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Wednesday, Dec 06, 2023
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Web Site/Writing Costs

Update: As of the end of 2018, I've decided to stop posting updates to this page even though I'm still tracking my costs for tax purposes. It just takes too much work that I'd rather put into my writing.

The following is a breakdown of what it has cost me monetarily to keep my site up and running since I posted my stories online on February 29, 2000.

These costs only cover those things I consider to be directly related to posting my stories online. For example, they don't include:

Now, all that being said, I am a bit hypocritical in what I do include because I would probably still pay for these things whether I was posting my stories online or not. However, the distinction I make is that I use them for more than 50% of the time specifically for writing and posting my stories online. If I couldn't easily write, there would be nothing to post, and if I couldn't easily post, I probably wouldn't.

So, I do include the costs of:

Finally, I also include expenses that are specific to the W.O.L.F. Sector Web site (as opposed to any of my other sites). These are things I wouldn't otherwise spend money on at all because I have no use for them outside W.O.L.F. Sector.

Costs in this category include:

Now, I averaged anywhere between 700 to 3300 unique visitors per month for the years 2000 through 2010 (that's when my stories were available for free). If you average the amount of money I spent each of those years ($8,616.99/11 years = $783.36), and then divide it between the number of visitors, you get about $1.12 for 700 visitors and about $0.24 for 3300 visitors. That's each year, not each month. That means if everyone had sent me between a quarter and a dollar for each year they visited and read my stories during that time, I would have been close to breaking even on my expenses each year. Instead, everyone read my stories for free. I sometimes received compliments, critiques, and/or thank you's, but others weren't quite so gracious and seemed to think they were entitled to my stories somehow.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm spending my money the way I want to. If I didn't want to post my stories online, I wouldn't. I accept the expense, regardless of how many or how few people decide to reimburse me for it in return for getting to read my stories.

But when people treat me as if I don't have a choice in whether I put my stories online for free for them, as if I'm obligated to spend my money so they can read my stories for free, I start to get annoyed.

Partially in response to those less-than-gracious readers, I'm posting this in an attempt to offer some transparent accounting on my part, so you have a better idea of the worth of what you've already received from me if you've been reading my stories since before I started charging for them, and also to let you know where your money is going, since the pay site went into effect.

I will update this page every few months with new totals based on costs and membership income. Click on any year in the table below to see a more detailed account for that year.

Totals So Far





2000 Grand Total -$242.87 -$242.87
2001 Grand Total -$858.65 -$1,101.52
2002 Grand Total -$766.20 -$1,867.72
2003 Grand Total -$912.44 -$2,780.16
2004 Grand Total -$790.85 -$3,571.01
2005 Grand Total -$742.80 -$4,313.81
2006 Grand Total -$742.80 -$5,056.61
2007 Grand Total -$742.80 -$5,799.41
2008 Grand Total -$931.02 -$6,730.43
2009 Grand Total -$778.80 -$7,509.23
2010 Grand Total -$1,107.76 -$8,616.99
2011 Grand Total -$1,092.51 -$9,709.50
2012 Grand Total -$85.57 -$9,795.07
2013 Grand Total -$903.65 -$10,698.72
2014 Grand Total -$997.42 -$11,696.14
2015 Grand Total -$1,272.16 -$12,968.30
2016 Grand Total -$1,170.26 -$14,138.56
2017 Grand Total -$1,371.91 -$15,510.47
2018 Grand Total -$1,851.12 -$17,361.59

Grand Total