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The Kiss: Take Two by Kodi Wolf

The Kiss: Take Two

Status: Complete.

Last updated: March 9, 2000

Genre: Xena fanfic, Romance

Warnings: Contains scenes of two women kissing.

Synopsis: After Xena accidentally reveals her love for Gabrielle, the bard suddenly remembers a certain kiss.

Author's Notes: I was working on the next chapter for Lights of Life (either 6 or 7) and then my computer froze (thank the gods I'd saved the file before clicking to the other program that caused the freeze) and I had to reboot. In the time it took for that to happen, I saw this little snippet and started writing. This story has no fixed timeline, though it definitely takes place after "the kiss" scene in The Quest and I see it as taking place before Gabrielle gets her hair cut off.

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