended when there was so much more to say and I certainly look forward to when (and if) you write more about Ryan and McKenzie.

I wish you success in your writing."

— Marie

January 19, 2009

"I really like 'A Bondage Primer'. The subject is interesting, especially as it is explored in a loving/caring manner, and the proofing is very good. So much web writing consists of typos, tense mixing, and there-their-they're type errors; that you've avoided. I'm planning to read more of your writing in the future, and if it is equally as good (quite likely), I look forward to buying whatever you publish."

— pogokimshe

January 7, 2009

"I was hooked by the first day. Very hot and well written. I can definitely feel everything that the two women [Ryan and McKenzie] are going through and doing to each other. The story flows well together and moves smoothly from day to day. I love the line that McKenzie says to Karen. "Thank you for not being my mother." It was perfect! Thanks for sharing your writing talent. It is very much appreciated."

— Lisa

September 19, 2007

"OMG!! I just had to say that so far, [A Bondage Primer] is like amazing. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and just craving for more. I've already read the 10 chapters like 3 times. Well I just wanted to let you know how good I think the story is!!"

— Caitlin

September 15, 2006

"I just read a Bondage Primer. Honestly though, the comment in the header about it having no plot almost sent me back to Mary D's site [The Bard's Corner] to find something else.

[Editor's note: When I first posted A Bondage Primer, I said it was a PWP (Plot, What Plot?) type of story.]

Nothing wrong with writing about sex, but I usually like it as anything from a side dish to dessert, not the main course. May have just kept reading to prove to myself that this was another one of those stories...or maybe I was feeling prurient <g>.

Oh yeah, the point! I haven't encountered fanfic scenes with more emotional comprehension than those you created with McKenzie and Ryan. I not only believed in the motives and interactions you gave them, I learned something about people from them. I was honestly impressed with that clarity, and fairly dragged into caring about these characters. Obviously I was disappointed when I came to the end...which is a good sign! Well done and thank you."

— Pj

August 5, 2005

"I'd like to thank you for this story. A lot of fan fictions that I've read that have a master/slave relationship... well, your approach is different from what I've read before. It gives more insight to the psychological aspect of a relationship like that. I've never been in one myself, but I was amazed by the interaction between the characters, and I appreciate that they didn't just walk into a room, master whips slave, yaddah yaddah, you know? At any rate, it was very beautifully, and tastefully written, and also very educational. Anyways, thanks."

— Crystal

July 25, 2004

"[A Bondage Primer] is such a great story. Real enough to make me care about the characters and erotic enough to just about drive me over the edge. What a difficult combination to get in one story. I don't think I've ever read one this good before. Please if it takes years, finish this, don't take it off! It is special, a gem!"

— Janet

June 27, 2004

"I just finished reading A Bondage Primer and I must admit so far it's a great story and I can't wait to read the rest (that's if there's an end to it)."

— Michel

September 1, 2003

"I am writing about the Bondage Primer story which I do hope you find your muse for again. Please do not rush. Your stories, like your website, are unbelievable. Your attention to detail and the innermost thoughts are clear and concise. I think you are truly one of the best writers I have read.

Your story has definitely made me rethink about things in my life. I am not sure what to do about all these feelings that I am having to work out and I am not sure how my life partner of 13 years is going to think about it when I finally get up the courage to talk about it with her. But that is for me to figure out.

I really wanted to let you know that how you write does mean so much even if people do not express it. We thank you for posting and sharing your talent with us all. It is nice that there are stories out there about BDSM that aren't just rape scenes. I have only found yours and the kink series that actually show how much love can be involved and that is really nice. Thanks so much."

— Anonymous

June 11, 2003

"I'm not into bondage myself, but I love the story!"

— Maria

October 3, 2002

"I gotta tell you, I needed a cold shower after reading the first day, let alone the 10 days I found posted. This is an awesome story. Thanks."

— Laura

July 15, 2000

"I particularly enjoy scenes in which the main characters take matters into their own hands (so to speak), and even more so if they're doing it in front of each other. I think "A Bondage Primer" is one of my favorite stories because of that."

— Anonymous

July 6, 2000

"I don't know much about BDSM. Due to my history I figure it's probably not a good idea to try it. So far this story has been an education. Just because I haven't tried BDSM myself doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading about it. I've read several stories that really cross the line into sexual violence and cruelty in the name of safe BDSM. I get really frustrated with these stories and wish the authors would read your stories. I am really enjoying Bondage Primer. Once again the concepts in this story never occurred to me. It's very original. I just wish I had waited till the story was finished to read it. The waiting for new sections is frustrating. Since I don't know anything about this subject I have no idea what will happen next."

— Anonymous