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A Bondage Primer

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A Bondage Primer

Day 3

Thursday, October 16

Ryan entered Karen's house a couple minutes before nine. She closed the door behind her and was about to turn right to follow the hallway leading to McKenzie's bedroom when she heard sounds coming from the kitchen. She turned left instead, taking the shortcut through the dining room and butler's pantry and found Karen putting together a quick sandwich at the center island.

"Hey," Ryan greeted the older woman.

"Hey, yourself. Come to raid my fridge or just watch my TV?"

"I'm not allowed to do both?" Ryan smirked.

"Oh, of course. I'm sorry I forgot to mention option C," Karen grinned back.

Karen Tippit was a short woman, a little pudgy around the middle, but still in obvious good shape. Her long wavy hair was pulled back, showing a few streaks of silver at her temples amidst the dark brown, which was the only indication she was nearing fifty.

She worked as an RN at the University of Michigan Medical Center and never took the same schedule twice, preferring to work any and every odd shift that came her way. It made making future plans with her nearly impossible, but it also made spur of the moment get-togethers much more likely.

She'd taken McKenzie in a few weeks after the young woman had moved to town to attend U of M when McKenzie had refused to live on campus. Horror stories about rapes on university grounds had scared the hell out of the poor kid when she'd arrived and she'd spent her first month at a hotel while looking for an affordable apartment. Karen had already been considering placing an ad for a housemate, mostly for the company since she didn't need the money, and had offered the two downstairs bedrooms to the young freshman on the spot.

Ten months later, she'd met Ryan working at one of the little bookstore/cafés that lined the college town's main street and overheard a conversation about the woman needing a new place to live. The house next door had just put up a 'for rent' sign on their lawn, so she'd mentioned it and given her personal endorsement a few days later to get the young woman the room. They'd been fast friends ever since.

Karen wasn't quite sure how she'd ended up with two adoptees in her life so quickly, but she was enjoying the companionship.

"You about to head off to work?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah. You going to stay and keep McKenzie company?"


"Good. You know, I think she may be a little homesick. She hasn't been out on a date in several months. I thought that last woman she went out with before helping you move in was nice, but then they never went out again. You're closer to her age. Maybe you can talk to her?"

Ryan took a few seconds to figure out how to phrase her thoughts. She hated lies, too many secrets in her childhood coming back to haunt her, so she maintained a code of honesty that sometimes went above and beyond the call of duty. She did, however, know when to keep some things quiet, though she still refused to lie outright.

"Actually, we're sort of seeing each other," Ryan said.

"Really? When did this happen?"

"Um, day before yesterday. We've been talking."

Well, it wasn't a lie.

"That's great. I think you two would be good for each other. So do I get to take credit for this match?" Karen grinned as she wrapped up her sandwich and added it to her tote bag.

"Well, we wouldn't have met if it weren't for you, so yeah," Ryan smiled back.

"Good. I'm really happy for you two."

"Geez, Karen, you make it sound like we're getting married or something."

"Well, that's allowed now."

Ryan shook her head and Karen laughed. Karen loaded her dirty dishes into the dishwasher and then slung her bag over her shoulder.

"Well, I'm off. Tell McKenzie I'll probably see her in the morning before she leaves for class."

"Okay, see ya later."

"Have fun," Karen called over her shoulder as she disappeared through the door leading to the garage at the far end of the kitchen.

Oh, I intend to, Ryan thought with a smirk as she turned to head back the way she'd come.

Karen had effectively split the main floor of the house in two. The dining room and kitchen on the left side, the den at the front of the house, and the great room in the center acted as common areas along with the back deck off McKenzie's bedroom and the great room. The right side of the house was McKenzie's domain and consisted of the first floor master and a second smaller bedroom that McKenzie had turned into an art studio. That left all of the second floor for Karen, which was where her own bedroom, office, and meditation/exercise rooms were located, and McKenzie almost never had reason to venture upstairs.

