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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Post #92

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

I'm sorry it's a day late, but Chapter 24 of Bloodlines is ready. I ended up getting pulled into working on another story, and it was just flowing really well, and then I crashed and didn't wake up until this morning. Anyway, the next chapter will be posted on Wednesday again (I'll try to get it posted really early in order to make up for this delay).

I will be posting two more chapters of Bloodlines, and then I'll be taking a break from the story, though it's not complete. However, I don't think you'll be too unhappy with where I leave it. :)

Anyway, like I said, I've been getting pulled into other stories, so I need to follow my muse where it takes me. I feel my writing is best when I don't try to force things, so I'm just going to let things flow. I'm sure I'll get back to Bloodlines when the muse is ready.