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A Bondage Primer

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A Bondage Primer

Day 2

Wednesday, October 15

McKenzie stood in front of Ryan's door and took a deep breath.

When she'd checked her email that morning, she'd found a message from Ryan. Instead of a joke or a link to an article Ryan thought was interesting, the email had contained instructions.


I've been thinking about what we talked about all night and would very much like to continue where we left off.

I know your first class doesn't start until 1:30pm today and your last class doesn't end until 9pm, but I have a 6pm-to-midnight shift, so if you're interested in continuing our conversation, be at my place at 11am. Wear your tightest jeans, but leave your bra off.

If for any reason you can't make it, just let me know, whether that's because you've decided not to pursue this or you have schoolwork. Either way, I'll understand.


McKenzie had been a little surprised at Ryan's knowledge of her class schedule, but then she'd remembered it was posted on the fridge in case Karen needed to find her in an emergency.

McKenzie fidgeted with the hem of her light denim jacket, pulling it a little tighter over her chest. It felt a little odd to be outside in broad daylight, fully clothed, but without a bra.

She was also wearing her tightest jeans. She'd accidentally shrunk them a few weeks ago and had planned to donate them, but they'd still been sitting in the back of her closet, so she'd pulled them out.

McKenzie shifted her stance, feeling the material cut into her skin just below her buttcheeks and between her legs. She had no idea what Ryan had planned, but she intended to see this through, no matter what.

McKenzie took another deep breath and raised her fist, knocking three times. A few moments later, she heard the lock being worked.

Ryan couldn't keep the smile off her face as she opened the door.

She'd watched McKenzie through the slits in her blinds as the girl had left her house to walk over to Ryan's. McKenzie had just stood there on the concrete drive in front of her door for nearly a full minute and Ryan had held her breath, waiting to see if McKenzie would walk away, but then the girl had nodded to herself and knocked.

Ryan felt her heart quicken its pace as she looked down at the girl standing nervously in front of her.

McKenzie's breath caught as her gaze traveled up and down Ryan's tall frame, taking in the form-fitting black tank top, tight black leather pants, and black combat boots. Ryan was also wearing a wide black leather cuff embossed with Celtic knotwork on one wrist and a small silver labrys hung at the base of her throat from a black leather cord.

McKenzie realized it was the same outfit she'd seen Ryan wear numerous times to go riding on her motorcycle. The only thing missing was her black leather racing jacket.

"Hey," Ryan greeted warmly, and then stepped back, gesturing for McKenzie to enter.

McKenzie tried to calm her pounding heart as she walked inside. She immediately felt the heat of the room compared to the cooler autumn air outside and took off her jacket as she surreptitiously looked around the space.

The large 3-car converted garage apartment looked the same as the last time she'd seen it. That had only been a few days ago when she'd volunteered to ask Ryan if she wanted to come over for dinner at Karen's invitation. After Ryan had said yes, McKenzie had stayed to hang out and talk while they streamed an old TV show on Ryan's laptop until it was time to eat.

It seemed like a lifetime ago.

McKenzie hung her jacket on the back of Ryan's computer chair, which sat in front of the small utilitarian desk along the wall next to the door on the right. Next to that, a little further down the wall, was a large ornately carved armoire, and beyond that, an unremarkable prefab dresser. On the far right side of the room stood a tall piece of freestanding exercise equipment in front of a set of folding glass patio doors that Ryan clearly never used. Across from the armoire was Ryan's oil-rubbed bronze bedframe with its queen-sized mattress. McKenzie felt her stomach flutter at the possibility of Ryan asking her to lie down on it.

McKenzie took in the rest of the apartment at a glance. Two small nightstands with reading lamps bookended the bed. To the right of the bed was the door leading to the small bathroom. In the corner to the left of the bed stood a bookcase and then along that wall was a small rolling cart that held boxes of protein bars and other snacks next to a mini fridge with a microwave on top. To the left of the fridge was the door to Ryan's closet, and to the left and set back a little ways from that was the step-up door leading into the main part of the house.

