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Thursday, Dec 14, 2017
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A Bondage Primer

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A Bondage Primer - Chapter 2

McKenzie stood in First Position with her hands clasped behind her back, which forced her chest out a little more than was usual. Her head was held high and she wore a small white T-shirt and tight blue jeans. Ryan had told her to change into tighter jeans when she'd come over that morning and these were the tightest she owned. She looked like she'd been poured into them, which was very close to the truth.

"Did you touch yourself last night?" Ryan asked.

Ryan stood several feet in front of the girl and studied her form.

"Yes," McKenzie answered.

"What did you think about?"


Ryan was surprised at how that single word could have such an intense effect on her when it came from McKenzie. She wanted more.

"What did I do to you?" Ryan continued with her questioning.

"You kissed me and touched me."

"Is that all?"

McKenzie ducked her head for a second before remembering to keep her chin up.

"I... I've never... I don't..."

McKenzie was at a loss. She'd never tried to describe her erotic fantasies before. The words kept getting stuck in her throat.

"I know. It's time you learned a little about what your body is capable of."

Ryan stood several feet away. She wore a light blue tank top this time with another pair of tight jet black jeans and her black leather combat boots. She kept her distance as she gave her instructions.

"Pull your jeans up as high as possible."

McKenzie unclasped her hands from behind her back and pulled up on the waistband of her jeans. The material cut into her clit and went up the crack of her ass, but McKenzie didn't stop until she'd gone as far as she could.

"Clasp your hands behind your back again and then get on your knees."

McKenzie did as she was told and only fumbled a little with her balance in the awkward stance.

"Spread your knees apart. Wider. As wide as they'll go."

McKenzie swayed from side to side as she repositioned each knee away from the other a few inches at a time.

"Bend forward until your forehead touches the ground. Don't release your hands. And angle your ass up. This is Second Position. Remember it."

McKenzie rested her forehead on the carpet and arched her spine slightly as she pushed her hips back to force her ass into the air. She felt the seam of her jeans cut across her clitoris.

Ryan was spellbound. McKenzie was the perfect picture of sexual submission, even with most of her body completely covered and unbound. Ryan imagined McKenzie in the same position, without the clothes and bound in black leather restraints, and the vision made her mouth water. She let go of the fantasy and focused on reality.

"You thought about me touching your sex, didn't you? That's how you got off, wasn't it? You imagined my finger rubbing your clit. Rock your hips for me."

McKenzie rocked her hips slightly in the confining jeans and felt the seam at her crotch rub over her little nub. Her breathing picked up and she redoubled her hold on her wrists behind her back as they started to loosen.

"You can feel me touching you now, can't you? Feel my finger as it rubs over your clit. Can you feel it? Feel my finger touching you?"

"Oh God, yes."

McKenzie continued to rock her hips, enjoying the friction of the tight seam over her most sensitive spot. Her rhythm was slow, but it was getting faster.

"That's it. Make me touch you where you want me to touch you. Circle your hips for me. You can feel my finger rubbing across your clit. Make me touch you harder."

Ryan was so wet she was dripping. The only thing keeping her from leaking right onto the carpet was the tightness of her own jeans. She was riveted to McKenzie's bobbing ass.

"Loosen your neck muscles. Don't tighten up or it'll hurt and you won't be able to move. Let your body flow."

McKenzie increased her pace and also the arc of her hips, grinding down further toward the floor to try to force the seam of her jeans tighter against her. It slipped and slid over her clitoris and mashed her labia over and around her pubic mound. She grunted out a small whimper and tried harder, letting her spine roll with her thrusts as Ryan had instructed. She was able to get a little more leverage by resting her forehead against the floor so that she wouldn't strain her neck muscles.

"Have you ever thought about my fingers pinching your nipples?"

McKenzie shook her head from side to side as her forehead rubbed against the carpet and she whimpered.

"Unclasp your hands and sit up. Don't stop rocking."

McKenzie let go of her wrists and pushed herself to a semi-upright position, her upper body still leaning slightly forward in order to maintain the downward thrust of her hips to keep the seam tight.