Ryan walked past the stairs, which were just off-center opposite the front door. She passed by the den first and then continued down the side hallway to McKenzie's bedroom when she found the den empty. She knocked on the closed door.

"Come in," came the muffled response.

Ryan opened the door and found the space within bathed in candlelight. She stepped further inside to look around the closet built out into the room. The massive four-column king-sized bed dominated the huge master suite, but that wasn't what drew her eyes there.

McKenzie lay naked in the middle of the bed, the flames from over two-dozen candles sparkling in her eyes. The warm glow burnished her skin, making it appear almost gauzy in its softness. A small diamond glinted at the hollow of her throat suspended on a thin golden chain, and a coordinating gold bracelet and diamond stud earrings added glittering highlights.

Ryan forgot to breathe as her mind took what she was seeing one step further. She could easily imagine the girl wearing another bracelet and corresponding anklets, as well as nipple clamps connected by a matching chain to complete the look of a decadent slave.

"Breathtaking," Ryan murmured mostly to herself, but she saw McKenzie blush and knew the girl had heard the compliment.

Ryan's heart felt like it was trying to beat right out of her chest and she had to work to keep her breathing slow and even. She finally got herself under control again, taking a moment to step back and close the door as she depressed the little button next to the doorknob to lock it. She slipped her leather jacket off, hanging it on the back of McKenzie's computer chair, and then turned to face the girl.

"So, I take it you wish to please me tonight," Ryan began.

"Yes. Please? I... You seemed to enjoy watching me yesterday and I-I haven't touched myself since last night, just like you told me to. Please? Can I now?"

Ryan smiled. McKenzie's body was flushed and her face was a beautiful mix of hope, fear, and anticipation. She'd obviously been thinking about this moment for a while now.

"You didn't bring yourself to orgasm last night?" Ryan asked for confirmation.

"No. I just touched my breasts the way you said to and then stopped. I-I didn't really sleep very well after that. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I almost went over to see you. But I..." McKenzie stopped and looked unsure.

"Go ahead. Finish what you were about to say."

McKenzie swallowed and nodded, and then continued.

"I didn't want to disappoint you. I want you to be proud of me."

Ryan smiled. That request alone made Ryan swell with pride in the girl.

"I am. You're learning very well. And you haven't disobeyed me yet."

Ryan walked further into the room and leaned against one of the thick bedposts at the foot of the bed, absently noting how it didn't shift even a little with the pressure of her weight. Her pose was casual and her voice, when she spoke, was slow and deep.

"We're going to continue to work on your obedience and trust now. There is only one rule tonight, in addition to the one that you will not touch me until your twentieth birthday. The rule is that you may not even ask to touch me, though I expect to make you beg for me to touch you."

Ryan knew she was making a difficult request, but it was intentional. With all the desire McKenzie had shown for kissing and touching Ryan, she wanted to begin teaching McKenzie that everything they did was under Ryan's control, not hers. Unless McKenzie wanted to stop completely, and then McKenzie had full autonomy to bring the whole thing to an end.

Ryan got an accepting nod from McKenzie and then continued.

"Now place the pillows behind your back and lay back against them."

McKenzie reached behind herself and rearranged the pillows so that she could sit propped up against them. She waited for Ryan's next command.

"Bring your legs up and grasp your knees. Spread your legs apart and hold them there. This is Third Position. Remember it."

"So, um, how many positions are there?" McKenzie asked hesitantly as she was reminded of her question from the day before.

Ryan smiled.

"I only use four. You'll learn the last one in due time."

McKenzie nodded as she pulled her legs up and opened them wide the way Ryan had instructed. She felt the lips of her vagina slowly part and had a sudden vision of Ryan's mouth covering her opening. Her pelvis lifted slightly and she gasped.

"What were you thinking just now?" Ryan asked with a curious expression.

"You. You kissing me there," McKenzie said as she tilted her chin to indicate her pubic area.

"Have you ever thought of me doing that before?"

"No. Just now."

