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News Archive for August 2000

Thursday, August 10, 2000

Post #53

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

Okay. Everybody, I am not dead, maimed, or in any kind of physical jeopardy (except maybe from a certain woman, but that's not really a bad thing :)). The thing is, I just moved from New York to North Carolina and I didn't just move from one place to another, I moved from living alone to living with my girlfriend, significant other, whatever the latest term is.

So I'm not just in the process of unpacking, putting my stuff where I want it, and cleaning up with Corene to make room for my stuff without crowding hers. I'm also getting used to living with another human being (and that's been loads of fun, since my normal hours are from about 3pm to about 7am and hers are the complete opposite).

I'm also trying to get back to working on my web design jobs (luckily, my move coincided with a natural break in the work assignments) and all the little things of living life, like grocery shopping, watching TV/movies (Corene has cable which has changed my television watching habits a bit; I really missed not having the Sci-Fi Channel), doing the dishes (you would be amazed, or maybe not, at how fast they pile up with two people, one of whom (not me) is a cook), and doing laundry, etc.

So, you might have noticed where writing has been ranking. :) It's not that I haven't been writing, I have, but I haven't been able to devote even remotely the amount of time to it that I was before. I expect that to change (it better change) within the next few months as things settle down again, but my usual updating of every few days isn't going to be happening again any time soon, unfortunately.

So. Here's what I've come up with during my not so little hiatus. Part II of Bloodlines (It's also in the Printer Friendly Versions section). As a little refresher as to what's taken place so far, Clark has told Gabrielle she's going to the Bahamas, when in fact she will be following Gabrielle, and Gabrielle has gone off on a world tour to make sure everyone knows she's in charge now. Clark has been keeping tabs on Gabrielle's movements via the Internet so that she can follow the Queen of the Vampires, though she has also given Gabrielle a silver locket with a hidden GPS emitter inside in case she loses track of the vampire. Gabrielle's most recent stop was in Washington, D.C., where she just hopped on a plane to go to Chicago. This next chapter picks up with Clark going to her precinct to get some equipment she needs for her upcoming travels.

Hope you like it and I will try to get updates done on some of my other stories soon (but I'm still a little pressed for writing time, so it might be another week or more).

Sunday, August 20, 2000

Post #54

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

I had hoped to have this done sooner (actually, it was done yesterday, but Homepage.com was having problems and I couldn't access my site to upload the page), but Chapter 8 of Assassin is finally finished. I've also gone through all the previous chapters and corrected grammatical and spelling mistakes, but none of the story content has been changed, so you don't need to re-read it or anything. This chapter has also been added to the Printer Friendly Versions section, so that's up-to-date, as well. Since it's been so long since the last update on this story, here is a little refresher.

Case and Rain have just arrived in New York City from a very short stay in Yosemite, where Case was teaching Rain some of the finer points of being an Assassin. Rain learned that she is expected to put that teaching to immediate use and that is why they're in NYC now.

Oh, I've also split up the last chapter of New Gaia into three separate parts (Part A, Part B, and Part C) because I received a couple complaints about not being able to view such a large .html file. The area where it seemed to be getting cut off is towards the bottom of Part B, I think, but you'll have to find it for yourself since I broke the story up at what I considered to be the most appropriate spots, not where it was getting interrupted. Hope the smaller files help. :)