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Wednesday, Dec 06, 2023
Worlds Of Lesbian Fiction

Kodi Wolf's Mission Statement

For several years now, I've been working on coming up with a mission statement, both for me personally and for my various work projects (writing, Web design, photo restoration, jewelry-making), but have never been able to quite hit it. Nothing I ever wrote felt right.

Then I found this Web site with what they call an automated mission statement builder. One of the questions on it was: "Imagine your life as an epic journey, with you as the heroine of the story. What do you imagine your journey to be about? Describe what you are doing, who it is for, why you are doing it, and what it results in."

For whatever reason, that question just seemed to inspire the right response in me because I came up with what I think is a pretty good mission statement:

"My mission is love; giving it, accepting it, understanding it, explaining it, encouraging it in others. I write lesbian romance stories to show people what love can be like if they've never had it, to refresh their memories of what it may have been like for them in the past, and to remind them to be grateful if they have it in the present. Most of all, I hope my stories give readers a feeling of enjoyment in what it is to be a lesbian in a loving, sexual relationship, a sense of belonging in the GLBT community as a whole, and a feeling of gratitude for the love they have, or have had in the past, along with hope for the love they might yet have in the future."

So, there ya go. My mission statement. If this sounds like the basis for the kind of stories you'd like to read, you're in the right place.