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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ten Winters Ago...

Written by Kodi Wolf at 11:59 PM

It was ten years ago today that Corene e-mailed me for the first time. I was going to do this whole e-mail highlights thing to sort of show how we got to know each other and how our relationship progressed from reader/author to flirting pen pals to raging long distance phone romance, to finally meeting and barely being able to read a map because she was holding my hand, to moving to be with her, getting married, and living our happily so far sorta fairy tale life, but I didn't start working on it until this evening, so it's not really done (I haven't even made it to the first phone call; we corresponded a lot).

So, if I'm still in the mood, I may post it later.

Anyway, to get an idea of how I feel, here's a snippet from an e-mail I sent Corene a few days after I moved to be with her:

I am so glad I moved down here to be with you. Everything feels better than it did four months ago. It's like, now that I'm starting to settle in down here and get back to my normal routine of being awake at night and writing and working on the computer and all that stuff, there's this added bonus of having you in my life.

I really love you.

Well, I just wanted to tell you that.

I love you,


Well, it's been ten years and I still feel that way.

Thank you for e-mailing me, baby. You've changed my life and for the better.

I love you. Happy First E-mail Anniversary. :)

(Note: I no longer offer an automated system for people to comment on posts, so I've pretty much discontinued the option, but if I get an e-mail I think is relevant, I will post it (with permission). This is one of those e-mails, which may or may not have been edited from the original.)


Roarin' Fire said...

Thank you for the post, baby, it made me cry. I love being here in this sorta fairy tale with you, too. (Yeah, I caught the song reference.) And the email you posted reminded me of the poem I wrote for you on the very first anniversary of that first email I sent to you.

A Year Ago Today

I find myself here again
in my favorite stall at work
in thoughts of you
smiling to myself
remembering the past year

I'm so very happy
and very much in love with you
I've spent the last hour or so
rereading our early e-mails
and sitting here, it occurs to me
that I fell for you, for your words
very early in our correspondence

it was your words
what you said, how you said it
that captured and stole my heart
clean away from me
I recall the line of a song
"but words are all I have
to take your heart away"
that was so true

all you had were your words
but that's all you needed
they had me from the start
from the images I could conjure up
to your honesty
your straightforwardness
your pure and open heart
forsaking the pain
to try, to risk it all
to find love again

I'm so thankful that we
didn't miss the opportunity
to find a love
that's strong and true
and I am so glad
that I took the chance
and wrote to you
a year ago today



Author's Notes

It was a year ago today that I emailed Kodi for the very first time about one of her stories. Sometimes, it amazes me that it's actually been a whole year, that she's here and that she's all mine. My life changed so much and so fast after that email. And looking back now, there isn't anything that I would do differently.

And now, ten years later I still feel the same way, too! I can't imagine my life without you in it. I love you so very much, Kodi. And a Happy First Email Anniversary to you, too.

Your #1 fan,


— March 14, 2010 6:56 PM