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Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020
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Friday, June 3, 2016

Accepting Success

Written by Kodi Wolf at 1:03 AM

So, I didn't work on the outline for Lights of Life every day the way I'd intended, so in that regard, I technically failed my goal. However, I did write every day and I got all my notes for Warrior Slave, Prisoner of War, and A Bondage Primer into Scrivener, so I definitely succeeded there. I also wrote actual scenes (6,725 words between A Bondage Primer and Lights of Life), which feels awesome.

My total word count for May was 20,338, which averages out to 656 words per day. My lowest words per day was 23 and my highest was 3,870.

You know, the first day I didn't work on Lights, I started to beat myself up about it. I mean that was my monthly goal and I had failed. But that was also the day I spent 5 1/2 hours writing 3,870 words for a new sex scene for A Bondage Primer.

When I realized what I was doing, I sort of laughed at myself and was just like, "What more do you want? So you didn't get a few notes down for Lights. Instead, you wrote an awesome sex scene, something you were a little worried you couldn't do anymore because it had been so long. So just shut the fuck up and enjoy the fact you're really writing again." :)

So, here's me shutting the fuck up and enjoying. :)

Oh, one more thing (sorry, I really can't shut up).

My goal for June is to sort of not have any goals, other than writing every day, whether that's adding to an outline, doing research, or writing actual story text. I just want to feel free to play in any of my worlds that call to me.

I do sort of have a half-assed goal of getting The Trine (and The Vampire Hunter and The Kindari Saga) into Scrivener, but I'm saving it for those times when I'm not in the mood to be creative, so I can just be analytical and put information where it needs to go. It usually doesn't take long for that to turn into inspiration, so I'll be off and running again, anyway. At least, that's what happened last night, which was cool.

All right, I'm off to go play. :)