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News Archive for September 2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Post #111

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

So, three more months have gone by and still no story updates. Wanna know why? Go check out:

The Renaissance Bedroom by Kodi & Corene

To sum it all up, we've been doing renovations on the bedroom, including painting faux wood paneling (which was a bitch) and getting new carpet installed, etc. I think it's been good for me physically. I think I've actually put on a couple pounds of muscle, but I'm still not back to normal yet. I have to take frequent breaks during the work, which Corene has been good enough to remind me to do; otherwise, I get so focused, I don't pay attention to my body screaming at me to go eat and sit down, and that's bad.

The renovations have also been extremely stressful, particularly when there are strange men in the house (installing the carpet, delivering the bed, etc.). That just wigs me and I have to go away and find someplace safe - usually playing Dr. Mario on my old Super Nintendo; it keeps my mind occupied so I don't dwell and go into a full-blown panic attack.

There's still plenty left to do, but it's getting there. At least we've finally gotten the bed (if you do nothing else, you have to check out the bed). It's gorgeous. Corene and I still can't believe it's in our house and actually ours; neither of us ever thought we'd own anything so nice.

At any rate, I have been writing, even if I don't have anything to show for it just yet. The stress has gotten in the way a bit, but with my strength returning, I've had more energy, so I've actually done a couple all-nighters of just writing, which it feels like I haven't done that in ages (probably about a year now), so I've felt more like myself than I have in a long time. I don't think I even realized how out of whack I felt until I spent a whole night writing and went, "Oh yeah, I remember that feeling. Like everything's flowing and that sense of accomplishment. Nice. Gotta remember to do that again."

So anyway, here's what I've been working on storywise:

The Vampire Hunter series - I need to get back to work on the rewrite of Bloodlines, but my muse struck and forced me to work on Blood Moon instead. I haven't written a lot-lot, but I am making progress.

Fallen Angel - As I wrote in my last update, I've decided to rewrite Assassin to make it a science fiction story (but don't worry, I'm not removing the original version). I've gone through and written a somewhat detailed outline based on the original version, but changing key events to tighten up the story and also setting everything way in the future. I had been a little stuck at first because I knew I wanted to change the opening Senator assassination scene, but I wasn't sure how to do it. However, I've finally figured it out and have the first few pages written. If the rest of the story flows as smoothly, I might actually get this done before the next millennium. :)

Prisoner of War - I think I've finally gotten past my block with the sex scene (it probably helps that I've had more energy lately, so I've actually been horny :)). I've got a good beginning to the scene, so I just have to finish it. Maybe a few more months? (Now that I've said that, it'll probably be a year.)

The Trine - I've worked on this one a little bit, but I seem to be stressing about it. Maybe it's transference from all the stress of the renovations, since that's the story I was working on when we started the painting and all that. I was also working on it pretty heavily before, and I think I need a break from it to get a fresh perspective (or maybe just a little distance so I can be more objective).

The Kindari Academy - I've actually done quite a bit of editing on this book. I still don't know whether it's any good, and I'm nowhere near ready to send it to BetaWolf for their opinions (I'm feeling delicate and vulnerable, and that's not the right time to ask people to potentially crush you), but it had been so long since I'd worked on it that it was nice to get back to it.

I think I've taken a look at a few other stories (New Gaia, for one), but I haven't actually written anything on them.

Well, I think that's it.

Take care, everyone.