"What do you imagine that would feel like? Feeling my lips on your pussy. My tongue licking at you. Can you feel my tongue pressing against your sex?"

McKenzie closed her eyes and nodded.

"Open your eyes. Look at me. Can you feel my mouth sucking on your clit?"


Ryan watched the muscles in McKenzie's genital area flex. Her clit lifted and slick fluid oozed slowly out of her exposed vaginal canal.

"Did you know your ass is as sensitive as the rest of your sex?"

McKenzie's eyes widened as she shook her head. Her pelvis couldn't really move much in the position she was in, but it didn't stop her muscles from flexing and clenching as if it could. At the mention of her anus, the puckered sphincter tightened and released unconsciously.

"Actually, your entire body can be used as an erogenous zone, if it's touched properly."

McKenzie nodded her head. It wasn't agreement or understanding, just acceptance. She had a feeling Ryan could make her feel anything she wanted to. And there were still six months left to explore before Ryan would permit them to touch. The fact that Ryan had already brought her to climax and was well on her way to doing so again was somehow both comforting and terrifying at the same time. What would her body do when she was finally granted physical contact with Ryan?

"McKenzie, I want you to touch your anus for me. Spread your wetness over the opening and massage it. Do not enter it. That is for me and me alone, just as your vagina is never to be entered by your own fingers, unless I tell you it's okay. Use two fingers to graze your ass's entrance."

McKenzie let her hand trail down from her knee and felt for the moisture she knew was at her vaginal opening. She dipped her fingers into the pool of slickness and glided them further down to trace around her anus. Her index and middle fingers worked together and she swirled the tips around the tight little sphincter. Her hips bucked slightly in response and she pressed a little harder, refraining from pushing inside, but only just barely.

This was something she'd never even considered. It was supposed to be a dirty and disgusting part of her body, wasn't it? But instead, it was bringing her some rather intense pleasure.

"You want to go inside, don't you? I can see you opening for yourself. If those were my fingers, would you let me in?"

"Yes... Please," McKenzie moaned as another wave of pleasure swept through her, making her clit ache.

"Keep rubbing yourself. But don't go any faster than you are right now. I want you to begin learning control."

McKenzie whimpered softly, followed by another throaty moan as her fingers continued to circle her asshole, her thumb moving every now and then to bring more lubrication down.

Ryan pushed off from the bedpost and reached for the hem of her intentionally too-small black T-shirt. She peeled it off over her head and tossed it to the floor. A quick glance told her McKenzie's eyes were glued to her body. She bent over to unzip her boots and slid them off, along with her socks. She stood back up and unbuttoned the fly of her tight black jeans. She rolled them down her legs and kicked them away, then stood back up in just her black demi-cup bra and black bikini underwear.

McKenzie's mouth hung open in awe and she would've been drooling if not for the unconscious licking of her lips. Ever since the weather had turned colder, she'd been denied the sight of Ryan's muscular form as the woman switched from shorts and sports bras to jeans and tanks or T-shirts.

Now, in the flickering light of the candles, Ryan's sculpted abs stood out in high relief, along with her well-defined quads and powerful biceps. Ryan's toned muscles flexed minutely beneath her skin and McKenzie felt her lower belly flutter in response as her breathing picked up its pace.

"Would you like to watch me touch myself?" Ryan asked seriously.

McKenzie's eyes widened and then she nodded dazedly. What she really wanted to do was touch Ryan herself, but that wasn't allowed. And she suspected she wouldn't be able to handle touching the woman at the moment anyway. It would just be too much. This unexpected gift from Ryan would be the next best thing.

"Tell me, McKenzie. What do you want to see me do to myself? What would you like to do to me?"

McKenzie swallowed convulsively several times as she stared at Ryan's body and got lost in the play of soft skin over hard muscle. Her fingers stopped momentarily and then started moving faster than before.

"Ah ah. Slow down. Control, remember?" Ryan reminded the girl.

McKenzie willed her fingers to slow their circling movements and then concentrated on Ryan's earlier questions. What did she want to see? What did she want to do? Oh boy.

