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A Bondage Primer

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A Bondage Primer

Day 8

Tuesday, October 21

Ryan sat at her laptop. She typed a few code phrases to format the paragraph according to her client's style guide and then clicked save. There were only a few files left to convert and then she'd be done. Unfortunately, she'd been at the computer all night because her mind kept drifting to the blonde next door.

Ryan couldn't stop thinking about her, but she'd decided she had to give McKenzie some space. She needed to know if McKenzie's resolve to be her body slave was as strong as McKenzie said it was. That was why she refused to go over to Karen's to check up on the girl. If and when McKenzie was ready to continue, she knew where to find Ryan.

Once McKenzie was Ryan's sub, Ryan knew she would have no compunction about ordering McKenzie to do anything she wanted. As McKenzie's Dom, it would be completely within Ryan's rights to take anything she wanted from the girl. But until that happened, McKenzie was her own person and would have to make the decision for herself.

So Ryan waited.

It was hard, though. In her mind, she already felt as though McKenzie was hers. It just felt right. Even before they'd started this, Ryan hadn't even considered the possibility that McKenzie wouldn't be available when Ryan felt the time was right to begin training her. She'd known McKenzie was interested in her and whether it was simple confidence or ego, Ryan had known no one would stand a chance against her in competition for McKenzie.

However, she was still pissed at the girl's most recent actions. What seemed to be causing Ryan the most problems, though, was the deep need she felt to punish McKenzie for her inappropriate behavior. It was Ryan's responsibility to make sure McKenzie obeyed and she felt like she'd failed.

Ryan shook her head as she finished up her work and updated the website with the new files. She closed down her laptop and lay down on her bed. She stared up at the ceiling and sighed.

She'd never gone through this much trouble with any of her previous submissives. Ryan knew part of that was due to the transitory nature of the encounters. She hadn't been invested in correcting unwanted behaviors beyond what was relevant to the current scene because it was easier to simply not play with the sub again if something really bothered her. She hadn't been thinking long-term. But McKenzie was different. She called to Ryan in a way that Ryan had never experienced before.

Which was why Ryan was willing to go through just about anything if it meant McKenzie would be hers. She just hoped McKenzie had as much faith in herself as Ryan did. Ryan was sure McKenzie would be a great sub once she understood what it meant. Ryan just had to wait for McKenzie to come to her own conclusions on the matter.

So Ryan waited.

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