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Prisoner of War

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Reviews for Prisoner of War

Below you will find reviews for Prisoner of War.

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The Reviews

October 11, 2008

"I just finished reading your 'Prisoner of War' story and quite enjoyed it. I like the little world you've created and both of the main characters immensely. You have a very real sense of character which makes these two ladies extremely human in this little science fiction universe you've got going on. Bravo!

I think it's easy for the author to overlook some good aspects of story writing and just as easy for the reader to gloss over just how much hard work goes into a piece, but you've done a spectacular job. Good show. I really enjoyed it and if you're not a published author already I can't see you having any problems with it."

— Nikki

February 20, 2003

"Just a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed reading your story, 'Prisoner of War' (twice)! I love science fiction and that combined with some romance has all the makings of a great story to me."

— Michelle

June 30, 2001

"The premise of Prisoner of War was very original and unique. Genetically engineered humans in a war against traditional humans are captured and tortured with pleasure. You show both the captor and the interrogator in a very human light. Very well done!"

— Keith

June 2, 2001

"I really am hoping to find out how these two [Luce and Wren] are going to make something out of a nearly impossible situation, but I am sure they will. I have seen you take a little seed of an idea in all of your stories and develop and nurture that seed into full-blown, rich characters. You have a wonderful start here. Where you found these characters and their exciting, innovative physiologies is beyond me but wherever it was, I hope you visit there again soon and then share with us what you have gleaned on to."

— Paula

July 6, 2000

"Prisoner Of War is very fascinating. Your unique ideas have again opened up my mind, which has allowed me to enter Luce and Wren's world. The idea of interrogating someone by creating almost unbearable sexual arousal and promised release is deliciously wonderful, especially with the premise that the prisoner has very little previous knowledge and no experience regarding sex. The whole idea that there's a war going on around natural versus artificial fertilization, gestation, and birth is intriguing."

— Gwen