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Archive for May 2004


Here's an update on what I've been working on...

Lights of Life - I've received feedback from my BetaWolves, but then I got sick, so I haven't been able to finish up the corrections just yet (the cold medicine has been making me feel spacey, so hopefully once I'm off that, I'll be able to focus better and get some writing done). Give me another week or so.

Assassin - I've begun revisions in preparation for publishing, but I've only gotten through the first chapter.

A Bondage Primer: 180 Days - I've written a little more for the next chapter, but I'm seriously contemplating taking this story off the web entirely. Every time I get an e-mail asking me to "finish this story soon," when there are a 170 days left to it, I just want to scream. So, since I'm guessing that's not what the readers' intentions are, I'm thinking it might save us all a lot of grief if I just take it down. But I haven't decided yet, so it's still up.

Xena: Warrior Slave - I've gotten a tiny bit written for the opening of the next part, but that's it.

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