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Wednesday, Dec 06, 2023
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Prisoner of War

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Prisoner of War - Story Related Links

The following are links to sites I've found while doing research for this story. The list isn't exhaustive, since I've intentionally left out sites I think might give spoilers, but my hope is that there's enough here to let you figure out if the story is right for you (or give you something extra to read afterwards). However, I ask that you try not to infer too many specifics based on what you find on these sites. I write fiction, not fact, and will completely ignore reality if I think it'll make the story better.

The Links

Human Pheromones: Integrating Neuroendocrinology and Ethology

Technical paper about pheromones, which is a tad over my head, but what I did understand gave me quite a few jumping off places, both in story terms and in pursuing more research.

Wikipedia: Pheromones - Humans

This article is a little easier to digest and basically helped me understand a little more what the previous paper was talking about. It also offers links for most of the technical words, so I was able to look up explanations.

Wikipedia: United States Army - Personnel

Rank for officers in the United States Army. This taught me about rank and helped me decide to make Luce a Colonel on her way to being promoted to Brigadier General.