Which brought McKenzie full circle and she turned to finally look up at Ryan, only to find the woman watching her intently. McKenzie swallowed.

"Stand over there. Face me and assume First Position," Ryan ordered quietly.

McKenzie felt a jolt of electricity run up the back of her neck at Ryan's seductive low voice. She moved to where Ryan had pointed, standing in the open space between the bed and the armoire, and turned around to face Ryan where the woman still stood near the front door.

Ryan felt her stomach curl as McKenzie got into position. The girl widened her stance, keeping her head held high as she clasped her hands behind her back, which pushed her unrestrained breasts out a little more than usual.

The sight of McKenzie's hard nipples straining against the thin fabric of her small white T-shirt made Ryan's mouth water. She could just imagine wrapping her lips around the puckered flesh waiting beneath the soft cotton. The girl's tight jeans were just as revealing, hugging McKenzie's curves in all the right places.

Ryan pushed off from the door and stepped forward, though she kept half a dozen feet between them.

It was time to begin.

"Did you touch yourself last night?" Ryan asked without preamble.

McKenzie's eyes widened slightly, but she did her best to keep her voice steady.


"What did you think about?"


Ryan was surprised at how that single word could have such a profound effect on her when it came from McKenzie's lips. Her clit was instantly aching and she had to force herself to breathe normally, though her voice betrayed nothing as she continued with her questioning.

"What did I do to you?"

"You kissed me and touched me."

"Is that all?"

McKenzie ducked her head for a second before remembering to keep her chin up.

"I... I've never... I don't..."

McKenzie was at a loss. She'd never tried to describe her erotic fantasies before. The words kept getting stuck in her throat.

"I know," Ryan offered gently. "I think it's time you learned a little about what your body is capable of."

Ryan straightened to her full height as she issued her first instructions.

"Pull your jeans up as high as possible."

McKenzie looked at Ryan a little uncertainly, but then unclasped her hands from behind her back and pulled up on the waistband of her jeans. The thick material of the seam forced its way between her labia, cutting into her clit and going up the crack of her ass, but McKenzie didn't stop until she'd pulled her jeans up as far as she could.

"Clasp your hands behind your back again and then get on your knees."

McKenzie did as she was told and only fumbled a little with her balance in the awkward stance.

"Spread your knees apart... Wider... As wide as they'll go."

McKenzie swayed from side-to-side as she repositioned each knee away from the other a few inches at a time.

"Bend forward until your forehead touches the floor. Don't release your hands... And angle your ass up. This is Second Position. Remember it."

McKenzie couldn't explain the thrill that ran through her at the promise of more implied by Ryan's words, though a part of her wondered exactly how many positions there were. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind as she followed Ryan's instructions. She rested her forehead against the dark hardwoods and arched her spine slightly as she pushed her hips back to force her ass up into the air. She felt the seam of her jeans cut across her clit through her panties and had to stifle a gasp at the sudden shock of pleasure.

Ryan was spellbound. McKenzie was the perfect picture of sexual submission, even with most of her body completely covered and unbound. Ryan imagined McKenzie in the same position, without the clothes and bound in the black leather restraints she kept in her armoire, and the vision made her sex swell. She let go of the fantasy and focused on the reality of the girl bowed down in front of her.

"You thought about me touching your pussy, didn't you? That's how you got off, wasn't it?"

McKenzie nodded her head against the floor as her cheeks burned with the memory.

"Answer me."

"Yes," McKenzie gasped out at the sharp command.

"You imagined my finger rubbing your clit?"

"Yes," McKenzie whispered.

"Good. Rock your hips for me."

McKenzie rocked her hips slightly in the confining jeans and sucked in a breath when she felt the seam at her crotch rub over her clit. Her breathing picked up and she redoubled her hold on her wrists behind her back as they started to loosen.

