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The Vampire Hunter

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Reviews for The Vampire Hunter Series

Below you will find reviews for The Vampire Hunter Series.

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The Reviews

July 27, 2007

"I really enjoy your work, you are very talented (I am not that easy to keep entertained and reading until the sun comes up with my eyeballs resting on my kneecaps). I have to say my favorite is the vampire hunter series because I have always loved horror, supernatural, especially vampires...actually I almost always am rooting for them, and your series for me was perfect....vampire....lesbian....love story etc....well anyway..just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed them, and was eternally grateful that even though bloodlines states it's incomplete (which of course I would read on for as long as I draw breath if it ever is continued) you left it at a point that I wasn't cursing your name and could move on satisfied."

[Editor's note: The following was written 4 years later (July 22, 2011).]

I just reread Vampire Hunter a couple of months ago and enjoyed it just as much....think it would be an awesome movie.

— Karen

April 25, 2005

"I am so glad that I've stumbled on your Vampire Hunter/Bloodlines stories. I've been totally enthralled and hooked by the way you've written the stories. Out of the numerous tales I've read, these two have got to be tied in the top 5 (ones which I will gladly reread probably over and over again). Which is quite an achievement. The plot line is very well developed, the action is well scripted and keeps me hooked, the intimate parts are hot. You should take a lot of pride in your work (have you thought about getting these published?)"

— Nicole

December 13, 2004

"I really enjoyed reading your Vampire Hunter Series, it's well written and engrosses the reader immediately. Your writing style reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Brian Lumley, and I wanted to show my appreciation for your work. I understand that you have an interest in publishing your original stories one day and I wish you the best of luck.

I think you have a very well developed plot line and your main characters are fleshed out very well. I think you have created a wonderful series and look forward to reading more at a later date. Should you ever be published, I know that I would be thrilled to buy one of your novels. Take care and much luck in your endeavor."

— Louise Ball

November 11, 2004

"I read what you've written of your 'Vampire Hunter' series and as much as I've tried, I've not been able to get it out of my head! It made for some great entertainment and absolutely scorching love scenes — took kissing to a whole new level! And I can tell from the easy pace of the prose that you were having some fun writing the whole thing. Although you last left the story at a fairly fulfilling time and place, I can't help but want more... All I can say was that it was a great ride while it lasted and I hope this particular muse finds you again one day. :) Regardless of what happens in the future with your tale, thanks for sharing your vamp universe with us all!"

— B

September 14, 2004

"Just writing to tell you that I'm enjoying your Vampire Hunter series a lot! I'll be staying at work for some extra hours today to make up for reading while I should have worked, but it's so worth it. Both the plot and the characters are just too good for words."

— Siri

October 31, 2003

"I read one of your stories a while back and enjoyed it but had not been reading too much fanfic the past several months. This weekend someone mentioned [The Vampire Hunter series] on a mailing list and being a vamp fan I thought I'd give them a shot. Well — I have to tell you that I did NOTHING at work today but read Books I and II. I am HOOKED. You've done a FANTASTIC job with these characters and I love your interpretation of the vampire myth. You have no idea how much I'd love to see these stories turned into a film or better yet a weekly series...on Showtime or HBO. ;-)

Anyway — I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for sharing the stories. I'm still exhausted from that latest chapter in Book II. ;-) I maintain a web site where I've reviewed a lot of XWP and uber fanfic. I haven't added reviews in a while, but I think I just may in the next couple of days after reading [TVH]. These stories are just too good and the more people who know about them the better.

I'm looking forward to the rest of Book II and hopefully many more books in the series. Excellent work!"

— Maribel Piloto (aka Lunacy)

October 9, 2003

"I just finished reading "The Vampire Hunter." It's one of the best stories I have read in a long long time and definitely the best story I have ever read that was based on vampires. THANK YOU for sharing the stories. It's truly appreciated. (g)"

— Julia N

April 30, 2003

"I just finished reading Bloodlines, and I just wanted to jot a note to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the way you made such a fantastic story idea seem realistic... even if there are some vampires out there right now... (unbelievably, those clubs actually exist!) Well... I thought you did well with background, storyline, and dialogue. Good story."

— Alexa

February 16, 2003

"I was just surfing the web, looking for some good fanfic to read and I stumbled across your web page. First thing I read was your "The Vampire Hunter Series" and I have to tell you that I have loved every single word of it. I've always been interested in vampires and in ancient Egypt, and your fic totally pulled all of that together and made it sound good, and very possible. I couldn't quit talking about it. My girlfriend really likes it too, and we constantly check for more story, only sadly it stopped suddenly during chapter 26 of Bloodlines. It is the best either of us has read for a long while. Please keep up the outstanding work!

[Editor's note: The following was written 10 months later (December 31, 2003).]

I just finished reading your fics The Vampire Hunter and Bloodlines and it kept me on the edge of my seat the WHOLE TIME!!! It's the only Vampire fic I've ever really gotten into, and with the Egyptian Mythology and everything, it was like, perfect. I really can't wait to see what happens to Clark and Gabrielle next! I believe I scared my little sister and her friend while reading this, because I got very involved with the story and almost screamed out loud every time something bad happened. But I truly think these fics were TOTALLY awesome and it'd be a REAL shame if you stopped writing the last one. Like I said I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I couldn't stop reading it. I didn't even notice it was past three in the morning when it all came to a breathtaking stop. It's like a MAJOR cliffhanger! Guess I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this fic and encourage you to keep up the GREAT work! GO YOU!!"

— Crikie

January 22, 2003

"I do not ordinarily like Vampire stories, however, I felt that yours was very tasteful and well written. Wish you all the best with your writing.

[Editor's note: The following was written 5 months later (June 20, 2003).]

