W.O.L.F. Sector
Thursday, Feb 09, 2023
Worlds Of Lesbian Fiction

WOLFchat Registration

Registration for chat is separate from your W.O.L.F. Sector Member account, though you must also be logged in to your Member account in order to access the chat.

If this is your first time participating in WOLFchat, you must first register before entering the chat room (there is only one).

  1. Go to the chat Login page and click on the Register link (it will open a pop-up window, so make sure you enable pop-ups for the site).

  2. Your W.O.L.F. Sector Membership Username will be used to pre-fill the required field for your Username. You will then need to enter your Password, E-mail address, First Name, and Last Name. You may change any or all of the information as you wish (though keeping your Username the same is recommended). Just remember, the two accounts are separate; if you change your password in one account, it won't affect the other.

  3. The only other required fields are the Secret Question and your Secret Answer. Choose a question from the drop-down list and then enter your answer into the Secret Answer field.

  4. You may fill out the rest of the registration form if you want, but you don't have to.

    • Gender - allows you to display a gender icon for others to see next to your Username in chat. Choices are:

      • "Make your choice ..." - nothing

      • "Male" - male symbol

      • "Female" - female symbol

      • "Couple" - male and female symbol to denote the Username represents two people (apologies for the lack of gay friendly alternatives)

      • "Undisclosed" - combined male/female symbol (could also be good for those in transition)

    • show e-mail in public information (checkbox) - if checked, your e-mail address will be visible to anyone who clicks on your profile (not recommended)

    • Location/Country - enter your location to let people know where you are

    • WEB - enter the URL of your Web page/site, if you have one

    • Spoken languages - enter the languages you know

    • Favorite link 1 & 2 - enter the URLs of a couple of your favorite Web sites

    • Description - enter some details about yourself

    • Picture URL - if you have your picture available somewhere on the Internet, enter the URL to let others go check out what you look like

    • Name/Text color - the default Username/text color is white, but if you would prefer a different color, select one from the drop-down menu

  5. Click the "Register" button, wait for the successful registration message, and then click on the "Close" button. You should also check your e-mail for a message containing all your registration information. Keep it for future reference.