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Well, if I was smart, I'd be stringing this update out to make it last longer, but I'm impatient, so you're getting both new chapters of Assassin at the same time. Chapters 14 and 15 have been added to the site, so go read them.

As a refresher, since it's been six months since the last update on this one, Case and Rain were on their way to one of Case's martial arts instructors for a little practice. The story picks up with them in the truck on the way over.

I also want to just say that my BetaWolves are the best. They made these two chapters so much better than they started out to be. Thanks, guys.

One last thing. Just as a heads up, I have the next three chapters of Bloodlines going through the beta process and I've been working a lot on New Gaia, so those two stories should be getting updated within the next month or so (sooner for Bloodlines, later for New Gaia).

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