I love your work and cannot wait to read more. Funny thing is I hate Vampire stories but I like yours. I like the Egyptian ties. As an Archeology and Linguistics teacher I thought it was fun. I don't get into a lot of writers that I have found online. I like you and L.J. Maas. I guess that is pretty much it."

— Debi

November 12, 2002

"Just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how incredible your stories are! I have been keeping track of your stories (especially the "Vampire Hunter" / "Bloodlines" story) for I believe years now! Unfortunately I had been away from it all for a while, but over the past two days I've managed to get back on track and totally caught up in the rest of the parts of that story! Amazing! You really are a terrific writer!

Did ya ever think about getting your stories made into movies? Hehehe LOL. Your "Bloodlines" story is one I would love to see acted out!

Anyways, keep up the great work! The way you describe the battles between Gabrielle, Clark, and the evil order vamps, along with the emotions and love is just incredible. As I read each part, I can actually almost imagine that I can SEE what's happening, rather than just reading about it.... A tremendously clear image. Thanks."

— Steve

September 13, 2002

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading The Vampire Hunter and Bloodlines! I read The Vampire Hunter in the morning and then I had to do some stuff, but all I could think about was to get home and read Bloodlines! Never happened to me before! So I came home, and as I was very tired I printed the whole story out and went to bed to read it there! Bad idea, I tell you!!! I stayed up till 5am! I couldn't put it down! :) So now I just want to thank you for making my day...night! :)"

— Raven

September 10, 2002

"I have a remarkable love for Vampires and the stories told about them, yours is one of the VERY best I have ever read. In my limited opinion, this is an epic that should be seen on screen in digital film and Dolby surround sound stereo."

— Terry

August 21, 2002

"First let me say I am a huge fan of vampires and have been hunting for a vampire story for months now and was very happy when I found your two. I have just finished reading "The vampire hunter" in one sitting of about 3 hours or so and I absolutely loved it!! It wasn't cheesy in any way and actually dove into the history of vampires. I especially liked how you worked in how vampires originated from extraterrestrials! I'm also a huge fan of E.T.'s.

[Editor's note: The following was written later the same day.]

I can't wait to start reading "Bloodlines" because of how great "The vampire hunter" was. I still can't believe that I sat for 3 hours and read it in one sitting. I never do something like that unless it's a really good story that I can't put down.

Well I hope to read more Vampire stories by you in the future because you just don't see many of them anymore.

[Editor's note: The following was written 9 days later (August 30, 2002).]

I'm a little more than halfway through "Bloodlines" and so far it's great. A little slow at times but having the extra info makes it easier further down in the story."

— LOL aka ROCguardian

July 15, 2002

"I read the Vampire Hunter last night, and was very impressed, and continued on with Bloodlines...

I'm now starting chapter 22 and I don't want this chapter to end! <g> I know that it's going to be continued, but it's soooo good, I'm looking forward to the next chapters and more with Dana Clark and Gabrielle... those two have some real chemistry... If I was in Clark's shoes I'd be wanting Gabrielle to bite me too... <vbg>

Thanks for sharing your writing talents with me and I'm sure the many others that send you feedback."

— Salina

June 18, 2002

"That Bloodlines update was well worth the wait and all the buildup starting with TVH!!! Whoa, yeah. I really like those two [Dana and Gabrielle] and am glad to hear we'll be seeing more of them beyond Bloodlines.

Also, I enjoy your take on Gabrielle's vampire order. I've read quite a bit of vampire fiction and fanfics in which the vampire societies or "rules" seem largely based on Anne Rice books, instead of an original vampire premise. Your premise in TVH and Bloodlines seems refreshingly original. I find it very interesting how you based it on Egyptian mythology, while having vampires be a cross between humans and an alien race. The maze also reminded me of some kind of video game and was nerve-wrackingly exciting.

Where else can we get an original story that resonates with all the coolness of Star Trek, Buffy, Xena, Tomb Raider (the game), Stargate (the movie), and Mission to Mars (or was it Red Planet, with The Face)? :)

Anyway, all that is to say is that I enjoy reading your stories very much. Thanks for sharing your talents. Keep on rockin'!"

— LS Richard

May 22, 2002

"I started reading the Vampire Hunter a few years ago and was greatly impressed with the story. Later I started reading Bloodlines but after the first two chapters stopped reading because I wanted to wait until the story is finished. Last week I figured you had enough chapters for me to start reading and I'm totally updated now and I think Bloodlines is one excellent story and if you allow me when it's finished to submit it to the Swollen Buds award I'd be more than happy.

I noticed that you hadn't updated for a while and then all in a bang you've updated a lot and since I love the outcome all I have to say is that if you need a break in order to write the story then take it cuz the outcome is wonderful. Thank you very much for the story."

— Dana

May 13, 2002

"I've been a big fan of yours ever since I first read the Vampire Hunter, and I've been following the development of Bloodlines with avid interest, and may I say that what you're doing with it really rocks! Especially now with the challenge of the 12 gates: how cool is that! I haven't read anything so original in a long, long time! Kudos, mate! Battle-on!"

— Sylvie

April 20, 2002

"I'm currently very involved in reading The Vampire Hunter...it's a great concept and you write very well indeed. I really don't usually care for vampire stories (especially straight ones...can't slog through Anne Rice, for example) but your story is really good so far. Anyway, I really want to thank you for writing and posting your creations."

— Anne

November 28, 2000

"Thanks for the Vampire Hunter/Bloodlines stories. To say they are simply fantastic is a bit of an understatement. The stories are highly entertaining. You've taken a well used genre and given it new life and vitality. You have given me a new perspective on a great many things. Thanks again and keep up the good work."

— Sherrie