"You can feel me touching you now, can't you? Feel my finger as it rubs over your clit. Can you feel it? Feel my finger stroking you?"

"Oh God, yes."

McKenzie continued to rock her hips, enjoying the friction of the tight seam over her most sensitive spot. Her rhythm was slow, but it was getting faster as the clenching and unclenching in her lower abdomen increased the pulling sensations on her sex.

"That's it... Make me touch you where you want me to touch you... Circle your hips for me. You can feel my finger rubbing across your clit now, can't you... Make me touch you harder."

Ryan unconsciously shifted her stance and suddenly noticed the feeling of slickness between her thighs. She couldn't believe how wet she was after only a few minutes of commanding the girl. She was practically dripping, judging by how easily her swollen lips were sliding around her distended clit. She was sure the only thing keeping her from leaking right onto the floor was the tightness of her leather jeans. She was riveted to McKenzie's bobbing ass.

"Loosen your neck muscles. Don't tighten up or it'll hurt and you won't be able to move. Let your body flow."

McKenzie increased her pace and also the arc of her hips, grinding down further towards the floor to try to force the seam of her jeans tighter against her. It was like she wasn't even wearing underwear. The thick seam slid through her juices as it slipped over her clitoris and mashed her labia over her pubic mound. She grunted out a small whimper and tried harder, letting her spine roll with her thrusts as Ryan had instructed. She was able to get a little more leverage by relaxing her shoulders and letting her forehead rest more completely against the floor so she wouldn't strain her neck muscles.

"Have you ever thought about my fingers pinching your nipples?"

McKenzie groaned and shook her head, her forehead rubbing against the hardwood floor as the nipples in question suddenly tightened painfully at the thought of having Ryan's hands on her. She tried to push her chest against the floor in an effort to find relief, but her breasts were too small to span the distance and she whimpered in frustration.

"Unclasp your hands and sit up. Don't stop rocking."

McKenzie wasn't sure she could've stopped even if Ryan had told her to. Her hips had a mind of their own and it took all her willpower just to let go of her wrists and push herself to a semi-upright position. She arched her back, her upper body still leaning slightly forward in order to maintain the downward thrust of her hips to keep the seam tightly rubbing over her clit.

"Reach under your shirt and pinch your nipples for me. Hard. Don't flick or roll them yet. Just squeeze them every time you thrust forward... That's my mouth sucking them. Can you feel my tongue circling your nipple? Do you still feel my finger rubbing your clit?"

"Yes," McKenzie almost cried.

Her eyes were closed and she could see Ryan in her mind with a single index finger rubbing her slick bud, while Ryan's mouth sucked and flicked at her left nipple, Ryan's other fingers pinching her right tit the way her own fingers were squeezing it in reality. McKenzie instinctually spread her knees wider and rocked her hips faster and deeper, desperate for just a little more stimulation.

"You want to come, don't you?"

"Yes," came the gasped reply.

"Press yourself harder against my finger. Pinch your nipples tighter and pull on them. And when I tell you to come, you will come... but not before."

McKenzie heard the edge in Ryan's voice and felt chills skitter up and down her spine as her stomach did several flip-flops. She panted as she pumped her hips faster and faster. She imagined Ryan's mouth sucking and pulling at her nipples. She could feel Ryan's finger rubbing her harder. Her need was critical.

"You want release?" Ryan asked calmly.


"Beg for it," Ryan demanded.

McKenzie felt the floodgates open and any shyness she'd been holding onto instantly evaporated as she opened her eyes and looked up at Ryan in desperation.

"Oh God, Ryan... Please... Please, let me come... Please... I have to... Oh God, I need... I need to come... Please... Ungh... God... Please..." McKenzie was practically crying, fatigue the only thing keeping any tears from falling.

