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Monday, Sep 28, 2020
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Monday, May 8, 2000

Post #44

Written by Kodi Wolf at 12:00 AM

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a day late with Part X of The Vampire Hunter, but it's up now, so go read it. I've just basically had my world turned upside down over night, though it's in a good way. At least, I sure hope so. I've just somehow gained a life without even trying. Anyway, between that and then Xena coming on just as I was finishing up with the editing process, the update was unavoidably delayed. Sorry about that. And I'm going to try to get some work done on A Bondage Primer, since just about every other e-mail I've been getting lately has mentioned that story above all others. I think you guys just like to be tortured. :) Oh, and please no irate e-mails about the "ending" of TVH. The sequel series, Bloodlines, will be taking up where TVH left off. In actuality, I'm really just changing the title because the original arc of the story is over and we're moving into a new one, which basically makes the upcoming installments a different story (you'll understand later), so don't worry. You'll be getting your vampire fix the same as before. It's just going to have different packaging. :)