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BetaWolf - Beta-reading Guide

The following list is far from complete, but it should give you a basic idea of some of the things I'm looking for when you beta-read my work. Just remember, if you can't find any of these kinds of problems, just write about what you thought of the chapter/story, how it made you feel, what you liked or didn't like, where you think it's going, etc.

If you're not a member of BetaWolf, but are still interested in trying your hand at beta-reading for me, I suggest you open NotePad or your e-mail program or any word processor program that will let you take notes, including pasting text from another document. As you read, immediately jot down anything that catches your attention. You can always go back over your notes later and flesh them out, but if you don't write down your first impressions when you think of them, you're likely to forget them as your brain becomes occupied with more recent thoughts.

Things to consider while reading

Level 1 - Basic Proofreading

Level 2 - In-depth Proofreading

Level 3 - Basic Editing

Level 4 - In-depth Editing

Other things to include:

Absolutely anything you can think of. If it crosses your mind, jot it down, no matter how small or nitpicky you may think it is. The more feedback I get, the more I'll be able to improve the story.