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Friday, December 19, 2008

Akasha Kidney Disease Update

Written by Kodi Wolf at 5:26 PM

The new test results came back and Kash's bloodwork hasn't really changed (the area they were measuring went from 78 to 80, which is better, but not really a significant change). But as the vet said, she treats the cat, not the paper, so as long as Kash is feeling better with the fluids and the meds (which she is), then that's what we'll keep doing and just play it by ear.

We're also going to switch her food from Science Diet formula C/D, which we were giving to both Akasha and Felix to try to keep the crystals in their urine under control so they wouldn't keep getting cystitis (urinary tract infections), to the K/D formula, which is for kidney problems. She'll probably still get a little of the C/D (she'll still need it) when we give Felix canned food, but they'll both be on the K/D dry food from here on out.

I don't know how long Akasha has, but as long as she's feeling good, we'll do what we can for her.

Some pictures...

Akasha at a few months old, 1994

This was Akasha at around 3 or 4 months old. She eventually grew into her ears. :)

Akasha at about 8 months old, November 1994

Here she is at around 8 months old.

Akasha and her babies, January 1995

And here she is at about 10 months old nursing her 3 babies (Felix is the calico in the middle).
(Full-size image)

Guim, Akasha, and Felix

And here's the family back when they still loved each other.
(Full-size image)

When I moved out of my sister's place, I took Felix with me, but left Kash behind. Then a few months later, I reintroduced Akasha to Felix and they decided they hated each other and the battle has been raging ever since. By the way, the orange and white cat is Guim ("gwim"), Akasha's brother and Felix's father. We had planned to get one of them fixed before Kash could get pregnant, but then Kash went into heat without us realizing it. But it turned out to be a happy mistake, since I got Felix out of it. I did, however, learn my lesson and made sure Felix was spayed as soon as medically possible.