"Reach under your shirt and pinch your nipples for me. Hard. Don't flick or roll them yet. Just squeeze them every time you thrust forward. That's my mouth sucking them. Can you feel my tongue circling your nipple? Do you still feel my finger rubbing your clit?"

"Yes," McKenzie almost cried.

Her eyes were closed and she could see Ryan with a single index finger rubbing her slick bud, while her mouth sucked and flicked at her left nipple and her other fingers pinched her right nipple the way her own fingers were squeezing it in reality. She spread her knees wider and rocked her hips harder, desperate for just a little more stimulation.

"You want to orgasm, don't you?"

"Yes," came the gasped reply.

"Press yourself harder against my finger. Pinch your nipples tighter and pull on them. And when I tell you to come, you will come. But not before."

McKenzie panted as she worked herself into a frenzy. She felt Ryan's mouth sucking and pulling at her nipples. She could feel Ryan's finger rubbing her harder. Her need was critical.

"You want release?" Ryan asked calmly.


"Beg for it."

"Oh God, Ryan... Please... Let me come... Please... I have to... Oh God, I need... Please... unnghh... God... Please..." McKenzie was practically crying, fatigue the only thing keeping any tears from falling.

"You want me inside you, don't you? Do you know how tempting you are? How easy it would be for me to take your virginity, take your innocence? I could do that right now. Beg me to fuck you, McKenzie."

It was the first time Ryan had said her name since she couldn't remember when. It was a powerful weapon against her failing ability to obey Ryan's order to only climax at Ryan's command. She would do anything to have Ryan actually touch her.

"Fuck me, Ryan... Fuck me... Please... I want you inside me... I need you inside me... Please, Ryan, I can't stop myself much longer... Please fuck me..."

"Come for me, McKenzie. Now."

McKenzie felt herself explode and her hips jerked against the air. She cried out to Ryan, still begging her and thanking her at the same time. She squeezed her nipples and pulled harder in primitive understanding that it would increase her pleasure. As her hips slowed, she massaged her breasts one last time and then released her nipples, before coming to rest on her hands and knees.

"Do you understand a little better now? I haven't even touched you yet."

Ryan's voice was rough from her own unspent passion and she kept her legs planted firmly in place. Her thighs flexed, squeezing against her own engorged clitoris, and her hips naturally rolled to increase the stimulation. She put herself in check and stopped the movements.

"Stand up," Ryan ordered.

McKenzie got unsteadily to her feet and faced Ryan. Her eyes were a little glazed.

"Assume First Position."

McKenzie spread her legs slightly as she brought her hands up behind her back and lifted her chin.

"Very good. Tonight you will pinch, flick, roll, and pull your nipples for a quarter hour before going to bed. You will then massage your breasts for another quarter hour. You will not bring yourself to orgasm. I'll know if you do, so don't test me. You won't like the consequences for disobeying me, and it will hurt me to have to discipline you in such a manner, so don't force me to."

"How will you know?" McKenzie questioned out of curiosity, since she had no intention of disobeying.

"You brought yourself to release last night. What condition do you think your body would have been in this morning, if you hadn't?"

McKenzie thought it over, but before she could answer, Ryan continued.

"Your body will always tell me what I want to know, McKenzie. When you are sexually frustrated from lack of release, your pupils become dilated, your skin flushes, goose bumps rise more easily from the simple passage of air over your skin, your breathing is shallow, your pulse point beats faster, and your eyes dart around more frequently. It's impossible for you to fake most of those symptoms. Don't even try."

McKenzie nodded her head. She had no idea what kind of discipline Ryan had in mind, but she wasn't all that curious to find out.

"You're free to go now. I'll see you tomorrow night."

McKenzie stood uncertainly for a moment and then unclasped her hands from behind her back. She wanted to hug the tall woman. After all, Ryan had basically just given McKenzie her first real orgasm, something she'd thought she'd experienced before with herself, but she'd obviously been wrong. But Ryan just stood there and indicated the door that would lead her out of the house, so she could go to her own home. McKenzie hesitated for only a moment more and then left.

Ryan collapsed on her bed and unbuttoned the fly of her jeans. A few rubs with her fingers and thrusts of her hips and she was crying out McKenzie's name. Tomorrow's lessons needed to include them both.

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