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Xena's Fantasy by Kodi Wolf

Xena's Fantasy

Status: Complete, left open for possible continuation

Last updated: February 28, 2000

Genre: Xena fanfic, Erotica

Warnings: Contains scenes of graphic sex, as well as themes of non-consensual sex and BDSM, and harsh language.

Synopsis: If Xena could have the bard for just one night, she'd be able to think straight again, but it's impossible to do without the bard knowing about it. Isn't it?

Author's Notes: This was my first attempt at writing a Xena/Gabrielle alternative piece of fan fiction. It's basically one of those psychological explorations I like to take every now and then. The question is this: Is it rape if you enjoy it? Now, don't get upset. I know perfectly well that a person can be raped and still enjoy it. The fact that your body responds to stimulus does not negate the fact that it's happening without your consent and is a horrible violation of your body. What I mean is, if your perspective changes after the fact, does it change what actually happened? I personally believe that perspective is the most important factor in judging whether something is right or wrong because I think there are very few absolutes in this world. This story just explores that notion a little. Also, this story takes place sometime after Fins, Femmes, and Gems, but before Sacrifice.

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