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Monday, May 23, 2022
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Nail Caps, Wonderful Invention

Written by Kodi Wolf at 6:11 PM

We've gotten the new furniture. Glass coffee table and matching end tables, with black leather recliner sofa and matching rocker recliner. The living room smells like leather. It's great. :)

Of course, this has precipitated us putting nail caps on the cats, since they enjoyed using the previous couch as an additional scratching post to their kitty tower, and we weren't about to watch our new leather sofa get the same treatment. Felix has chewed several of the caps off, but we've just put them back on (it's a two-person job, but the cats have actually been very good about it, way better than I thought they'd be). She seems to be getting used to them, though. Akasha doesn't seem to have noticed she has them on. On top of that, neither of them has even hinted at scratching the leather. I don't think they like the material, but Corene says give them time. :)

We're not taking the caps off either way, though. We like not getting scratched when they get startled and scramble off our laps all of a sudden or when we're playing with them or being paranoid about the furniture.

Right now, they're wearing the clear ones, since that's all the stores seem to carry around here, but online, they have them in all kinds of colors, so we're thinking about getting red for Kash and purple and/or black for Felix.