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Chapter 16 of Assassin is now up. It's sort of the calm before the storm. The next time I update this story, which should hopefully be in about one month, I'll be posting all of the remaining chapters. If I just posted a chapter at a time, you guys would kill me for the cliffhangers. :)

Anyway, next up after this should be either Bloodlines or New Gaia.

By the way, I've been getting a lot of requests to work on Xena: Warrior Slave, A Bondage Primer, and Prisoner of War. I know they're all desperately in need of being updated, and I have worked a little on X:WS recently, but over the past month, I've been trying to get a work project completed, as well as trying to get my main posted novels finished up. That way I can have more time to work on the rest of my stories, both published online and not (all those "Coming in 200?" titles listed on my Stories page). So, there probably won't be any updates to my "sex" stories until I've gotten a few of the novels finished.

I know that's not the greatest news, but if I can clear out even just Assassin, I'll be able to take all the time I've been spending on that story and put it towards those others. Bloodlines is also very close to being finished, so that will free up even more space to work on my neglected stories.

I just want to reiterate that I will be completing X:WS, Primer, and PoW. It's just going to be a while before I really get back to them to finish them up (Primer will probably be finished the day before I die, but only if I live to be 80, and then I'll just have a heart attack from the final sex scene :)).

Now, go read the update. :)


Hey, guess what? I turned 26 yesterday. :)

Anyway, Chapter 21 of New Gaia has finally made it through beta, so you can go read it now. Let me know what you think of it. I know it's been a long time since the story was last updated, and unfortunately it will probably be a while before it gets updated again. The next chapter is going to be very long and requires research that I've only partially completed at this point (I still have some interviews to conduct).

On the bright side, Bloodlines should be getting updated next, and then the conclusion to Assassin should be posted right after that. Unless I end up having to do major revisions on it, and then you'll either get another couple chapters of Bloodlines or a chapter of Lights of Life.

Well, I hope you like the latest installment of New Gaia. It's taken me long enough to write it. :)

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