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Xena: Warrior Slave by Kodi Wolf

Xena: Warrior Slave

Status: Incomplete.

Last updated: October 3, 2002

Genre: Xena fanfic, Erotica

Warnings: Contains scenes of graphic (public) sex (including anal), as well as themes of non-consensual sex and BDSM, and harsh language.

Synopsis: In order to keep a warlord from attacking the Amazon Nation, Xena agrees to pretend to be the slave of the Amazon Queen, Gabrielle. However, it quickly becomes apparent to the two women that fantasy will soon become reality. Are they up to the challenge?

Author's Notes: Though I said I wasn't going to post any new chapters until 2003, I ended up posting the fifth part in October of 2002, so I have no idea when I'll be posting on it again. I have everything mapped out in my head (there are only two parts left to this story according to my outline), but my muse just hasn't been cooperating with actually writing it out so far. At the moment (January 2003), I'm more focused on Prisoner of War, The Trine, and The Vampire Hunter series. However, my focus can shift at the drop of a hat, so who knows.

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Awarded on March 10, 2000

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