"I want to see the rest of your body."

Ryan nodded and unhooked the catch at the front of her bra and slid the straps down her arms until the scrap of clothing fell away behind her to the floor.

McKenzie licked her lips again, imagining wrapping them around the woman's dark erect nipples.

Ryan suppressed a grin at McKenzie's unconscious gesture and bent over to slip her panties off. She kicked them away and stood before McKenzie with nothing but her tan on.

"You're so beautiful," McKenzie breathed.

Ryan smiled, taking the compliment in stride.

"What else would you like to see?"

McKenzie thought for only a moment before answering.

"I-I want to see your clit. I've never seen... I mean I want to..."

"Take it slow, McKenzie. I'm not going anywhere," Ryan gentled.

McKenzie inhaled deeply several times to get her stammering awe under control. When she felt able to speak coherently, she started again.

"I want you to sit on the bed and spread yourself for me the way I am for you. I want to see you, even if I can't touch you."

Ryan sat on the bed and leaned back against the bedpost she'd been up against before. She spread her thighs and hooked her fingers over her labia and parted her lips.

"Tell me how you'd touch me, if you could."

"I'd rub my fingers around your clit. I'd keep circling until you moaned."

Ryan moved her hands so that the fingers of one hand kept her lips spread, while the fingers of her other hand went round and round her engorged nub. The hood slid back and her fingers slipped in her wetness, grazing her clit directly. She jerked and a sharp gasp came from her throat. She did it again and moaned.

"These are your fingers touching me, McKenzie. Command them."

McKenzie's own fingers had sped up again and her breathing was starting to get ragged. She'd increased the pressure again without realizing it and her middle finger was trying to inconspicuously slip past the tight ring of muscles that guarded her anal opening.

"Ease off, McKenzie," Ryan warned.

McKenzie tried to obey, but she was having problems getting the order from her ears to her brain and then on to her fingers. After a few deep breaths, she managed to relax her forearm muscles a bit and decreased the pressure against herself. Then she was able to slow her circular movements down to a more leisurely pace, though she felt like doing anything but slowing down.

"Very good. Now tell me what you want me to do."

Ryan was still circling her clit and grazing it with every other revolution as she waited to hear McKenzie's wishes. She hoped McKenzie thought about entering her, but she didn't want to prompt her just yet. She was giving McKenzie a chance to be in control and that meant letting the girl's limited experience and innocent imagination have free rein for the time being. Plus, she was interested in what McKenzie would come up with based on what she'd shown the girl so far.

"Flick your clit like it was my tongue licking you."

Ryan grinned. She could very well imagine having McKenzie's mouth on her, feeling her tongue lash out at her sensitive bud. She lifted her hand and used her index finger to flick across her clit as she pushed her pelvis out to meet the harsh little caresses. She groaned low in her throat.

"Ohh, McKenzie, that feels good."

McKenzie couldn't take it anymore. She was finally getting to see Ryan react to her and all she could think was how much she wanted to cause more of those erotic sounds. She couldn't take her eyes off Ryan's exposed pussy. It looked delicious and the scent was making her mouth water so much she had to swallow more than once to clear it of all the saliva.

"I want to lick you, Ryan. Please. I won't ask to touch you again. Please, just let me taste. Please?"

Well, so much for control. Ryan frowned slightly. She liked the begging tone McKenzie had found, but they'd already established that even asking to touch her was against the rules tonight.

Ryan hated having to do what she was about to do. It was a punishment for them both. But maybe once McKenzie realized the consequences of her actions, she'd be able to keep a tighter rein on herself, fear of future reprisals helping to keep her in check.

Ryan removed her hands from her body. She licked her fingers clean of her own juices and then stood up from the bed.

"Stop touching yourself, McKenzie." McKenzie lowered her eyes from Ryan's and pulled her hand away from her body. "You will not touch yourself again until I give you permission. Tonight, I want you to think about learning to control your desires. You will not find release tonight or tomorrow. If you disobey me again, the amount of time will be increased."