"You want me inside you, don't you? Do you know how tempting you are? How easy it would be for me to take your virginity, take your innocence? I could do that right now. Beg me to fuck you, McKenzie."

It was the first time Ryan had said her name since she couldn't remember when and she'd never heard it spoken with such need before. It was a powerful weapon against her failing ability to obey Ryan's order to only climax at Ryan's command. She would do anything to have Ryan actually touch her.

"Oh God, please, fuck me, Ryan... Please... Please... I want you inside me... I need you inside me... Please, Ryan... Oh God, I can't stop myself much longer... Please... Please, fuck me... Please..."

"Come for me, McKenzie. Now."

McKenzie felt herself explode and her hips jerked against the seam of her jeans in short sharp thrusts. She cried out to Ryan, still begging her and thanking her at the same time. She squeezed her nipples and pulled harder in primitive understanding that it would increase her pleasure.

The waves of ecstasy seemed to go on forever and she continued to thrust against the tight pressure on her clit until the last of the tremors faded away. As her hips slowed, she massaged her breasts one last time, and then released her nipples before coming to rest on her hands and knees. Her chest was still heaving, though her breaths were quickly returning to normal.

"Do you understand a little better now? I haven't even touched you yet."

Ryan's voice was rough from her own unspent passion and she kept her legs planted firmly in place. Her thighs flexed, squeezing against her engorged clit, and her hips naturally rolled to increase the stimulation. She put herself in check and stopped the movements.

"Stand up."

McKenzie got unsteadily to her feet, using the metal bars of the bedframe to pull herself up as she faced Ryan. Her eyes were a little glazed.

"Assume First Position."

McKenzie spread her legs slightly as she brought her hands up behind her back and lifted her chin.

"Very good. Tonight you will pinch, flick, roll, and pull on your nipples for a quarter hour before going to bed. You will then massage your breasts for another quarter hour. You will not bring yourself to orgasm. I'll know if you do, so don't test me. You won't like the consequences for disobeying me, and it'll hurt me to have to discipline you, so don't force me to."

"How will you know?" McKenzie questioned out of curiosity, since she had no intention of disobeying.

"You brought yourself to release last night. What condition do you think your body would've been in this morning if you hadn't?"

McKenzie thought it over, but before she could answer, Ryan continued.

"Your body will always tell me what I want to know, McKenzie. When you're sexually frustrated from lack of release, your pupils become dilated, your skin flushes, goose bumps rise more easily from the simple passage of air over your skin, your breathing becomes shallow, your pulse point beats faster, and your eyes dart around more frequently. It's impossible to fake most of those symptoms, so don't even try."

McKenzie nodded her head. She had no idea what kind of discipline Ryan had in mind, but she wasn't all that curious to find out.

"Besides, I could also just ask you," Ryan smiled knowingly.

McKenzie felt heat suffuse her cheeks as she remembered her attempt to play Bullshit with Ryan and Karen one night. She'd blushed whenever she had to lay down the wrong cards and they'd called her on it every time.

"You're free to go now. I'll see you tomorrow night. Your last class lets out at six-thirty, right?"

McKenzie nodded again.

"I don't get off work until eight, so I'll come over around nine, all right?"

McKenzie nodded once more, unable to make her voice work. She stood uncertainly for a moment and then unclasped her hands from behind her back.

She wanted to hug the tall woman. After all, Ryan had basically just given McKenzie her first real orgasm, something she'd thought she'd experienced before with herself, but she'd obviously been wrong.

But Ryan just stood there and nodded towards the door that would lead her outside. McKenzie hesitated for another moment, and then put on her jacket and left.

Ryan waited until the door clicked shut and then collapsed on her bed as she unbuttoned the fly of her leather pants. A few rubs with her fingers and thrusts of her hips and she was crying out McKenzie's name.

As her breathing calmed, Ryan rested the back of her arm against her forehead. She stared up at the ceiling and sighed.

Tomorrow's lessons needed to include them both.

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