Ryan slowly got dressed and then shrugged on her jacket. When she turned around again, she could see tears running down McKenzie's cheeks. She knew the tears were at least partly from frustration, though they probably had more to do with the obvious disappointment Ryan had shown in her than anything else. But that wasn't what Ryan wanted the girl to focus on.

Discipline was necessary in order for them to safely continue in their explorations together. Ryan had seen the submissive in McKenzie from the first time they'd met and the Dominant in her knew there was a lot of pleasure waiting for them both when she was ready to take it.

Had McKenzie been a little older and a little more experienced, the lessons would have been a lot more hands-on, but Ryan was beginning to see that taking things slowly was probably better for both of them. Now, if McKenzie could just learn to control herself, everything would work out fine. Ryan decided a little pep talk was in order.

"Prove you've learned your lesson, McKenzie. Show control and deny your body release until I give you permission. You can last for two days. I know you can." Ryan paused, then continued. "Do you understand why I'm teaching you these things yet?"

McKenzie looked up. She didn't bother to wipe the tears away, but Ryan's words had helped her to stop the flow. She gazed into Ryan's eyes and saw only patience. She shook her head in response to Ryan's question, not trusting her voice at the moment, so Ryan explained.

"I'm teaching you how to please me. And yourself. You'll be my body slave, if you can learn your lessons properly. Do you know what that means?" Another shake of the blonde head. "It means you'll be mine in everything that's sexual. I'll own your body, to do with as I please. In every other part of your life, you'll own yourself. But in the bedroom, you'll exist for me and me alone."

McKenzie nodded. She wanted that more than anything. Ryan had shown her things in just a few days that had changed her entire life. She'd never be the same again.

"McKenzie, if you want to stop, just say so. What I'm asking of you is more than most people can handle. Just say the word and this part of our relationship disappears."

McKenzie looked up in alarm. That was the last thing she wanted to have happen.

"No! Please. I'm sorry. I know we can't touch. I just... I won't disobey you again. I don't want to stop... ever."

The last word was a whisper, but Ryan heard it and smiled. She'd been thinking along the same lines, but there was a lot more to explore before they started thinking that long-term. The emotional and psychological bonds she was weaving between them would be the deciding factor in any future commitments they made to one another.

However, Ryan couldn't help thinking if things went the way she wanted them to, they'd be bonded for life. There was something about McKenzie's immediate and willing submission to her. It pulled her in and she knew she could get lost in it, but she also knew she had to be strong for McKenzie's sake. If she gave in to her own desires, McKenzie would never learn discipline, would never be able to completely submit to Ryan or her own hidden needs, and that wasn't fair to the girl. Or to Ryan.

There was also everything outside of this new dimension to their relationship. McKenzie was intelligent, funny, fun-loving, enthusiastic, compassionate, dedicated... Ryan had yet to find one thing about McKenzie she didn't like. Even the girl's persistence for wanting to touch her, when she knew she wasn't allowed to, was endearing for the simple fact that McKenzie was acting completely on instinct. It was that innocent passion that had sparked Ryan to chart this course for them. She wouldn't back down now unless McKenzie asked her to. And the look in those beautiful eyes told her that wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

"I'll see you Saturday night, after your study group. Goodnight, McKenzie."

"Goodnight, Ryan. I'll be patient. I'll learn control... I promise."

Ryan stared into McKenzie's eyes for a long moment, then nodded once in acknowledgment before turning and leaving, closing the door behind her.

McKenzie knew she was taking a rather large risk using that word, but she couldn't help it, and it spoke volumes for the determination she had to live up to Ryan's expectations.

She would be patient. She would learn control.

If only the ache in her groin let her. She squeezed her thighs tight together to try to ease her pain and then gave up. She'd just have to suffer the consequences of her infraction. It was only forty-eight hours. She'd just take it one hour at a time.

Or maybe a few minutes.

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